2014.02 February

FGCC rides in February

Saturday 1st February 08.00am ride
Agreed to head for Steyning, via Stable Lane and the top of Llama lane, but with SP wanting to go down the jumps route to Mouse Lane and RT/MT preferring a less slippery option. Compromise agreed in going via Bloody Norse corner, where we stopped for some memorial maintenance and recitation of the ode to the fallen.
Drop down Steyning Round Hill and then Newham lane into Steyning, for a mini-brek at the Cobblestones tea rooms.
Return to Findon via Kings Barn Lane, Bramber, Downslink, SDW up to Langmead memorial where a group shot was taken to prove that we had wonderful weather, in contrast to the massive rainfall the night before:

Group shot at Langmead
Group shot at Langmead
Continued along the SDW and cut across and down to Stable Lane and return to Findon.
Total 15 miles?

Saturday 8th February 08.00am ride
No riders

Saturday 15th February Trek ‘n brek to the Meads
Start delayed a bit due to PT having 3 “blasteets”.
In view of the continued very wet conditions and the strong winds toured selected was two peaks, Cissbury and Chanctonbury, with return via Windlesham.
Cycling across the ridge to Chanctonbury we experienced the strongest winds making the going extremely difficult:

RT using bike as a wind sock at Chanctonbury
RT using bike as a wind sock at Chanctonbury

ZA taunted AM by mentioning the four letter “G” word, but either due to great restraint on the part of Mr Mead or to difficulty in gaining an audience in the very high winds, there was no sermon on the mount in spite of it being a perfect location.
Just after Windlesham RT commented how many dry rides he had experienced this year so far, and almost immediately there was a downpour in spite of the presence of Team Vicar, though fortunately it was short-lived.

Back to the Meads for a splendid brek (and inevitably a “discussion” on the four letter word)
Total 8.8 miles only, but hard work due to the wind.

Saturday 22nd February 08.00am ride
RT only so solo ride.
Decided on a Shoreham route.
Up Cissbury and over to the SDW and round to Langmead. In an effort to initiate JR’s annual objective of visiting every branch of Bunces, went down The Bostal and at sharp bend went left to go straight down to Steyning to that branch. But no brown coats!
Off again past the church via Kings Barn Lane, Roman Road and the castle to the Downslink.
All the way into Shoreham past truffles via the usual route, with the objective of inspecting the new motorway across the river to Shoreham Beach – great to be able to cycle across now. Turned left to see a bit more of the locality and went to the end to the fort. Back in westerly direction and onto the coastal path as usual.
A visit to the bike store to acquire a long-overdue new helmet and back to Findon via West Worthing crossing.
Glorious weather again –

View from the Bostal towards the Adur and Truleigh Hill
View from the Bostal towards the Adur and Truleigh Hill

Total 24 miles.