04.2021 April

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in April 2021 – year, we can ride en-peloton again.

Saturday 3rd April 08.00am ride

Another fine report by Mr Topley as follows:JR and PT were out on Good Friday, which under the Covid Bling Regulations (Amendment Rules 2021) counts towards the bling.  The route was northward from Warnham station, nearly reaching Newdigate and taking in Rusper on the return leg. The northward blip at mile 8.5 was a short detour to the bacons hut at Tanhouse Farm. (total for JR 19.7miles & 978ft)

AM, MA, PT, RT and ZA were out on Saturday to complete a circuit passing through Coombes and Botolphs, then via the Downslink to Shoreham.
ZA peeled off at the wooden bridge to make his return via St Mary’s, Goring, where spring cleaning prior to the Easter celebrations was in need of supervision from a steady hand.
ZA’s route (total 22.7miles & 1,047ft):

MA PT RT and AM headed into Shoreham, obtaining excellent bacons from Hector’s Shed prior to taking the seafront to Grand Avenue, Tarring, Mill lane to Salvington.  MA peeled off for home at the top of Church Hill, having already climbed over church hill on his ride to the OPG start point.
MA’s route (32.7miles & 2,396ft):
PT RT and AM’s route(21.4miles & 1,150ft):
Tim was out later on Saturday in a non-FGCC peleton, but under the rules it still counts towards his bling tally.  No news of his route or distance has yet flooded in.
Roy fitted in a short trip round north hertfordshire on Saturday, visiting the “Ancient Shop Ruins” also known as St Albans High Street.  Then on Sunday he was more adventurous so the Sunday ride of 32 miles & 1,863ft has been credited for the bling!

Saturday 10th April 08.00am ride

En peloton (well two really) at last.  ZA, PT, RK, KBS, TK, ZA, IH, RT, MA with CB in Italy

Thanks again to PT for an entertaining write up as follows:

A doughty peleton of nine assembled, naturally as two peletons of five and four respectively so as not to violate the “rule of six”, and set off up past Muntham.  The lesson learnt from JR’s last foray in that direction kept us firmly on the road, and a stop at the SDW gate allowed the youthful and handsome features of the two peletons to be captured, neatly arrayed on opposite sides of the track, to torment future generations of Sussex ladies with winsome thoughts of what might have been

Sharp-eyed observers will detect the debut presence of Mr Ian H, granting the FGCC a trial ride to assist his deliberations concerning a formal application for membership.  The Appointments and Membership Board looks forward to receiving the necessary application forms and references in due course should he decide to proceed.
The ride progressed over to Amberley through the vineyard route, then across Houghton bridge to turn left along the much-loved (by ex-viking raiders) river route to Arundel.
Luckily the tide was out, and the roots on the route were above water.  Settling at the usual tables in Arundel for a restorative, Gentlemen were pleased to note that the standard of the bacons from the Moathouse Cafe was being maintained.  After the morning’s vt had been despatched, we repaired to the saddle to find that Ian had collected a blasteet.  The erstwhile festive board now doubled as an operating table to effect repairs using a puncture kit provided by Ian’s mother (and probably bought with ration coupons).
Again, the keen observer will recognise ZA’s now superannuated Cannondale Franc Roman (c 1996?), brought out of retirement to convey Ian round the course.  This duty was shared amongst various steeds on the way home, as Ian was introduced to the joys of full suspension by means of several bike swaps, in an attempt to mitigate any perineal discomfort.  A teary ZA was seen to become quite emotional when reunited with Franc after all these years.
The return leg took us up to Warningcamp (into the biting cold wind aforesaid) and into the APE, then down Dover lane to the A27 and east along past the pubs on the old road.  KBS peeled off to return to Tolmare via Clapham woods on a non-contentious route, while the remainder dived under the A27 and climbed south up Highdown.  MA peeled off for home at the summit, having already ridden the route over to Findon once that day. The rump of the peleton hurtled down to Durrington, past Tescos and westward.  Again the peleton split, in a planned debacle, with PT, AM and IH heading along the Plantation to return to Findon via the Valley, while RT, RK, ZA and TK climbed Mill lane and took on the Gallops.
All safely regrouped at OPG, and bikes restored to their usual riders, we bade adieu and sought our respective domestic havens.
PT recorded 25.8 miles, (Strava 1,832 ft) while MA covered several more (29.4 miles & 2,206ft) with his add-on from Angmering to Findon via Holt lane and Clapham wood
While all this was going on, the European wing represented the FGCC in the Italian mountains, demonstrating that resolve which makes the FGCC such an ornament to civic society.  CB covered a route of some 19.2 miles and 2,046ft, giving ample opportunity for his calves to be admired by swooning signorini:
The consensus is that riding en peleton is much to be favoured, and we in Blighty look forward to welcoming CB back from Europe.
The Bling is updated, and the 108 rides now completed mean we have colectively covered 2,604 miles this year.

Saturday 17th April 08.00am ride


PT reports:

A very short ride on Saturday afternoon for PT, as the morning was spent in Guildford collecting a Faradically-assisted new bike which needed a test ride (5.6miles & 249ft):

A substantial peleton of four assenbled at OPG , RT and AM making the full haj to Teddy’s in Shoreham, keeping cholesterol lost during the ride fully balanced by Teddy’s al fresco full english, with a return ride along the beach and up the gallops (22.7miles & 923ft):

The peloton of four split at Langmead, with ZA and IH (returning for a second dose of vt) heading south from Langmead and back via Cissbury (7.8miles & 758ft):

Meanwhile up in’t north (‘twixt Hemel Hempstead and Luton) a lone figure represented the FGCC, circling Whipsnade to keep a weather eye out for other crocodiles (36.2miles & 2,007ft) :

Representation was extended to the mainland by the FGCC’s own food guru, who completed his ride round the crumpled bit of Italy on Friday, but still qualifies under the EuroCovidDirective extending eligibility by one day on each side of the weekend (16.1miles & 2,464ft):

Seven rides were thus completed, bringing the totals to 117 rides this year, and a cumulative distance of 2723 miles.  Fine work, all.
Not en peleton (and sadly missed for that) Mr Kersley performed valuable research into the creeping halloumification of the City of Dreaming Spires, his glamorous assistant(s) making significant inroads into the invading substance.  Reports that the substance is edible are, the writer believes, exaggerated.
Paul (TM) and defector to the spark side

Saturday 24th April 08.00am ride


A redoubtable peleton of seven assembled at OPG, and were unable to decide on an objective for the day.  One camp favoured the most direct route to Teddy’s in Shoreham, while others were of a mind to try out the new pitstop atop Truleigh Hill.  A compromise solution emerged, and all departed to Cissbury in order to decide there.  At Cissbury, the decision was postponed again until we had skirted Chanctonbury and re-convened at Langmead.  Finally Mr Mead was persuaded to visit the new place, and thence decamp to Teddy’s.  In the true spirit of an FGCC debacle, this may not have been effectively expostulated to all present.
Hurtling down the concrete road, we took a route through Bramber to ascend Truleigh hill from the northwest.  The unprecedented sight of PT disappearing ahead (in pursuit of MA) shocked those more accustomed to catching fleeting distant views of PT glanced over their respective shoulders.  It became apparent that the investment in an e-bike by PT would save future peletons much waiting time.
The pitstop on Truleigh (mile 9), though excellent in the tea and coffee department, was entirely deficient vis-a-vis bacons.  To test the menu PT had a sausage roll (v good) while ZA tried the “Chris Hoy” sandwich, a toasted sourdough sandwich of ham and cheese, with which he pronounced himself to be well pleased.
The peleton descended the road toward Shoreham, and at the first corner ZA and MA peeled off to return to Findon and Angmering respectively.  The remaining pelefive proceeded to Teddy’s (mile 13), where breks (including bacons) were consumed with much enjoyment.  To paraphrase the Donovan hit of the 1967, “First we wanted bacons, then there was no bacon, then there was”.
Return route was along the beach, blown by a goodly breeze, then via West Worthing station, Tarring, Becket, Mill Lane and the Gallops, thus (Total 24.4 miles & 1,706 ft):
MA’s route (total 32miles & 1,893ft)
On the mainland, CB put in on Friday a ride of 12 very hilly miles, qualifying for the bling under the EuroCovid Extension Directive (total :
No news of the Crocodile, or from our Far East representative.  Rumours that the security cordon round World HQ has been breached to permit JR a ride are so far unconfirmed.

Subsequent response from JR was as follows:

The bling calculations and cartography for JR BNTR this weekend are very easy to do: JR = 0. I couldn’t even escape the security cordon to come and say hello etc on Saturday morning because I had to be on parade early for a builder who, later in the day, went off sick having had a bad reaction to his previous day’s covid jab!

However, next Saturday looks promising for the first (FGCC) outing for my new steed. Subject of course to not achieving the golden gallon on Friday evening. See you all then.