2020-06 June

FGCC rides in June 2020.

Saturday 6th June 08.00am ride

1. CB, KBS, PT, RK, RT, ZA.
PT summary:
The resumption of peleton rides following the Rona Restrictions saw a group of six (CB, KBS, PT, RK, RT and ZA) gather at Pond Green at the appointed hour.  Debate as to the route ensued until five minutes after the ten minute rule had elapsed, the conclusion being that we would ride to Arundel as per the email suggestion of the previous evening.  It was clear from the various contributions made to the discussion that the opportunity for such discussions had been much missed in the ten weeks of solitary riding.
Departing at 8:15, we climbed up through Muntham to the SDW and proceeded into a gusty wind to Rackham Hill.  Turning left we descended a relatively sheltered valley
Hidden valley with view towards Arundel
to emerge at the farm at the bottom of Amberley Mount.  From here we bridged over the Arun and took Kim’s favoured “River Route” through the lush riparian vegetation to South Stoke, then climbed over to Offham and past the bird sanctuary into Arundel.  Some protest was voiced by PT’s rear mech at the stiff climb, but a little judicious straightening resulted in a rideable bike, and the peleton continued.
Bacon Baguettes were obtained from the Moat House cafe in Arundel, and consumed in socially-distanced if somewhat chilly splendour on the riverbank benches.
The return leg was thankfully downwind, through Warningcamp and APE, Myrtle Grove and Tolmare.
No rain, despite the grey clouds in the sky.  20.56 miles and 1818 feet of climbing, according to Plotaroute.
CB adds:
Socially distanced “brek”
Socially distanced brek
2. AM.

A pelot one set off this morning on the road. Mountain bike laid up with worsening creak we now think is coming from the rear sprockets.

A24 and A259  over the Arun to Clymping. Left and back on myself to Rope walk and West Beach Cafe, now open. Coffee and flapjack taken.
Into LA via footbridge, back along seafront to Rustington, Ferring and Goring seafront to Worthing Seafront. Along to Splash Point up past the hospital and Morrisons to Broadwater roundabout.A27  to A 24 and home via the papershop. Stiff WN Westerly breeze on the way out flying on the way back. Plenty of surfers and kite surfers enjoying the breeze. Plotaroute total 31 miles and 712 ft.
Andy’s route
3. MA.
I took the usual route into APE via Dappers/Swillage Lanes then turned left through to Blackstone Lane then North and took a looping route through Wepham and Burpham to complete cycling all the bridleways within in the immediate area then retraced my outbound route back home. Plotaroute total 15.6 miles & 1,329ft.
Mark’s route
Friday 12th June IOW/NF ride
IOW not possible due restrictions so just a New Forest ride.

Report from PT:

There having been a certain amount of domestic resistance to the notion of an overnight stay, coupled with the fact that it would have been an actual breach of the Covid regulations, this year’s IOW/NF ride lost its IOW component.
A peleton of five, being CB, KBS, PT, RK and ZA, arranged to gather at a car park in Ashurst, travelling separately to avoid the certain death which ensues if two people stand within a fathom of each other.  Like homing pigeons CB, RK and ZA homed in directly to the appointed location.  PT took a scenic route which involved a frustrating encounter with the Itchen toll bridge, where the lack of any coin and the intransigence of the robot toll booth prevented further progress.  A dramatic reverse out of the barrier lane, followed by the execution of a U-turn enabled an alternative crossing of the Itchen and arrival at the agreed rendezvous by the agreed time. However, as the morning got started we noted a shortage of Danes in the company.  The mystery was solved when KBS telephoned from darkest Hampshire to let us know he was almost in Salisbury.  Clearly the navigational prowess which allowed vikings to reach the americas has skipped a generation or two.  Rapidly arranging to meet KBS in Lyndhurst (thus giving him a larger target) the four of us set off southwards into the forest, then looped back north to the Lyndhurst road.  A couple of road miles got us to Lyndhurst, where we found Kim.
After fortifying ourselves with tea and bacons paninis al fresco, we set off north west on minor roads to reach the forest again at Minstead.  Following Kim down a “tempting” track, we were confronted by a river with informal bridge arrangements:
FGCC teamwork
but all safely crossed, despite cameras being at the ready for any unexpected baptisms.

Respects were paid at the Canadian war memorial:
Lunch was taken in brockenhurst in the rain, social distancing being observed by each of us occupying the doorway of a closed-up shop, and taking tea and pasties from the Brockenhurst Bakehouse (prices much more reasonable than the inflated profiteer in Lindhurst).  Continuing on the wide gravelled tracks intended for tourists was often eschewed in favour of informal and mostly unmarked tracks such as this:
Rain stopped at about 3, and we reached the car park at Ashurst at 4. After more tea (beer for Kim), the intrepid Dane/Brit set off by road to retrieve his car from Lyndhurst.  Miraculously he made it, despite a chain just about to break.
Flying brit standard chain condition
All departed for home, at least Roy and Paul taking the wrong left turn to replicate a part of Kim’s voyage to Salisbury.
Another fine day, consisting of one cock-up after another!  Thanks to all who made it so much fun.
For the statisticians, we covered 34.9 miles and climbed 1969 feet (who knew the NF was so hilly?)
NF ride route

TAMITS: Flying Brit demonstrating his viking navigational skills.

Half-link award for the Flying brit for managing to ride from Ashhurst to Lyndhurst on half a link and not actually resorting to his usual preference and going for a full break.


Saturday 13th June 08.00am ride

1.TK, RK, PT, CB, ZA

TK reports:
I joined a peleton totalling 5 today for a socially distanced ride
Upon arrival at Pond green Messrs Kruger , Topley , Budd and Kersley pondered a route taking the full 10 minutes leeway..the final decision was quickly reached by a clear and unambiguous plan proposed by Reverend Allen as he arrived .. a reverse 4 peaks with option to extend to Langmead ..
We swiftly made way up Church Hill hearing tales of yesterday’s ride and paused briefly to ensure that there was no ill effect to Paul from the assault by the holly bush.

We proceeded past Tolmare, gun club to the barn where we turned east along SDW, defending fast to the foot of Chanctonburys steepest assent, where we enjoyed a minor interlude  to allow some expert fettling of gears by the TM,  then onward once more to all conquer this tricky climb.

Pausing at the top of the climb to recover form and once more to enjoy the stunning views at Chanctonbury , we took the extended route to Langmead .. the fine weather had drawn out the crowds as the SDW felt more like the North Downs with multiple groups of walkers and riders ..

Whilst descending to join the final slog up to Cissbury a former FGCC rider  (e-Bob e-Barber) arrived to open the gate for us and await the arrival of his son who was battling the climb some way back. After swift exchanges of pleasantries we headed in to the final section , TK broke a gear cable requiring a hasty walk to Cissbury and after the final descent to Findon this allowed a ‘masterclass’ by the TM who had about him spare parts , tools and mental agility such that the repair was affected within 15 mins.. all the time RK and TK watched in in awe.. sadly we were are cruelly  denied any refreshment as Dee Dees take away service was closed ..
Paul – many thanks again for the expert assistance ..
Total: 12.5 miles & 1,388ft

2. AM

Road bike. Silver Stumpy RIP.
Wind S.Easterly. To seafront from Findon. A24, A259 to Lancing. Sea front to Shoreham Beach and Shoreham Fort.Return to Worthing along seafront. To Ferring, A259 to East Preston, Angmering. To Rustington, seafront to
Littlehampton. LA seafront to the river, up through the town back eastwards to Rustington. Up North Lane to Worthing Road
Eastwards to Windmill R /about, over the bridge eastwards past Sainsburys, along A259

back to West Worthing up Stone Lane across to Offington and the A27 R/about. Up the valley, home. Cateye (now reinvigorated by new batteries) says 37.5 miles. Beautiful day

sea sparkling tyres singing on the asphalt.(avert your gaze Or whatever Kim) .  Plotaroute total 37.4 miles & 764ft.
Andy’s route

3. MAWhat a collection of adventures members of the FGCC have been having over the last few days!

My ride yesterday was not as eventful except perhaps that I started at 06:51 and was back home by 08:30 in time for a delivery of fencing materials from Wickes.

I took a mostly road route to to Arundel via Rustington and Climping Beach then back via Crossbush and the track through APE from Blakehurst Lane.

Just over 18 miles with a mighty 280ft ascent according to my app. Plotaroute total 17.8 miles & 719 ft

Mark’s route

Saturday 20th June 08.00am ride.

  1. The main peloton


A bumper peleton was on hand at Pond Green to offer a welcome to John and Jake after some Saturdays of absence.  Jake has reverted to his original e-bike, and its geometry is such that no painkillers are needed, so it’s time to sell your shares in Nurofen

After some vox testiculorum the peleton set off up through Muntham farm, where we were surprised to encounter Mr Avery.  This completed the peleton of CB, JB, JR, KBS, PT, RT, TK and ZA, or to be more correct a peleton of CB, KBS, RT and TK and another entirely separate and socially distanced peleton of JB, JR, PT and ZA.
A pleasant ride up to the tank site enabled us to enjoy the display of poppies (entirely appropriate) which have spontaneously occupied the spot.

The poppies served to clearly socially distance the two entirely separate peletons aforementioned. At this point RT peeled off,
An exhilarating downhill from the tank, first through corn, then rape, then flax provided a kaleidoscope of colour.  Hurtling down the gallops, we arrived at the Budd memorial (mile 8) to find that friends of the FGCC (or members of the CB fan club) have cut down some of the trees that hitherto masked the memorial from view.

Passers-by may now enjoy the memorial, and make such obeisance as they deem fitting, without the need for unseemly clambering through undergrowth to locate the hallowed site.
For the first time in some weeks, PT was able to attend a gate at mile 8.5, and the peletons  entered the woods to emerge on the road at Warningcamp.  Plain sailing into Arundel, for a celebration of CB’s birthday via the medium of Bacons Baguettes, taken on riverside benches.  Entertainment was provided by a dad and son in an inflatable boat attempting to dock at the town Quay (conveniently constructed some twenty years ago by Mr Kersley).  The river was flowing in the wrong direction, resulting in the son getting out of the boat and into the water.  All ended well, with captain and crew safely climbing onto the dock.
Fortified, the peletons climbed up to Lyminster and took the bridleway to Poling.  In the churchyard, we were entertained further by the Churchwarden Billy Maynard who, from a position of genuflection admired by the Team Chaplain, regaled the assembled companies with insights into the life and times of the erstwhile Patron of the FGCC, Lord Cowdray, whose own memorial stands in the graveyard.

Continuing on through Angmering toward Highdown, Mr Avery peeled off at the bridge over Water Lane to visit Family while the remaining peletons climbed over Highdown and sped north through Durrington.  JB peeled off at about mile 18 and a bit, to head home.  He had previously ridden up to Findon for the start, so had no vehicle to retrieve.
Passing through the Wimpey estate, we emerged on to the A27 and followed it east to Cote street.   Climbing Cote Street we met many agreeable walking ladies, but Mr Roche exhibited admirable restraint (probably the effect of the Tudor Close Local Covid Bylaws limiting his exposure to wines, spirits beers and ales both bottled and draught) and did not even enquire as to whether the ladies were currently entertaining “Gentleman Callers”.  It was noted that changes in JR had resulted from this prolonged period of close adult supervision.
The peletons continued along Honeysuckle lane with KBS taking his farewell at the top of Church Hill, leaving the remainder to re-enter Findon via Church Hill, CB and TK taking their leave at the foot of Steep Lane.
A fine day out, to honour CB’s birthday in style.
21.6 miles and 1558 feet by Plotaroute, 2230ft by Satmap

     2. AM’s ride.

Stumpy is cracked and beyond repair. Road Bike.

South to A259 @ TAB lights. A259 to Chichester. Slight detour around LA Tescos via cycle path. Felpham and Bognor bypass. At Bognor R/about on A27 left down Vinnetrow to Runcton left to Bognor via Aldwick . Promenade un. West Bognor to Middleton. Return to A259 @Comet cottage towards LA. Right @Ford R/about to Rope walk across footbridge along to Promenade deux.Littlehampton to Rustington, Angmering,
East Preston A259 briefly, down to Ferring, along to West Worthing via Goring shops.
Down George V Ave to Promenade trois. West Worthing to New Flats where old Aquarena was. Back up to A24 via Broadwater.Up the valley, home. A truly glorious ride in the summer sunshinen 75% off road on well maintained smooth cycle paths and Promenades. Quiet lanes and a southerly crosswind for most of the way. Tea and flapjack at East Beach Cafe LA. Cateye says
51.3 miles. Pleased to be getting back to decent distances on the road. Plotaroute 51.4 miles & 906ft
Andy’s route

Saturday 27th June 08.00am ride – the TM’s repair ride

1. MA, PT, TK, JB, CB, ZA, RT, JR.
An early start for the Team Aromatherapist, who motored up to Horsham to collect PT and then returned to Pond Green.
Cycles for PT and MA were assembled, and the TM’s surgery was declared open. ZA’s pre-booked appointment resulted in new brake pads being fitted.  JR then appeared as a walk-in (or maybe a wheel-in as JR rolled the patient over from World HQ), and two more sets of brake pads were duly replaced.
TM gets into action
In the meanwhile, diverse tyres were inflated and some general faffing took place as Jake, Richard, Chris and Tim arrived, though not necessarily in that order.
Fettling over (or so we thought) the peleton set off for Cissbury, but reached only as far as Dee Dee’s when Chris suffered a rear mech disaster.  An inadvertent but fleeting encounter between the mech and the wheel radically altered the shape of the rear mech, but it was a part of the mech which was deemed inessential and the TM summarily broke it off and placed the severed part in his “spares” locker. A short distance later RT’s derailleur started causing problems, but just as TM’s fingers were twitching into action RT elected to go back to Nepcroft to get another bike.
The peleton continued over Cissbury, CB feeling no ill-effects from the now lightened rear mech.
The peleton continued down through the golf course to the A27, and followed the main road to Lyons Farm before diving into Sompting and finding a suburban route over the railway at Lancing and down to the sea.  A sharp left allowed us to sail along the front and enter Shoreham over the swing bridge. JB was experiencing a few problems I with his rear wheel only to discover that he hadn’t tightened it up. At Sompting he was still a bit concerned and so sought technical advice from Mr Roche who put on his serious attention face and made a few gestures to check the wheel and confidently pronounced the wheel as in an acceptable condition, calming JB even if JR was simply blagging. Along the seafront JB experienced a blasteet but JR was able to assist with his party cracker pump.
An alfresco brek of bacons sarnies was had at truffles, after which the peleton divided.  JR returned to retrace a recent ride, in search of his saddlebag which had bailed out somewhere en route. The remaining (magnificent?) seven headed over the wooden bridge to Lancing College and climbed Lancing Clump.
PT, in his customary role as “lanterne rouge” arrived atop the clump to find CB’s bike upturned with a sad case of Bowden Cable failure, rendering the front gearchange unserviceable.  Anxious to restore a trusted bike to its full faculties, the severed part of the rear mech (see above) was retrieved from the spares locker and fixed to the shredded cable by way of a splint, using a few zip ties which the TM had discovered by a roadside north of Horsham during an earlier ride.
Cable repair

CB’s second attempt to dodge the ride and walk home was thus foiled, as he was compelled to ride like the rest of us.  The repair held for the homeward leg over cissbury and back to Nepcroft.

Convening at Nepcroft for teas, coffees and biscuits by the kind invitation of RT, discussion turned (amongst other serious topics and some vox testiculorum) to a strategy for seeking a rideable route from Findon to Clapham village, and a plan was agreed on.  CB has prepared some accomplished drafts in relation to this matter, but his imminent return migration south for the winter means the baton will be passed on.
Gentlemen then returned respectively chez eux to take up their lovingly-crafted uxorial to-do lists.  Of Mr Roche and his saddlebag we have as yet heard no more.  We hope he managed to navigate a safe return to World HQ
Plotaroute total 17.4 miles and 1,142 ft

JR later added:

I can close the loop (quite literally) here by augmenting Paul’s excellent account with my own fruitless epilogue:
JR proceeded  easterly (and against the wind), as far as Ferring, then headed North on Sea Lane and then westwards along Ilex Way. A few circuits searching the Goring/Ferring area ensued followed by a return home via Titnore Lane, the Tesco estate area, Arundel road eastwards (shying away from Mother-in-Law Cote Street, in favour of), making a climb up Mill Lane, Honeysuckle Lane, Church Hill (southside) and crossing the A24 to loop via Nepcote and a brief (distanced) rendezvous with the Rev. Z. Allen who witnessed my return whilst committing that worst of crimes the destruction of a shed. 35.5 miles as witnessed by the Club Chaplain. Plotaroute 25.7 miles and 1,204ft.
JR’s route
Despite a finger-tip search of the whole route saddlebags were there none.

To which MA commented:

“I note that Mr Roche appears to have lost more than his saddlebag.
If my memory serves me correctly, it is on this occasion backed up be several items of documentary evidence m’lud, JR travelled with us to Shoreham-by-Sea whereupon he claims to have headed in a easterly direction to Ferring?!
A TAMITS? Were you searching in the correct location?”
TAMITS: JB forgetting to tighten his wheel on assembly of his bike.
                  JR not knowing his east from his west.
2. AM’s ride.

A24 to A259 via back roads through Durrington. To Clymping , turn and back to West Beach, ( cafe closed) Returm via LA seafront, Rustington Angmering, East Preston, Ferring. Seafront from Ferring to the Half Brick East Worthing. Up to A27 via Broadwater.Up the valley home

 Very windy, hard work on the outer leg, sea very rough. Cateye says 32.3 miles. Plotaroute 33.6 miles & 715ft.
New off road bike ordered, delivery end of August