2012.10 October

Saturday 6th October 7.30am ride
Met on school hill outside ZA/CB’s residences. Ride to Shoreham with ZA leaving the peleton at Lancing College for a return via the SDW. Brek at Shoreham and return via sea front and W Worthing.

Saturday 13th October 7.30am ride
RT, ZA, CB for the unfettered Vicar ride.
Ride to Arundel via Burpham, with return via Highdown and Findon Gallops, meeting outside ZA’s/CB’s house again. CB had clearly enjoyed his customary Italian the night before, arriving without helmet and gloves. ZA discussing his forthcoming holiday in the Gower (and Mrs A unfortunately not being able to go due to work commitments) said that he would be unfettered, leading to much banter about unfettered Vicars. ZA parted company half way down to Burpham for a reverse Amberley loop ride back to Findon (but not because of the banter!).
22 miles?

Saturday 20th October 7.30am ride
CB, PT, RT and newcomers Mark Thriscutt and son Samuel
Four peaks ride followed by breakfast at Julia’s cafe. At Cissbury car park we received a lesson in uni-cycling techniques from one of Zach’s friends who was about to do three circuits round to Langmead memorial and back on his 29″ wheel. At the top of Llama lane MT returned home reminding us of the Dave Mackerell first ride, but some excuse about a fridge delivery. PT also “peeled off” to return to Findon via A24, and gear changing thumb painful following low-speed crash on motorbike. However ST continued with the peleton to complete the ride. Excellent brek at Julia’s cafe with debates on the popularity or otherwise of the corned beef sandwiches.
10 miles?

Saturday 27 October, the first official 08.00 ride.
RT, Mark Thriscutt (MT) and Sam Thriscutt (ST).
“Is that it?” were the first words from MT, referring to the limited numbers present – looks like winter weather has had its effect, along with all these business activities!
Decided to introduce MT & ST to an FGCC icon, the tank. Just before the high barn ST’s chain broke leading to a farce reminiscent of the Danish/French attempt at a chain repair, as RT firstly forgot that he had quick repair links and removed two for an original repair, removed but couldn’t replace the pin, remembered the repair links and removed another link, only to find that the repair links just wouldn’t fit requiring removal of yet another link for a final repair. Of course the salesman in him tried to persuade ST that the dramatically shortened chain would help him to go faster due to the fact that the chain would be going round faster!
Tank not needing attention, decision was taken to return via Myrtlegrove. However, MT experienced a section of green chalk and spreadeagled across the bridle path resulting in destruction of his cycling trousers – photo of him and his exposed thermals (ok not really thermals but looked a bit like it). Although ST was clearly amused (there’s hope there), he came up with a solution to spare MT’s blushes as well as reducing the draught!


Myrtlegrove was heavily churned up making going difficult as might have been expected, and the final hill at Tolmere became a particular challenge due to the slippery conditions.
Total 15 miles?

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