2010.02 February

Sat 6th Feb 7.30 Saturday morning ride
Trek ‘n brek to the Meads.
PT, CB, JR, FL, KBS, ZA & RT were met at the square by Chef Mead who was checking on numbers for the brek. PT had loaned RT his old bike for RT to experience the benefits of full suspension. Route took us up Stable lane through the farm and up round the back of the Gorings’ manor, left at the top to Chanctonbury, down to the A24 and round the back of Windlesham, where we temporarily lost PT & JR and then KBS and then FL. All regrouped at the Meads for a fine brek prepared by head chef Mr Mead and Mrs Mead, accompanied by tea served from the pot!
10 miles.

Sat 13th Feb Saturday morning ride.
In the calendar as a training ride it had been previously decided that it would be a good opportunity to visit the Edible Sandwich cafe in Arundel. Firstly long overdue maintenance of the Roche memorial on Collarbone Alley took place with a recital of the FGCC ode to the fallen.

A visit to the tank, where it was observed that more parts had been removed, and worse still some vandals had drawn inverted swastikas either side of the FGCC markings, requiring urgent removal of those disgraceful signs.
The ride across the frozen field below the tank confirmed the benefits of full suspension, and saddle-sore, other than Mr Topley, we followed the route round past the gallops and a slightly different route to Arundel for yet another fine brek. Return journey via Highdown to ensure arrival back in Findon by 12.00.
Total distance 23 miles.

Sat 20th Feb Saturday morning ride. The George Derrick 55th birthday ride
All having decided that it would be a short ride but needing a bit of a challenge, it was decided that we should do a 2.5 peaks ride going up to the High Barns, down to the A24, up to Chanctonbury and back down Stable lane. Messrs PT, RT, ZA and GD continued to the Linga Longa for a birthday brek for Mr Derrick.
A mere 10 miles

Sat 27th Feb The Monarch’s Way ride.
Findon riders met outside the Butcher’s at 7.30 as usual and rode down to Worthing Station, where we met Mr Topley and were joined by Mr Avery to catch the 08.25 train to Havant. Completing a perfectly planned operation ZA joined the same train at Angmering. Short ride to Rowlands Castle to find that the cafe was open this year and we were all able to enjoy an excellent breakfast.
We thought that, in spite of the heavy going due to the sodden pathways, we were making excellent progress, until we got to the now-named “Blast-eet” Alley, were we experience three punctures at once – FL, DS, GD.
Lunch at the pub in West Dean, and we were about to depart when FL suffered another puncture. There followed a weary climb up Roche Hill, during which PT got a puncture. Thence past Goodwood, Bignor, Whiteways and down into Arundel. By this time we were too late for cream tea at the Edible Sandwich cafe, but another cafe round the corner obliged.
The peleton divided at this point, with PT (and another puncture) took the train, CB awaited collection by Mrs CB (but taking GD’s bike with another puncture) and ZA diverted south to Angmering.
The Findon group switched on the limited lighting amongst them and set off along the A27, with DS suffering a further puncture just before the Fox pub. Puncture mended in the twilight and we made our way further along the A27 and then struggled up Salvington Hill and down Bost hill, then to Findon to get home around 6.30pm in the dark.
An excellent ride with no rain, in spite of the really wet weather on the previous days (and again the following day).
Total distance 40 miles.

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