2008.09 Reg15 gala event

Fri 26 September FGCC Reg 15 + gala dinner, DJ – JR/RT
MA CB JR RT PT FL KB-S ZA EN – Riders started up School hill, Mr Avery’s steed (fresh from the bike shop) failing before the school was reached [TM’s note – snigger] due to bike shop neglecting to replace front chainrings. MA completes rest of ride on big and granny rings only, a sort of inverse Andy Mead. No incident, not even a puncture, as peleton crosses field towards Muntham to refresh the Roche memorial. All ride up everything again, in glorious warm sunshine, and arrive by the traditional route at the Budd memorial for a second outing of the official paints.
Official LSV insignia applied to the ENmobile in recognition of sterling support to the peletons over the years.

LSV insignia applied

Gala dinner amply and expertly laid on by Sue and Steve, assisted by polypins surplus (if there can be such a thing) and placecards for all. Mr Thomas awarded “Bulldog Breed” pendant for most attendances since Reg 14. Plans by Sue to start a pudding club are met with universal approval.

Reg 15 gala dinner

Sat 27 Return from Reg
The team with hosts Sue & Steve
In fog, took the northern route home. CB does his usual trailblazing gig, going AWOL at Heyshott and being reunited with the peleton at Graffam. Through Seaford College and on via Sutton to Bury, where CB took leave and the rest took tea at Amberley. South Stoke to SDW and back via the outward route, again in sunshine.

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