2017-09 September

FGCC rides in September 2017

Saturday 2nd September 08.00 am ride
Shoreham loop via Coombe Farm. MA parted company from the peloton to go and join his offspring at the Sea Lane cafe, ZA parted company from the peloton on Offington Lane so that he could get back to the village faster via the valley, whilst the remaining two enjoyed the gallops and a brek at Julia’s.

Total 19.7 miles 1002 ft (Strava)

Saturday 9th September 08.00am ride
Ride east determined because MA forgot his helmet this time (what next) necessitating going via Nepcroft to pick up a spare helmet.
Cissbury (very slippery) then down the goat trail and continuing south before doubling back for the long stretch up to Langmead. Chanctonbury and down to Washington car park over the top by the dew pond. Back of Windlesham and Muntham home.

Two and a half peaks

Total 12 miles, 1227 ft climbed.
TAMITS – MA forgetting helmet this time.

Fri 15th/Sat16th September Go West ride

PT reports:
Spiritually buoyed up by Mr Thomas’s inspiring photographs of that French chapel, I am moved to record the events of last Saturday morning.

The morning started well with Gentlemen gathering on old pond green. Messieurs MA, PT, RK, KBS and ZA were joined by JR pushing his mount as it had a puncture. He informed the assembled throng that he had repaired the puncture the previous evening. Closer inspection, on removing the tyre, showed that despite being unable to maintain pressure in the tyre, his efforts of the previous evening had not been in vain, as he had contrived to position the patch sufficiently close to the actual hole in the tube as to act as an effective indicator of its position. Having removed the previous patch and applied a fresh batch actually covering the hole, an earnest discussion of the route could then commence.

At this stage, we were delighted to be greeted by Mr Tomalin, sadly without velocipedal accompaniment but in fine fettle nevertheless. After exchanging compliments and agreeing to pass on his best wishes to those unable to join the peleton we took our leave and headed up to the tank via Muntham with the initial intention of completing the Amberley loop.

Nearing the tank turn, PT expressed concern as to the time constraint he was under and suggested that we might detour South to Myrtle grove and return to the village from there (this reluctance to descend Amberley Mount was possibly augmented by PT having forgotten to bring a crash hat). KB-S immediately sniffed an opportunity to lead us through Angmering Woods, and thus we progressed over Wepham Down and into the APE. Heading east through the mud in the woods we eventually came out by the bottom of long furlong, and progressed through Myrtle Grove to Tolmare. Leaving KB-S to breakfast in domestic and uxorial companionship, the remainder of the peloton headed down the Furlong to Julia’s for a fine brek, collecting on the way Mrs ZA who happened to be passing through pond green as we arrived there.

A fine morning’s ride of 11.7 miles and 1224 feet climbed according to Satmap
TAMITS: JR placing puncture repair patch to one side of the hole. PT forgetting helmet.

Saturday 23rd September 08.00am ride
SR reports:
The peloton for today’s ride was of modest size, but of exceptional quality; consisting of Roy and myself. (I did check the definition of peloton, which is derived from the French for small ball, so I guess we do meet the definition).

With a fair wind we proceeded in the direction of Chanctonbury taking the diagonal path on the right and joining the SDW. We then turned left and entered the woods past the MTB track and descended into the outskirts of Steyning.
We proceeded on the Downs Link in bright sunshine in the direction of Shoreham. There was widespread forensic evidence of the presence of cattle on the path; samples were periodically gathered on our tyres. We encountered the source of the evidence just before the path joins the river, where some escapee cattle were being rounded up and returned to their field by the farmer and her son.

We returned along the seafront, stopping at Perch in Lancing for an excellent flavourful breakfast.

Distance: 22.7 miles. Altitude climbed: Quite a bit. (sorry no altimeter!
(RK Strava reported height climbed 1026ft).

Saturday 30th September 08.00am ride
Your clairvoyant skills are impressive – the peloton did indeed complete the circuit described, with the addition of a detour towards Chanctonbury to pick up the SDW. The peloton of PT, JR and RK was enriched by an old friend, namely the Vicar’s Kona (seen here in the background), which was ridded with sartorial flourish by ZA in a fetching pair of green wellies while the rest sported more conventional footwear.

Sartorial elegance

On the bridge over the Adur we encountered two lads of about 20 summers, who had decided to take up the noble art of “magnet fishing”, which consists of tying a strong magnet to a long rope and throwing the magnet into the river in the hope of retrieving treasure. Clearly many lessons had yet to be learnt. Firstly, metals such as gold and silver would not be susceptible to recovery by this technique (this we did not tell them, so as not to ruin their day too early). Secondly, the bridge over the Adur is a highly attractive prospect for a strong magnet. This lesson had only just been learnt, as when we arrived at the bridge, one of the aforesaid lads was engrossed in the task of pulling on the rope to dislodge his magnet from a limpet-like adhesion to the underside of the bridge. Combined assistance from RK and ZA proved invaluable, and luckily the magnet separated from the bridge without any loss of structural integrity. The lads were interested to learn that a wooden bridge was available a short distance downstream. The peleton rode on, with a distinct aura of summer wine in the air.

According to Satnav, 16.9 miles and 1699 feet climbed.
TAMITS: ZA riding in wellies