07.2022 July

FGCC rides in July 2022

Saturday 2nd July 2022 08.00am ride


Both on a time limit so a 2.5 peaks ride and brek at Dee Dee’s.

Saturday 9th July 2022 08.00am rides


An al fresco bacon baguette was taken by the riverside in Arundel, after an outward leg via Chantry Post, Lee Farm, Wepham Down and the gallops.  The closure of the woods just before the road at Warningcamp was surmounted by the simple expedient of ignoring the “Bridleway closed” signs and riding it anyway.  We met several dog walkers coming the other way, and no “closed” sign was apparent at the road end.
Back via Warningcamp, Wepham Wood and the A27 to Angmering to drop off MA, then over Highdown and back via Tesco and Mill Lane gallops.

Saturday 16th July 2022 08.00am ride


Some Gentlemen being pressed for time, eager as they were to attend the first day of the festivities surrounding the Christening of Miss Edith Avery, it had been agreed that a prompt start and a shortish Amberley Loop could be combined with a celebratory brek adjacent to the SDW.  Departing at 8:08 (don’t tell MA), the outward leg climbed School Hill and took Long Furlong, turning right through the standing corn (Teresa May would have been jealous) to join Collarbone alley and thence the SDW.  While most of the peleton diverged from the SDW to take the vineyard route, ZA and JR remained true, and descended Amberley Mount.
After a delayed but excellent brek (without RT who returned home), we tackled the traditional climb back up the Burgh.  Just short of Kim’s crash site, PT found himself pressed for time and resolved to engage warp speed for the return to Findon, via Muntham.  Any alarums and excursions which befell the peleton after Kithurst Hill will have to be filled in by others.
Le Peleton (sans RT and PT) celebrating 50 years of SDW at the Riverside, Amberley.
meanwhile, CB was out representing us in Europe:
He must have completed the circuit without too much molestation from signoritas inflamed by the sight of the Budd calves, as the entire lap appears on Strava.

Saturday 23rd July 2022 08.00am ride

FGCC ride with AM (part) JR KBS (part) ALAN (part) MA TK

To Dial Post via Long Furlong field, Windlesham, north side of Chanctonbury and Wiston. KBS and ABS peel off at Llama Lane. Brek at Garden centre. AM peels off at Blonks Farm with broken saddle, MA PT TK and JR continue to top of Barns Farm Hill, where MA peels off for home. PT JR and TK return via Collarbone Lane and the Long Furlong field.

Total 22 miles and 1,634ft


Saturday 30th July 2022 08.00am ride

FGCC ride with CB JR KBS TK and ZA, meeting AM at Teddy’s

PT writes: A short ride due to time pressure – all have to be spruced up for the afternoon bash celebrating Richard and Carole’s wedding anniversary, and Richard and Philip’s birthday

Total 17.8 miles and 831ft