2020-08 August

FGCC rides in August 2020

Saturday 1st August 08.00am ride


PT writes:
Great ride out yesterday, past Cissbury and over Lancing Clump to the college. The ascent of Lancing is much easier from this side!  Crossed the Adur on the wooden bridge and took SDW to Bramber, missing brek at the Castle pub by about 20 minutes.  On to Steyning, where Truffles were unable to accommodate six of us for lack of a suitable table. Swiftly returned to Findon via Mouse Lane, despite the need to push my bike up through the woods on the north side of Chanctonbury. An enjoyable morning in the sunshine, ending up at DeeDees for brek.
Plotaroute 16.4 miles and 1,506ft climbed

Saturday 8th August 08.00am ride

PT, MA, AM, JR, JB, KBS, TK (RT & PT2 brek only).

Richard and Philip Thomas actually (Les could not make it), to celebrate their joint birthday.

The peloton gathered at Pond green at the appointed hour, with still no sight of the threatened new member Glen.  After some freestyle bike fettling, JB (back by popular demand after a brief lay-off) fixing a seat post which had developed a severe case of brewer’s droop, and PT sprinkling pixie dust on the Mead mech, the off road contingent set off up to Cissbury while Mr Mead took a road route towards Shoreham Fort.
All went well until PT decided to have a lie-down on the sharp climb just after mile 2.  Covered in more chalk dust than an old-fashioned blackboard rubber, PT rejoined the peloton to set off over Lancing Clump.
Reaching the college, we skirted the airport and trickled down to the beach, to be met at about mile 7.5 by Mr Mead returning from the Fort.  The augmented, and now wind-assisted, peloton then proceeded along the beach to Grand Avenue where the Mead road bike took him off westward while the rest turned north to percolate up through Tarring, Thomas AB, and up Mill Lane.  As might have been a predictable consequence of having an unreformed viking in the lead at this point, the traditional route along the wide and level path to the gallops was eschewed in favour of a narrow, winding, rooted, steep and overgrown track through the woods.  At least PT and JB, who had strategically positioned themselves to the rear of the peloton during the climb up Mill Lane, quietly absconded halfway through the woods to rejoin the traditional route, leaving Kim, Tim, Mark and John to enjoy the Lion Trail substitute.
The peleton regrouped at Roger’s farm after mile 16, MA having adopted the John the Baptist role and gone ahead to announce the coming of the peloton to the people of Nepcroft.
On arrival we rejoined Mr Mead, and were sanitised, distanced, and treated to a grand feast of bacons and sausage sarnies by Richard, Carole and Philip.  Richard’s handiwork in assembling a bike out of salvaged and scrounged parts was admired, the said bike being ceremonially revealed in a “repair shop” unveiling.
A fine warm and sunny day to mark the Thomas Twins’ birthday, Plotaroute making it 17.4 miles and 1017 feet climbed by the off-roaders.

Saturday 15th August 08.00am ride

An intrepid trio of PT, JR and ZA assembled in murky conditions to debate possible routes, and at 8:12 set off up to Cissbury Car Park.

Turning right through the gate, we ascended the track round the east side of the hill, then dropped down a steep and narrow track (the goat trail?) to the dew pond by Lytchpole farm.

South to the farm, then north up to the site of PT’s lie down last week (at mile 4), in search of a pedal which was lost during that episode. Sadly no luck or pedal.  The peleton continued up to Langmead, visibility down to about 30 yards in the drizzly mist.
Regrouping at the top of Llama Lane, we elected to descend it and skirt round the north side of Chanctonbury, only because PT could not remember the last time he had passed that way.
At about mile 8 we encountered an obstacle

over which bikes were lifted.
Rather than climb back up into the drizzle, the peleton (now well soaked) elected to strike north to Lock’s farm and take the road through Washington to reach the SDW/A24 crossing.
Up Glazeby lane, then head south through Windlesham school, pausing in the woods just after mile 10 to attend to  a blaster (ZA).
Reaching the village by crossing the field at Muntham at mile 11.5, a brek at DeeDees was scuppered by the unavailability of space in the garden.  Our dear Team Chaplain was able to save the day by remembering that bacons were in stock at Cherry Cottage, and a phone call to the redoubtable Margaret soon resulted in the cheery sound of sizzling.
A fine and full socially-distanced brek was had, with the added presence of Lorna Jones to liven proceedings.  Many thanks to ZA and Margaret for their hospitality.
Plotaroute total 12.6 miles and 1,414ft
Rides at other Venues
A note from Mr Avery, currently enjoying the island life of the tropical jewel off Southampton, reports a circular ride simultaneous with the peloton’s efforts round the southwestern parts of the IoW. Plotaroute total 10.8 miles and 961ft
MA’s ride
So far no further reports from Gentlemen dispersed o’er the face of earth or water, but the day is yet young.

Saturday 22nd August 08.00am ride


Start to the ride was delayed whilst we all marvelled at the Roche conversion of the bike trailer to a seafront carriage for his granddaughter .


Ride to Shoreham with brek in airport selected as the ride for the morning , but due to the very strong westerly wind it was decided that we should be pushed along the seafront – and how we were. Down the Findon Valley gallops and down to the coast via West Worthing crossing. Along the seafront for yet again an excellent brek at the airport though having to split into two groups due to the restrictions.

Replete we then returned to Findon via Lancing college and Lancing Ring, Steep Down and Cissbury.

Total 17.7 miles and 958 ft


Saturday 29th August 08.00am ride – The JR Collarbone alley accident 25th anniversary ride.


RT prepared with paints for memorial maintenance route was selected to include the Kamikaze memorial. Up and round west side of Cissbury heading south and then west to find the site where MA had head-butted a post diving down the hill. The glacial state of the hill led to comments that it was no wonder that MA could have experienced such a crash. To our horror either the weather had completely destroyed the memorial or the post had been changed. Precariously balanced to try not to slide down the hill, RT created a new memorial whilst the peloton, similarly balanced, continued the traditional banter followed by the ode to the fallen. Debate took place as to the date of the incident and no one could find the information on the website so ’94 was decided upon as the date to be recorded on the memorial. (Later on a proper look at the website in more stable conditions it was realised that the correct date was ’93 so modification of the memorial will be required).

Tables had been booked at Dee Dee’s and as we were pressed for time we took the most direct route route to the Collarbone Alley site via Long Meadow, A24 and Church Hill. The memorial in better condition, RT carried out a touch up whilst the peloton recalled the event 25 years ago.


Again the Ode to the Fallen held and a fast return to Findon for a brek with vox testiculorum in full flow with entertaining discussions on FMEA, Continuous Improvement and other matters in domestic communications.


TAMITS: TK introduction of FGCC interpretations of Quality Management acronyms such as FMEA (Female mood effects analysis).

Total 8.5 miles and 722 ft climbed.

Collarbone 25th anniversary ride