2015.02 February

FGCC rides in February 2015

Saturday 7th February 08.00am ride
RT suggested we ought to cycle up Cote Street since we hadn’t been there for a long time.
Route up Church Hill, where for once the conditions were reasonable, along the Long Furlong ridge which was a bit of a sticky challenge then down through Clapham woods to the A27. Back to and up Cote Street, during which JR introduced us to another measure when describing hills – an “ex” hill, because like ex’s they go on, and on, and on……
A short stop at the bench at the top to “smell the roses” and then down the track to High Salvington and down Mill Lane. No cycling through the cemetery so we had to endure a section of the A27 again past Offington roundabout before turning left into the track up through the golf course.
All the way up to Cissbury and round the west side to the car park for a quick debate as to whether to continue to Chanctonbury. However RT looking at his watch said he couldn’t see whether it was 10 or 11, and JR shot off down the hill for a brek at Julia’s, where we realised that it was only 10.
Total 13.5 miles

Saturday 14th 08.00am ride.
A good turnout for Valentine’s Day – JR, TK, MA, RK, RT
Shoreham loop proposed with brek at Julia’s. Up Cissbury over to the Steyning Road and straight on and over to Coombe Farm, right along the road, round the airport and on to the coastal path. Back through Worthing, up Grand Avenue, West Worthing crossing, TAB and straight back up the A24 to be back in Findon by 10.40. RT was persuaded to join a brek in spite of visitors at home.
Total 18 miles.

Saturday 21st February 08.00am ride
The morning after the night before (NGN) there was an excellent turnout. Route selected was Cissbury, SDW, down to Steyning for an early brek (as if we needed to eat anything more!) so that TK could return directly to Findon, whilst the rest of the peleton went via the Downslink to Shoreham along the sea front and back up the valley. The talking and general hilarity from the night before continued, with the conversation over brek at Steyning turning to the previous night’s alternative to the now 400 year old KJV – the SJV or Sid James Version. Names for the books were yet to be assigned.
Total 24 miles.

Saturday 28th February 08.00am ride
Amberley loop selected. weather in the village damp, but by the time we got to the top it had turned to more or less constant rain driven by strong winds making for conditions similar to those experienced on the last day of the Dales ride. We found ourselves embroiled in the waves of riffraff on a Wiggle ride what was more or less the same Amberley loop. Actually the weather conditions probably limited the numbers and we concluded that they might in the longer term prove to our advantage by putting them off participating in further such rides. As it was we observed that Wiggle were likely to be increasing the demand for the services of Relate, judging by the “domestics” that already seemed to be under way between couples present.
The strong winds and heavy going on wet ground made for a challenging ride and two drowned rats finally staggered into Julia’s for a restorative brek.
Total 18 miles.

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