2010.06 June

Sat 5th Morning Ride

JR, MA, KBS, GD and MR set off on this beautiful warm and sunny morning. We rode to Clapham Woods via Church Hill, on to Angmering Woods and back through Lee Farm. 16 1/2 miles for the Findon cyclists and a further 12 for MA.  We did lose the track a couple of times in the woods but KBS forged on and where there was no path, he made one!  He did come a cropper when he hit a branch that threw him into the brambles but he was not even stirred let alone shaken by the experience.  

Kim off his bike unintently

An excellent brek was munched by JR and MA in the Village Shop before farewells.  

It was a good route throughout and finally the ‘going’ in Angmering woods is ‘firm’. That made this leg of our ride very enjoyable. Looking forward to the ‘Tank’ next week where DS and GD will celebrate their 1st FGCC anniversary. 

Saturday 12th June Tank Breakfast Ride.
CB, AM, DS, ZA, KBS, MA, GD made it out for this mornings brek, sadly PT was delayed on his return from abroad and was still sitting on his plane at LHR as we set off from Findon at 7.30am. We cycled up Church Hill and turnd right across Long Furlong and to the tank car park via the barn on the SDW.
DS ferried the food and utensils to the car-park earlier and on arrival at the tank it was a pleasant surprise to see that the nettles and grass has been strimmed specially for the occasion.
It was a lovely summers morning and the smell of bacon and sausages soon filled the air, all messed in and within minutes we were tucking into a tasty brek. That was followed by tea, toast and home made marmalade. All very relaxing and all that was left was to clean up, take the utensils back to DS’s vehicle and make the return leg to Findon.
Only about 9 miles in total but thanks to the organisational skills of CB it all ran very smoothly.

Saturday 19th June.
Today we went to Arundel, Kim’s route, some were hoping for a gentle ride but of course Kim knew a more testing route. PT, RT, FL, KBS, MR and GD, made their way up through Muntham Farm, past the barn and over to Amberley, pausing to admire George’s strimming expertise at the tank. . .
Manicured Tank
Foolishly we all thought we would be enjoying a riverbank ride to the castle but it was not to be, Kim directed us on to a little bridleway the other side of Amberley which was still wet from last night’s rain, the exposed roots were very slippery. GD bit the dust twice, 8 faults and MR also suffered a 4 fault penalty.
The bridleway ran alongside the river for a short while
Riverbank trail to Arundel
and we finally came out by the Black Rabbit PH in Arundel. In the town, KBS, MR and FL parted company at Queen Street leaving PT, RT and GD to brek in the cafe. -1 lama rating now for prices but a good quality brek.
KBS writes about their trip home, “We left Arundel on the foot path along the river, crossed the railway line and went on tarmac into APE. The Bluebell trail is still unrideable so we rode along the wide track for a while until we took a right turn to catch my usual route through APE.
Out of APE we rode down the Stinging Nettle bridle way to Long Furlong and via Clapham Wood home where we landed 10:30.
Great ride.”
Once full of brek, PT, RT and GD returned via Wepham, the meadow, the tank and back past the barn. It did seem that the north easterly wind was against us most of the way but the final two miles back to Findon from the barn was plain sailing with the wind on our backs for a change.

Just before the high barn, PT & RT were surprised by GD suddenly changing direction – a sharp left off the path and a fast ascent of the hill, to disappear over the horizon. We had all heard some strange commotion, which sounded a bit like a Vuvuzela training session, so presumably GD had gone to investigate (!) – old habits dying hard? Nothing of note was reported when he finally re-appeared, just a noisy herd of cows.
For the record, 23.3 miles and 2001 feet of climb.

Saturday 26 June
A nearly full turn-out, with MA, ZA, CB, GD, FL, AM, KBS, PT, RT, NW and MR assembling in the Square to ascend the North (yet really South-West) Face to Chanctonbury, then along the top to dive down through Pepperscombe to Steyning. Kim finds a newly-strung fence across the trail, but the injury (though serious enough for a memorial) is borne with viking stoicism. . .
Bloody Vikings!
Out of Steyning along Mouse lane, then up Llama lane and a last post attempt by PT foiled by unruly dog. Down Stable lane, with spectacularly long skid by NW putting RT to shame. To the Studio for a splendid brek laid on by Carole and George, with George’s home-made bread featuring.
11.5 miles on dry trails in bright sunshine.

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