2008.02 February

February 08 FGCC rides
Sat 2 Feb 7.30am Trek’n’brek – JR
KB-S, JR, ZA, RT MA and PT (these last three after an impromtu visit to the Ghurka the night before) assembled and departed at 07:45 after much discussion of the route, bent on a brek at Truffles in Shoreham. Up and over Cissbury to the Steyning road, straight across and about half a mile further on fork right to pass south of Lancing College and cross the A27 at the airport. Crossing the Adur by the old wooden bridge, we passed the Amsterdam and turned right for the town centre, where Truffles is found opposite the Post Office. KB-S immediately turned for home, due to time constraints. Securing the bikes between two traditional red telephone boxes, we partook of a fine brek, well up to the exacting standard of the Henfield branch. Retracing our route to Lancing College, we rode north to Combs church and then climbed west through the woods. Following the track west, we rejoined the outward route at the fork east of the Steyning road, and retraced it back to Findon. Ice on puddles, and bright sunshine.

Sat 9 Feb 7.30am Saturday ride
RT FL MA CB – RT writes:
The first shock was the arrival of Mr Budd, not seen for many months – last appearance on a ride around 5 months ago. Agreement on doing the 4 peaks, but not the Daneway – up to Cissbury, over to Chanctonbury and down, at this point parting company with M Leroux, for whom the browniepointometer was in serious need of topping up in view of his recent absences nobly researching suitable hostelries for the ride to ruin.
The remaining 3 descended to the A24, climbed to the high barn (though cutting off the corner), and headed south.
At the end of Collarbone alley, Mr Thomas was on gate duty. Being as there has been a little bit of rain lately, and as the field at the southern end of said alley is popular with bovine creatures due to the water trough, Mr Thomas commented that getting past the next section would be “interesting”. Kamikaze Avery decided that the best option was to charge through the middle, coming to a complete stop and having to wade through a lake of mud/excrement:
Feb 9th
The management consultant (Mr Budd) decided that he would be clever, drop his bike over the fence in order to be able to cycle in the field alongside and avoid the mire. Clearly he had not fully researched this idea as he would otherwise have observed that it was an electrified fence, rather than having to discover the hard way, resulting in a yelp and a leap in the air:
Feb 9 CB cimg2455a.jpg
Mr Thomas seemed to find this funny!
Hosedown for Mr Avery at Nepcroft at the end of the ride was required

Sat 16 Feb 7.30am Trek’n’ brek – AM
RT MA CB – a quick jaunt to the Tank before repairing to Mead Towers for brek

Sat 23 7.30am Trek ‘n Henfield
RT ZA MA CB PT JR assembled, and as CB had to be back for the opticians at 11, opted to brek at Shoreham rather than Henfield. Out over Cissbury and Lancing Clump (foggy on top) to descend by the College and cross the wooden bridge. ZA turns north to climb Coombs farm and return, as time was short. Peleton continue to Truffles and brek. CB departs early to return to Worthing along the beach. Peleton of 4 crosses footbridge to Shoreham Beach, and heads West. Turning north at Brooklands park, climb the downs past the now-defunct tip at Sompting and rejoin outward route just east of the “Sorensen By-pass” and retrace it to Findon. 16.6 miles

March 2008
Sat 1 March 7.30am Trek’n’ bacons – CB
RT FL JR and PT joined CB for a ride up to Cissbury in search of the site of Mark’s Kamikaze fall in December 1994 up to Cissbury via Nepcote, then take the vehicle track up to the ring. Phone call to EN elicits no reply. Cross the ring and descend toward the A27, turning right to emerge in the Valley above the Library. Cross A24 and into the Gallops, climbing the zigzag path to Salvington, then heading north to pass the bench at the top of Cote Street. Continue north to descend Church Hill, roadworks having made the upper end of the track more interesting. PT walks the last bit, having picked up a puncture at the Black Horse. FL has to return chez lui due to shortage of browniepoints, but ZA, AM and MA join for brek chez CB, stylish Jo having prepared excellent bacons. Sunny and dry, but strong wind from west. 6.6 miles

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