02. February 2023

FGCC rides in February 2023

Saturday4th February 08.00 post NGN ride


Following the excesses of Not Gala Night the previous evening, eight Gentlemen  gathered at OPG for the morning ride, MA and TB arriving by bike, and PT arriving in fancy dress, having neglected to pack a riding jacket.  Resplendent in a duffel coat, PT completed the ride in the guise of Michael Foot.  Fortunately no Gentleman photographed this regrettable incident.
To provide a relatively pain-free ride, a road route to Ferring Country park, taking in the art deco delights of the Ilex Way, was proposed and the peleton departed along the new cycle superhighway to Findon Valley, and on to the seafront.
ZA tarried at the Country park due to an encounter with his “favourite” daughter and her brood, while AM set off in search of more miles.  ZA route is in red, the main peleton in blue.
The return leg took the remaining six of the peleton up Hangleton Lane over Highdown, but during this part of the journey MA’s ebike decided to self-identify as a single speed machine, selecting a high ratio incompatible with the final ascent to the summit.  MA thus departed to the east for home.
Now down to five, the peleton climbed over Highdown and crossed under the A27, rejoining it to the foot of Holt lane.  Climbing Holt lane we continued to Church Hill and down to the village. Strava records 17.9 miles for MA, 15.8 for the main peleton (OPG to OPG) with 734 feet climbed.
A later report from AM informed us that he returned through Ferring, Goring, West Worthing and Findon Valley. A paltry 16 miles in total but it took him to 103 for the week topped up by a quick 22 yesterday to make his weeks total 125.
TAMITS: Michael Foot fashionista award for wearing a duffel coat on a ride.

Saturday 11th February 08.00am Trek n Brek AM

MA, TK, MA meeting JR at Teddies.

At OPG JR met the riders to find out the destination, preferring to go on tarmac for the morning. Riders set off to carry out memorial maintenance at Bloody Norse Corner via Stable Lane, the SDW and off-road section through the former woods now decimated due to the Ash die-back clearance. Some extensive work needed on the memorial was followed by the customary FGCC Ode to the fallen.ImageImage

Then off to Langmead, Belsen for bacons and Downslink to Teddies where Mr Roche joined us. Post brek a sea front return and via Grand Avenue, The Gallops, the Bostal and new A24 cycle path.

The return journey was the mirror of JR’s outward ride.

Total 21.7 miles and 938ft (16 miles for JR)

Saturday 18th February 08.00am training ride


ZA reports:

In the absence of the Club’s Meteorologist from those assembled at OPG – RT & ZA – a decision was taken to brave riding into a moderate westerly wind to Arundel via the Crematorium Drive, SDW, High Peppering Farm, Wepham, and Warningcamp.

Having turned S off the SDW, at some point on the track leading down towards the Burgh, RT’s tooth implant became detached from its peg. This led to some speculation amongst the Club’s 2 septuagenarians as to what other bits might become detached from various Gentlemen of the FGCC on future rides – this, despite not growing up ‘as those who do not cycle grow up’. Continuing despite this mishap, whilst speculating about the likely cost of remedial dental work, being the resourceful fellow that he is (besides his inherited inclination to make do, mend and recycle at every opportunity), RT wondered aloud whether he might have a go at refixing the detached tooth implant himself! However, the thought that he might be unable to direct the necessary adhesive to precisely the right spot in his mouth proved a sufficient deterrent to RT pursuing such a course of action 😊

Breakfast was enjoyed at the Moat house Café, served once again by Erica (to me). In the course of conversation we learnt that Farmers Market Days can be challenging for staff at MHC in that they often are very busy – Erica told us how her young colleague, Ella, was verbally abused on one occasion by a customer irate that his takeaway order took longer than the ten minutes he’d been told it would take.

Return route was via Warningcamp, Blakehurst, Dover Lane, Angmering, Highdown, Durrington, Findon Valley Gallops: back by c. 12.30, c.26 miles.

An enjoyable excursion – as always, it was good to be out: therapeutic VT was exchanged amidst various interesting topics of conversation, e.g. RT having acquired and in process of reading the author, Anthony Selden’s account of his walking the Western Front Way.

Addendum from MA:

“By way of confirmation, the peleton was observed by myself and a car full of family riding down Arundel Road past the school in Angmering.

It is worthy of note that, despite the absence of Moses Mead,  they were ignoring the temporary traffic lights and riding through the roadworks.”

TAMITS: RT for reluctance to assist the dentist to acquire his next Ferrari.

Total 26.59 miles and 1,654ft

Meanwhile CB was out on a training ride in Italia no doubt in preparation for the Monarch’s Way ride on 4th March. Total 11.7 miles and 1,694ft 

CB’s account of his ride:

“Being a solo ride there is little to add (in terms of excitement/ tamits etc).  But a brief summary for the blog would be that I left home on a lovely morning (18 degrees and clear skies as it had been for about 10 days) expecting to have beautiful ride in pleasant conditions.  Perhaps I had forgotten that only 5 days earlier I had been skiing in the nearby mountains and that there had been snow at his house for a couple of days at the beginning of the month.   Anyway I headed along the winding descent from home towards Colmurano turning left and descending quickly to the river (stream) Entogge where foolishly I took the off-road route following the river in a dark, shady valley where some snow remained and where it wasn’t snow there was some very sticky mud which attached  itself to me and the steed – think Tolmare farm in January. After two km of hard work and struggling I arrived a a stone track which climbed up towards San Ginesio where it was sunny and warm but where signs of snow remained obvious on the ground.  By now I had stopped many times to try to clean the steed which must have been the weight of an ebike because of all the mud it was carrying.  Finally arriving at the top to then follow the ridge that for the most part descended from San Ginesio towards home.  Then over 30 minutes to clean the sticky mud from the bike – and this wasn’t even the pretty bike that I try to keep clean.  A good blast that took about 2 hours when my best time on the same route is 1:30.”

TAMITS: Budd’s mud discovered in Italy to make him really feel at home there.

Saturday 25th February 08.00am training ride

PT, MA, TK, RT meeting JR at Findon Garden Centre

A four peaks ride due to time constraints. Anti clockwise direction as the analoguers didn’t fancy climbing potentially slippery Church hill and North face slopes. No incidents of any note, but with a good brek at the Garden centre entertained by Mr Roches tales from his recent US travels.

JR not riding due to damaged left arm.

10.5 miles and 1,123ft climbed