2019-02 February

FGCC rides in February 20
Saturday 2nd February 08.00am ride
An impressive gathering of 7 gentlemen following the annual dinner the night before followed by whiskey chasers courtesy of a hospitable Mr Kersley.

The presence of a significant quantity of snow (for Findon) did not prevent Messrs Budd and Roche from turning up for the ride sporting cycling shorts, a tradition that they like to continue throughout the year.
Mr Roche made full use of the 10 minute rule plus 3 minutes faffing time to repair his spare inner tube, but then fell victim to the usual derision from his colleagues when trying to roll up the tube in a manner which prevented the remaining air from escaping, resulting in an even longer faffing period.
A reverse 4 peaks selected so that Mr Thomas could divert to be back in time for his visitors and the peloton started (slid) up Church Hill to then be able to enjoy cycling through the snow at the top and all the way to High Barn, excepting one point where the depth was too great for riding.
A group photo stop provided an opportunity for FGCC initiative, namely how to place a phone on an upturned bike for a timer photo shot, the solution being to place the phone between the spokes on the front wheel, though not at the top as RT initially started to do. Timer set and photography process started with RT running back to join the group, but after a few seconds disbelief (and yes derision again from his colleagues) led RT to start back for a retake, only to be captured in the photo in the process.

FGCC line up in the snow – patience needed.
Morning after NGN ride – near High Barn

Then set off again enjoying the snow covered wintry landscape:

Wintry scene heading towards High Barn

RT parted company at the Windlesham turn off and the main peloton set off again on the SDW across the A24 and up the North Face to Chanctonbury and then towards Cissbury

Track near Chanctonbury

with the track turning muddier in the glorious sunshine. Back to Findon for a significantly improved brek at Julia’s with Peckhams Butcher’s sausages thankfully back on the menu.

Totals: 10.1 miles 1,171 ft

TAMITS: JR trying to roll up inner tube conveniently trapping the air in it due to the direction of rolling.
RT not having faith (or patience) in his use of phone gadget thingy to take photos with timer on.

Saturday 9th February 08.00am ride
A peleton of six (PT, RT, TK, RK, KBS and JR) and assembled, and after much tyre changing by PT, set off up through Muntham. A brisk 12.6 miles, with 1315 feet climbed today, with a stiff wind from the southwest – see route below:

Kithurst and Lee Farm to Chantry loop

At least PT was grateful for the wind-assisted ascent to Chantry car park!

ZA also sojourned out for a 25 mile circuit on his road bike, departing about 5 mins before the peleton and arriving back in Findon (looking v clean and shiny) in time to join PT, JR, RK and TK for a brek at Julias. RT and KBS were sadly hampered by domestic exigencies from partaking in the jentacular conviviality.

Saturday 16th February 08.00am ride
PT arrived early, but due to lack of space in the square parked in Lime Road. Extracting bike from the car, PT noted a distinct lowering of pressure in the front tyre, and a total absence of pressure in the rear.

Opting to simply reinflate the front, and mend the puncture in the rear, PT set to and managed to appear in the square at 8:08, just beating the ten minute rule, to meet the peloton.

Opting for a brek in Henfield, the Peleton (minus ZA, who for the second week running had appeared on a road bike) climbed up to Cissbury and turned north in the mist towards Chanctonbury. In a display of the courtesy of which the FGCC is proud, the peloton regularly stopped to allow PT to catch up.

Taking the SDW to Langmead, we parted company from Mr Avery who still suffers with gastric problems which, on the plus side, provide ample opportunity for him to hone his virtuosity as Team Aromatherapist. The remaining peloton hurtled down the Bostal and rapidly arrived at the Downslink for the last three miles into Henfield, little knowing that disaster was about to strike down one of our number.

The harbinger of doom took the form of a three-legged dog, which was accompanied by two ladies and a second dog, all of whom had the full complement of limbs. Having evidently learned little from the incident which cost it its missing leg, the hound threw itself, kamikaze-style, beneath the wheel of Mr Budd’s steed. Disequilibrium ensued, but thankfully (speaking as TM) the bike was undamaged. Mr Budd and the hound likewise suffered no lasting injury, althought the hound was quite vocal after the incident. The solicitousness of the ladies restored good cheer, although their disappointment at not being proposed to by John could be felt. All parted on good terms. A sad admission is that no photographic record of the event was made.

The ride contined without further incident, all making safe passage up the concrete road and back to Findon via Langmead and the SDW. Visibility was about 100 yards on top of the downs.

Throughout the brek and the latter part of the ride it would be an understatement to say that TK was entertained by CB’s efforts at dog culling and was only subdued by the fact that the event had not taken place closer to home.
According to Satmap, we covered 22.7 miles and climbed 2004 feet.

TAMITS: CB’s acrobatic running over of a stupid 3-legged dog that thought it was a good idea to run straight into his path.
TK’s undoubted joy at the event.

Findon to Henfield ride

Saturday 23rd February 08.00am ride
The Lee Farm circuit, on 23 Feb, saw Alex have a little lie down as we rounded the south flank of Harrow Hill. So fast was he to leap to his feet that PT’s camera only captured his nonchalant stroll across the track to rejoin the peleton.

Alex parted from his bike

To alleviate his embarrassment, ZA in solidarity also had a lie down on the south slope fo the hill about 200 yards further on, again regrouping before a camera could be brought to bear.

Lee Farm circuit

Stats for the ride are: peleton PT, TK, ZA, AR and RK;12.5 miles covered and 1242 feet climbed.AR decided to have a little lie-down at Tolmare.
12.5 miles 1,242ft