02. February 2024

FGCC rides in February 2024

Saturday 3rd February 08.00am ride

TK, TB, MA, PT, RT with ZA, JR & AM on road. Heading for Ferring Country Centre for brek the off-roaders, all on e-bikes firstly headed east up to Cissbury and on, then round to Lytchpole Farm and down to the A27. Continuing down to the sea, with TK demonstrating his circularity by taking us round a loop in order to find the tunnel under the railway. Route then continued west into the wind along the seafront, coming across ZA & JR who had been on a tour of anglican churches in Worthing.  Naturally the route took in Ilex Way before arriving at the country centre where the service was as exceptional as ever.

After the brek the road and off-road riders separated with the latter heading north to the A27 and up and over Highdown at which point MA parted company to head home to  Angmering. The reduced peloton continued on the usual route east via Salvington and Mill Lane, Gallops, the Bostal and the new motorway to Findon, bidding farewell to TB along the way.

Total 19.6 miles and 1,037 ft for the main peloton.

Meanwhile in the Norse flatlands the Flying Dane ventured out on one of his aging steeds, frustrated by the lack of off-road opportunities, but finding a few tracks.

Total 22.2 miles and 930 ft

Saturday 10th February 08.00am ride


Slippery ride over to Coombes farm and then Downlink to Teddies. Return route via seafront , W Worthing and the Gallops, while RT followed similar route but with various diversions including Mill Lane.

Total 19.7 miles and 869 ft for the peloton

26.2 miles and 1,113ft for RT


Saturday 17th February 08.00am ride

PT, TK, CB, MA, MB, RT meeting ZA at Shoreham Airport.

Which establishment could accommodate 7 for breakfast? Hence Airport selected. Route up the A24 to North End farm, then up the long haul to Changctonbury to enjoy the 5 yard view into the mist. Over to Langmead and down the concrete road. South on Abington road then left to join the Downlink to the footbridge and onto the airport, arriving at the same time as Team Chaplain on his road bike.

Return along the sea front, with ZA & MB parting company at Ham Road for a quicker return to Findon, and the peloton continuing to Grand Avenue where MA parted company for Angmering. Remaining peloton onwards to Findon via Mill Lane, gallops and the new motorway to Findon, where PT distributed shirts for the forthcoming France ride.

Total 23 miles and 1,090ft


Saturday 25th February 08.00 post NGN ride

KBS PT CB JT TK MA RK meeting JR at airport.

A good turnout for a morning after an excellent NGN, and an opportunity for the peloton to explore the newly opened permissive bridleway at the bottom of Llama lane and round the back of Wiston House.

On to the Downslink and half way along JT suffered a skittling courtesy of a SUV-style rider who was determined to take up the whole of the track, adding to the series of “little lie-downs” that he has experienced during his relatively few rides with the FGCC.

Another fine breakfast at the airport, and return via the seafront and a decision at The old Brick Inn pub to  shorten the ride due to the somewhat unpleasant conditions. During the discussions we were introduced to a new word by the Flying Dane – “Coochi – coo goo”? – as opposed to chicken clucking noises due to his belief that we were showing weakness in the face of the weather.

Further on RT & RK wanted to demonstrate to JT that he was not alone in his quest to become horizontal from time to time, by arranging a double little lie down outside The Range in Worthing.

Total 22.6 miles and 912 ft