2020-02 February

FGCC rides in February 2020

Saturday 1st February 08.00am ride – post Not-gala night


A surprisingly large turnout after a late and heavy night, celebrating friendship and laughter instead of some political event that took place at the same time.

Yet again much debate as to the best route considering the soggy state of the Downs. Muntham, the high barn, SDW to Kithurst hill, the Flying Brit’s “vroom” route led by a charging MA and down to Lee Farm. Up to Chantry Lane car park and back to Findon via Church Hill, with a stop to recite the ode to the fallen at Collarbone Alley memorial. Excellent brek at Findon Garden centre.

Total 13.6 miles and 1,158 ft (though JB app says 600m or around 2,000 ft).

TAMIT: JB for his feel-good app that is set to give encouraging results on heights climbed?

TAMITS from NGN – ZA forgetting his medal and having to go home to collect it?

– JR for the longest speech?

Saturday 8th February 08.00am ride

PT writes: After bidding farewell to Julie, who had selflessly driven MA over from Angmering, a strong Peleton of 8 (JB, JR, MA, PT, RK, RT, TK, ZA) climbed to Cissbury and headed north through the mud to the SDW and Langmead.  ZA peeled off to return to Findon along the Monarch’s way.  A speedy descent of the concrete road down Steyning Bowl (PT clocked 40.6mph) then by road to the bridge over the Adur and south on the Downslink were completed without any upsets.  Crossing back over the wooden bridge, the magnificent seven repaired to the airport cafe for a convivial brek, before returning along the beach.  MA peeled off at the end of Heene Road, to return to Angmering along the coast.  The now denuded rump of the peloton headed north to climb Mill lane (RT repeatedly stopping from here onwards to inflate his slightly punctured rear tyre) and cross the gallops, emerging behind the garden centre to enter Findon.  RT and TK peeled off at Steep Lane, leaving only four survivors of the entire trip to convene at World HQ for a quick bike wash.
RT adds: It was observed that RK spent quite a bit of his time along the seafront in Worthing cutting across people finally cutting straight across TK & RT to purportedly look at information about the block of flats being developed at the seafront end of Grand Avenue. We suspected that this was simply him having training sessions for his next mission refining the art of surprising his victims.
TAMIT: RK practising regime-change attack methods.
According to Satmap, 21.3 miles and 1013 feet.
According to Strava 22.4 miles and 936 feet
Shoreham brek

Saturday 15th February 08.00am Mead Trek & Brek

CB, PT, JB, TK, ZA, RT. (+AM at start).

With target of arriving back at 10.00am for the brek, RT proposed route via Cissbury car park, straight on towards the Steyning Road, turn left before ZA’s “blasteet alley” and up the gravel track to Langmead and then SDW and continue with remainder of 4 peaks if time permitted. However, RT only made it to the top of the steep hill before the Steyning road, when his free-wheel device failed. Wheel removed and various ideas being put forward as to how to release it, before handing it over to TM who had been patiently waiting in the background with fingers twitching in anticipation of getting onto the problem. Unfortunately even he was not able to do anything as the locking nut was too tightly on, leaving RT with having to walk back to Nepcroft. The remaining peloton continued up to Langmead memorial, onto the SDW towards Chanctonbury, then left and towards Cissbury before turning right to go round the back of  Findon Park House, up towards the Pest House and then via Gallops farm and Stable Lane back to Findon.

An excellent brek at Mead Mansion enhanced by the presence of Mr Tomalin who gave a detailed lecture on possible routes and points of interest for the Trenches trip in France to take place in May.

TAMITS: DT for remarkable 45 minute presentation without any notes

Saturday 22nd February 08.00am ride


Decision on route largely taken based on how to minimise the effects of the 40mph+ winds as well as choosing routes that are not too boggy.  Best to be returning with the wind behind so a westerly route chosen. Up Muntham and a struggle against the wind to the High barn and on to Chantry Lane CP by which time thoughts turned to possibly turning back. Selected route was to descend to Lee Farm, but KBS thought we should carry on the SDW and then do his “vroom” route, but the original route was followed. We had to pedal down hill to Lee Farm due to the wind then up to the top of the gallops at which point KBS wanted to go up his “vroom” route, not understanding the original route, but the peloton pushed on with the chosen route, heading north from the gallops and then left at the gate to follow two double dips to join the SDW-Burpham track, turning right to at last enjoy having the wind at our backs. A stop to resurrect the KBS memorial and then return to Findon via the SDW to High Barn and then Muntham. Brek at Findon Garden centre at which the results of different apps were compared as follows:

Satmap. 14.5 miles and 1,300 ft (?)

Strava. 14.6 miles and 1,209 ft with 521 calories expended.

Jake motivator app 14.6 miles and 1,800 ft with 1,500 calories expended. Major look of disappointment at hearing the Strava equivalent of the calories stat.

TAMITS: KBS constantly trying to change routes  but not knowing where he was going anyway?

Saturday 29th February 08.00am ride (aka “JR hiding day” from all those bar fiancees who could propose today).


PT writes:

“With Mr Roche safely concealed in an undisclosed location (to prevent disappointment to any of the legion of would-be fiancees roaming the countryside) a peloton of four set off to attempt a route which exposed the riders to the smallest amount of water.  Mr Thomas came up with a fine route, which stayed on tarmac for the first fifteen miles or so, until we reached the top of the concrete road up Steyning Bowl.  This point was reached via the cycle lanes in Findon Valley, West Worthing level crossing, and directly down to the prom at Worthing.  Blown nicely along the front to Shoreham, we skirted round the airport and headed up the road to Botolphs

The peloton spread out to climb the Bowl, with Rev Allen and Mr Thomas leaping ahead, and Mr Topley following Mr Avery by a fair distance.  A consolation was that the steady rain which had contributed much to the frozen feet experienced by the tail of the peloton eased into sunshine for the ascent, slightly diminishing the misery.
The wind direction and amount of mud prevented a last post finish, and on the last stretch to the end of Stable lane pedalling down the hill was needed.  A fine break Wass taken at the garden centre, with an opportunity to glean a medical report on the absent Mr Kersley from his nurse, who had e-biked to the garden centre.   I am sure the Gentlemen will wish him a speedy return to the saddle, although a two minute warning might prove optimistic.
The Flying Brit is reported to have gone down with man-flu, which on the plus side saved him from today’s overdose of tarmac.  It is hoped that the recommended treatment for corona virus (a wedge of lime inserted into the patient) will not be needed.
Godspeed, and a rapid return to health, to all.”
TAMITS: The Flying Dane going down with man-flu the moment that Team Vicar had mentioned the word “tarmac” for suggested routes in communications the previous day.
Totals: 21.3 miles and 920 ft (for once Satmap and Strava almost identical results)