2016-12 December

FGCC rides in December 2016.

Saturday 3rd December 08.00am ride
Report by ZA.
“Le Peleton consisted of Roy and myself on Saturday, 3 Dec.
We headed up ‘The North Face’ to Chanctonbury, thence E. on S.D.W. to Langmead; S. to Lancing Ring and thence down near Lancing College, across A27 & R. Adur to Shoreham for breakfast @ Truffles.

Made our way back from there, again via Lancing Ring, and thence W. crossing Sompting-Steyning Road and up to Car park at N end of Cissbury.

Neither of us had any device for measuring mileage, so – Roy – get your piece of cotton and your map out, please!

Weather was fair, no punctures or mishaps – a very enjoyable ride, and refreshing antidote to the trials and tribulations endured by those of us for whom BDN remains a still distant prospect”
Total? miles

Saturday 10th December 08.00am ride
Report by RK.
Bob and myself abided by the not 10 minute rule and left at 8:25 due to me faffing. We proceeded up passed Nepcote Green to Cissbury, along the top of the ridge to Chanctonbury. Half way to Chanctonbury we met up with a friend and Bob was given a contact for possible retirement work/hobby (beating). From Chanctonbury we headed down and over the A24, then went along the path to the back of Windlesham and up to the gun club road. Change of plan then led us down Collarbone alley passed Kim’s house to High Salvington, then down and along the gallops to Findon.

Total ? miles

Saturday 17th December 08.00am ride
Amberley loop ride proposed to include maintenance of the Collarbone alley memorial, but with a ride up Church Hill so that TK could, maybe not for the first time, describe his great fall some 18 months earlier which has been the subject of much conjecture. Half way up Church hill we halted for a re-enactment especially for CB who had not been treated to the full story due to his absence in Italy, followed by the creation of the first “not memorial” in honour of TK’s bravery not only at the time, but ever since the event through having to endure ridicule and complete lack of recognition of his trauma. The long debate on the subject of his accident had led to the creation of the memorial awards criteria and subsequent analysis:

Memorial awards analysis June 2016
Memorial awards analysis June 2016

Now officially recognised:-

TK and the Not-memorial
TK and the Not-memorial

Creation of the memorial finalised with helmets doffed, the FGCC salute and recital of the FGCC ode to the fallen, and thence on to Collarbone Alley for maintenance of the memorial there and repeat of the necessary ritual. Was it really 21 years ago. Still looking as young as you did then, John – must be all that Harveys! (And my failing eyesight?)

JR - 21st anniversary of his fall
JR – 21st anniversary of his fall

Onwards to the SDW and Kithurst at which point the flagging RT said that he would probably only go as far as Amberley mount and return, but all decided to go as far as the earthworks on Rackham Hill and take a left to reach the track up from Burpham. However, when we got to this point TK persuaded all to go down the FD “vroom” route to the top end of the gallops and then decide where to go from there, but clearly he wanted to extend the ride even further into Angmering Park estate in spite of RT holding back the otherwise flying peloton. JR came up with a compromise proposal taking the track from Lee Farm to Chantry Post.
RT soon accompanied by CB who was also flagging due to his failed rear shock, the bouncing of which was causing him to have to work twice as hard as the rest. RT proposed a TM-style Cotswold temporary repair, but CB soldiered on.
Return to Findon via SDW and Muntham for a full English at Julia’s.
Total – 18 miles?

Saturday 24th December 08.00am ride
A ride to Arundel was selected, though RT wanted to be back by mid-day as he had important mission – to get to the Dark Star Brewery and have time to contemplate the beers there before it closed at 2.00pm.

Saturday 31st December Trek ‘n lunch at the Avery’s.
Route up to Muntham over to SDW and down Burpham route to Arundel for a bacon sarnie from the bakers in the High St. (though ZA returned to Rustington at this stage to change and collect his good lady). Then back through Angmering Park estate, down Dover Road, a short ride east alongside the A27 and to the Avery abode for a New Years Eve feast. Mr Mead had made his way there by bike on the road and Mr Topley and naturally Mr Avery completed the FGCC attendance.
Total 18 miles.