06.2022 June

Findon Gentlemen’s rides in June 2022

Saturday 4th June “Not Jubilee T&B to the tank.”

Or the “Not the Not Jubilee T&B to the tank” ride as it didn’t take place – no PM. However a pelethree consisting of RK, PT & RT with AM going by road assembled at Pond Green with low numbers possibly due to the fair weather cyclists being put off by reports of rain. In the event not a drop of rain was experienced and even sunshine towards the end of the road.

When RT arrived at the start point the location for the brek, clearly the highest priority, had been selected (Teddies at Shoreham) but not a route. Having communicated a meeting time to AM the pelethree set off deciding upon a route via Coombe Farm and then the Downslink. At the top we were presented with a wonderful view of fields of poppies:

Along the Downslink witnessing an altercation in the estuary between a lone heron and a group of gulls presumably defending their nests, and then coming across the familiar sight of Mr Mead approaching us up the Downslink.

A splendid brek at Teddies as per usual and during the general VT it slipped out that “The Croc” had been watching “Homeland”, a programme on the activities of the CIA, no doubt for him to pick up tips for his next assignment (or maybe one is under way already?).

AM elected to head on across the harbour lock gates and possibly to Brighton to have a coffee and then be blown back along the seafront, whilst the pelethree headed west along the seafront to Worthing and then return to Findon via the Gallops.

Total 20.5miles and 931ft.

TAMITS: RK studying “Homeland” to get tips for his next assignment.

Friday 10th – Sunday 12th June IOW ride.

Mr Avery celebrated the seafaring traditions of the Isle of Wight by organising a “three ferry” trip.  AM, MA, PT and ZA convened at Southampton Central, and rode to the Ferry terminal to catch the boat to Hythe

A tea stop in Hythe preceded a ride down through the New Forest to Lymington (14 miles and 427 feet on Strava)

where we caught the ferry to Yarmouth.
A jaunt round the north-west of the island brought us to our digs at the Prem Inn in Newport. (20.5miles, 961 feet)
After wrestling bikes into the lift, and showers etc, we repaired to Hewitts Restaurant for a gourmet meal and fine wines, PT and AM particularly benefitting from a tasty red. Despite not having partaken of the grape, Mr Avery retired to bed leaving his bike all plugged in but sadly not switched on.  So ended Friday.
Starting out bright and early on Saturday, we resolved to ride in search of breakfast.  This was found at the Pedaller’s bike cafe at Langbridge, where Mr A was able to plug in his steed for a needed boost.
After an excellent brek, withthe excesses of the previous night leading PT to restrict himself just to tea, we continued west to the sea then south round the tip of the island, and then a less enjoyable slog into the wind along the military road to Brook. There we turned inland to join the Tennyson Trail and rode along the edge of, then through, Brighstone forest.  Continuing to Carisbrooke, a short stop at the Eight bells was deemed convenient.  While MA and ZA visited local chemist and church respectively, PT and AM “minded the bikes” in the pub.  Shortly after ZA set off for the church, the bells were rung.  No doubt the Tower Captain is among the LSV network set up by EN to smooth the passage of the peleton for these 41.6 miles and 2605 feet of climb.
After a dinner in the Bargemen’s Rest, ZA PT and AM enjoyed “digestifs” in the Newport Ale House to celebrate World Gin Day.
On Sunday we again breakfasted at the Pedaller’s, and continued on to the coast and Bembridge lifeboat station
before finishing along the coast to Ryde pier head for the ferry to Portsmouth (27 miles and 1429 feet).  While we were able to wheel our bikes onto the lower deck of the fastcat at Ryde, by the time we reached Portsmouth the sea level had dropped and the bikes had to be carried up the stairs to the sundeck for disembarcation, then pushed up a long flight of stairs to reach platform level.  PT is grateful for the assistance of others in this venture.
Entraining at PMH station, we travelled en peleton to Havant, where PT and MA (aka the “turbo twins”) changed for Angmering, whence Mrs T collected PT and bike.  A return to Horsham per the nation’s train set was precluded by replacement buses at Pulborough.
A fine weekend, with sunny skies and no rain, and about 104 miles (plus the bits to stations from Findon, Horsham and Angmering).

Saturday 11th June 08.00am ride for the non-IOW-ers.

TK, TB, RK & Meredith(aka Merith)
Despite the disappointment of not making the Isla de blanca tour a peleton of four gathered at pond green today
Roy, Tommy, Tim and Merith set off for brek at Houghton. The route took in church hill, collarbone alley past gun club to SDW arriving at chantry car park , being of an adventurous disposition we then headed south to Lee farm climbing to the head of the gallops before taking the ‘whoosh’ path up to rackham hill .. the path now heavily overgrown didn’t dissuade us… having crossed the track to burpham we headed on to Rackham mounds and south past vineyards avoiding the amberley mount.. we didn’t however take the easy farm track preferring to take the steep path down to the road above amberley chalk pits.. which proved a bit risky as tommy attempted a swift lie down , however as he was ‘snagged’ by barbed wire he couldn’t achieve the horizontal plain and was left hanging on the fence until unlocked by Merith , with blood spilt a medical review was quickly commissioned with the medical (carried out by the pelefozurs resident consultant surgeon ) confirming minor skin abrasions .. we all remounted and headed to a brek at houghton riverside
cafe where inexplicably we didn’t see any catfish…
The return journey , taking in glorious sunlight and views led us to North Stoke, rackham hill and SDW to the barn where we headed to the gun club diverting to take the bridleway across the field south of the farmyard route , crossing the A24 and returning to findon ..
A great ride that allowed us to return to findon in time for summer revels and to see Mr J Roche in charge of the bar ..
19.5 miles & 1,831ft

Saturday 18th June 08.00am ride


A sunny hot day in prospect and JR expressed a wish to try out the Marine Gardens cafe in Worthing with a ride through APE for a bit of shade along the route. Eventually decided upon route up through the crem and along to the SDW to Kithurst Hill and then down the Flying Brit’s “vrooom” route. Then up to the trig point and down his second “vroom” route along the north west ridge for Wepham woods in APE. Then SE to get to the Dover Lane car park and to the A27. Short section of the A27 into Angmering and over the bridge to Highdown. Then rather than going to the top of Highdown heading south and across the A259 with even the great presence of Moses Mead failing to stop the speeding two lanes of traffic to permit him to turn right into the lane into Ferring. “Don’t they know who I am” expression from Mr Mead to the entertainment of the peloton and we headed down across the level crossing and to the seafront, not forgetting of course a section of the Ilex Way for JR. Seafront to Marine Gardens losing the Flying Brit who had suffered brake failure (“what was the problem as he doesn’t know how to use brakes, does he?).

General conclusion of the brek was that it was not up to standard due to the quality of the ingredients and particularly the deep fried fried bread which made one feel as if one was eating a kilo of cholesterol with each mouthful. The one exception was AM who thoroughly enjoyed the brek because fried bread came as standard.

Return to Findon via the Gallops.

Total 22.7 miles and 1,273ft.

Saturday 25th June 08.00am ride


A full peloton out to enjoy the sunshine and all with time to head out to Old Barn Nursery. Up to Muntham, round the back of Windlesham and west along the SDW over the A24. Then left through the woods north of Chanctonbury to the bottom of Llama lane. Then Chanctonbury ring road and north up Water Lane and a track parallel to the A24. Sadly half way there the Flying Brit ground to a halt as a bolt in his rear frame sheared and even the attentions of Team Mechanic were not able to assist him so he had to start walking back. Apparently after a while the obstructing bolt section dropped out and he was able to pedal home. The peloton then continued onwards to the brek location for a fine brek.

After the brek ZA & JR headed back home via the A24 while MA had been summoned by family to meet them at Southwater. The now pelethree of PT, TK & RT headed across the A24, through the southern edge of the Knepp estate and then south to Ashington. Over to Warminghurst and then to Thakeham and across the A283 towards the Downs. The question was then whether to scale the heights to the SDW via Sullington or the less demanding route via Washington and Windlesham with he latter being chosen. Then finally vial Collarbone alley and across the field to Findon.

Total 24.9 miles and 1,702 ft