2008.05 Streat ride

Fri 16 Ride to Streat (Nick Way Ride),W – PT
RT PT ZA MA EN KB-S – a late cancelletion from JR due to diary mix-up. Nevertheless, after a fine light lunch at 8TC with EN on bag-collection detail, the peleton departed at 13:50 (13:30 had been intended) and climbed over Cissbury to the Steyning road, then up it to the SDW. Eschewing the concrete descent of Steyning bowl, we took the SDW to Coombes and then to the Adur bridge. All (even PT) rode up Truleigh to the barn beyond the YHA, the usual rest stop. PT’s new satnav worked well all the way to the memorial at Devils Dyke, where a stop for repainting was needed. Smartly on over the beacon, to reach the top of Streat Lane and turn South for the much anticipated visit to Godfrey Broster’s microbrewery, which we reached at 5pm. All pleased with the pace, except GB nowhere to be seen, eventually arriving at about 10 past. A short talk on the local history, battle of Lewes, construction of railway etc was followed by short lecture on brewing and sampling of Rector’s Revenge 6% and much talk of brewers and brewing.
Streat brewery sampling

Summoning EN to retrieve GB (no sample for EN!!) we hurtled down Streat bostal and along the lane, PT’s tyre eventually expiring at the gates of North Acres. John and Val in fine spirit, Val seemingly recovering well from knee op. Llama certificate presented over tea and bikkies, and well received.
Over to Denise at the Winning Post by the usual route through the racecourse, for a super dinner in traditional style.

Sat 17 Return from Streat
Following a long-overdue citation for our hosts John and Val for their excellent hospitality:
Citation to John & Val at Northacres
Saturday saw PT and ZA take the soft option and go with EN in the LSV, while RT MA and KB-S rode the return leg, starting in rain. Returning to collect bike and bits, PT discovers 2 broken spokes and a flat tyre, so return leg would not have been wise.

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