2009.09 Sept

Friday 11th/Saturday 12th September – Reg 16 ride.
DS and JR hatched a cunningly devised logistical strategy to allow all to ride to REG but both failed to spot a massive flaw in said plan in relation to availability of luggage and departure times.

A revised plan was quickly concocted and we met at Chez JR. The advanced ERV party (JR & GD) set off for REG by car and the remainder, KS, DS, PT, MA & CB, by MTB. Lovely riding conditions and KBS as a pacemaker meant that a lively pace was the order of the day. Some respite arrived when CB’s wheel decided enough was enough and 4 spokes pinged out in rapid succession. The TM leapt into action and using the skill of a Bayeux weaver, knitted a suitably strong web of spokes so that progress to REG could continue.

At Bignor Hill, the ERV pair joined the Peleton for the final phase of the trip. We arrived in good time and were welcomed by our hosts, Sue and Steve, with a lovely cuppa, delicious biscuits and a primed barrel of Harveys. Dinner was superb, as was the company, conversation and beer. Some business was conducted – the presentation of the Bulldog award for the most number of rides since the last Reg ride, to RT (though not present) who had proved the most tenaciousest according to the records.

It had been previously been deemed at a special EPM that our hosts at Moonlight Cottages should be presented with a citation, subject to a final review on this particular evening which naturally proved unneccessary – the citation was signed immediately by all present (countersigned pp in absentia for those members not able to attend). Presented to Sue & Steve by Mr Topley, Steve was immediately commanded to locate a hammer and picture hook so Sue could prominently display it,
serendipitously covering up a patch in the paint work.

The group somehow managed to work their way through the polypin of harveys, uncharitably not leaving any for Steve to savour over the next few evenings.

The return to Findon was via a more tarmac orientated route but not without incident. JR had a break in his chain which resulted in another speedy repair by the TM. We returned tired but happy and had been blessed with some superb riding conditions and excellent weather for the time of year

Saturday 12th September.
Unable to join the ride to Reg, FL & RT went for a ride on the Saturday morning. Route took us via Muntham and onto the SDW towards Amberley, but doubling back to take us across the path from Burpham, past the field below the tank, and round to Myrtle Grove back to Findon.
13 miles.

Saturday 19th September.
? Write up awaited from one of the participants of the ride.

Saturday 26th September.
A brek in Arundel being the objective, route took us up to the tank, where concern was expressed at the apparent removal of parts of this ancient monument. Down across the field where DS was able to show off the benefits of his new Specialised Stuntjumper bike. Along the gallops to the hidden valley, where messrs Budd & Thomas competed for the worst injury sliding off their bikes due to the dew.
At the brek, for which it was noted that service was greatly improved from the previous occasion, Mr Budd announced that he thought he might have broken a finger from his fall. Conclusion was that it needed to be bound to the adjacent finger, for which DS went to the local papershop to obtain some sellotape!
Bets were taken as to whether CB would be forced to go to A&E at Worthing, with CB insisting that this would not happen – this is the man who hates queues so much that the last time he had to go to A&E he got Mrs Budd to phone round hospitals to find the one with the shortest wait at A&E, result of which was that he hopped onto a train to London to the Chelsea Hospital in preference to going to Worthing. (Note that the pressure was too much on this latest occasion and he did go to Worthing, but at 6.30am on the Sunday morning when the queue was very short).
Return through Angmering Park estate. It had been intended that we should try to follow Kim’s route and get lost. However, the proprietors have finally decided to act against the Bang Sorensen rovings through the woods and have done their utmost to block all the routes with felled trees and shrubs.
Bidding farewell to Mr Budd, RT forgot that a firm handshake, generally considered so important by Management Consultants, are not a good idea when the other person has a broken finger!
Total distance 20 miles.

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