2014.05 May

FGCC rides in May 2014

Saturday 3rd May Trek ‘n Brek to Braeside (MT & SP).
MT, SP, ZA, AM, KBS, RT & MT’s brother Andrew.
Decided on visit to the tank for Andrew to see, with return via Lee Farm and Myrtle Grove.
Probably the shortest Saturday morning ride for AM whose chain and rear derailleur snapped just outside the VH, so AM returned home to take bike to the Bike Store.
We arrived at the top of the hill at Muntham by Puckamuck when Andrew decided to do a Dave Mackerel and give up at this point – not been on a bike for 3 1/2 years. Who would fall next?
Although KBS started to show signs of flagging, having not been out for a ride for some time, he survived.
FGCC Riders at the Tank 1 (03May14)a
Excellent brek at Braeside thanks to Jenny and sister in law. AM back in time to join us. Brek finished with sharing of a giant Easter egg, Jenny having been concerned that MT might have otherwise eaten it all himself.
Opening the Egg for FGCC Consumption! (03May14)a
Total 11 miles.

Saturday 10th May 08.00am ride.
A wet and windy day so decided on a 4 peaks ride (well 3 1/2 peaks) followed by a brek at Julia’s.
Cloud level down to Cissbury car park level, so a damp ride, with very strong wind at Chanctonbury and visibility limited. Very slippery down Church Hill. However not as wet as had been anticipated and we felt the brek was well earned, especially from cycling into strong winds climbing from A24.
Total 11 miles

Saturday 17th May. Ride to Mayfield and Topley lunch
Detail to be provided.

Saturday 24th May. 08.00am ride
Firstly we welcomed our newest member, Roy Kruger to the FGCC.
Ride to Arundel and a brek selected for the morning’s ride. AM had hybrid tyres on his bike so route via Burpham selected, with return via Highdown. World put to rights during the brek!
Total 23 miles?

Saturday 31st May. Tank trek ‘n brek.
All gathered at Pond Green with supplies to load into the LSV, inspecting RT’s new tow bar bike rack, and setting off slightly later than usual.
At Kithurst car park whilst RT prepared the glasses for the traditional Buck’s Fizz another car pulled up alongside and the occupant announced that he was setting up a rescue station for marathon runners, to which RT’s response was that he was setting up a rescue station for his fellow cyclists. Comparing the coke and water for the runners and the FGCC offering the stranger commented that he would like to do a swap.
Peleton arrived shortly after and glasses of fizz distributed. Toasts made to the FGCC and absent friends, then the trailer assembled and all loaded up for the ride to the tank.

Peleton at Kithurst
Peleton at Kithurst

Transport of supplies for the brek
Transport of supplies for the brek

Transport of supplies 2
Transport of supplies 2

All set to work getting barbecues and Trangias going, bunting installed, cooking of sausages, bacons, scrambled eggs, beans, tomatoes and with teas and coffees soon provided. Whilst the cooking was in progress Mr Mead treated us to a sermon at the tank, but astonished all with a most uncharacteristic defence of Mr Gove.
Some pyrotechnics with the meths was required to keep the barbecues going, but sufficient to be able to finish off an excellent brek with toast and Mrs T’s marmalade, which received much acclaim.
Site cleared and returned everything to the LSV, and the peleton returned to the village, with JR experiencing a blasteet on the way.
Total 10 miles?