2018-04 April

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in April 2018

Saturday 7th April 08.00am ride
A short but nevertheless enjoyable ride this morning. Messrs Roche, Avery and Topley gathered in light rain at the appointed hour, and set off for the tank via Muntham. Despite the absence of our team Vicar, the rain stopped. Crossing the field to the east of the tank, we followed the line of trees to arrive at Lee farm, where we turned round and climbed back up to Chantry car park and retraced our tracks back to Findon. A fine brek at Julia’s rounded off the morning.
10.5 miles, and 1030 feet climbed (according to Satmap)

Saturday 14th April 08.00am ride
Short ride due to time limits for some.
With KBS bidding (surprisingly?) for a run down the Lion trail, we settled for a four peaks ride starting up Church Hill. Maintenance of the not-memorial was followed by the FGCC ode and the process repeats at the Collarbone Alley memorial.
Over to the High Barn and down to the A24 where the peloton split with PT, JR and MA returning to Findon via Windlesham.
The others continued up the north face to Chanctonbury and the back to Findon via Stable Lane with the Dane surprisingly not even hinting at dropping down the Lion trail in spite of going right past it.
Total 10 miles, 1017 ft Strava

Saturday 21st April 08.00am ride
The farce ride?
TK reports:
A group of 6 KBS / RK / JR / MA / PT TK set of in formation – the ride allowed a series of alternative formations to be tested

Initially we all made our way up stable lane to join SDW turning off on the track to bloody Norse corner.

Experimental formation 1 – 5 was then tested – the flying Dane set off alone to try the jumps and turns of the off road track – we others (including ‘thou art compelled to return undamaged’ father of the bride to be ) found a safer descent

Arriving in the woods north of mouse lane , the now reunited 6 were led into an area of open ground , this ‘not footpath’ allowed a quick downhill section for some creating an opportunity to test the new 2-1-2-1 formation . JR headed direct for mouse lane , KBS & RK disappeared uphill into a wood , MA tried to hunt them down whilst PT and TK hunted for phones in an attempt to reunite the peleton. 4 separate ways were found to the white horse Steyning where PT demonstrated the value of an app that could show where each of us were.

The briefly reunited 6 proceeded up Steyning bostal to langmeads monument where tired with the orderly progress of a peleton of 6 , the 3-3 formation was applied KBS/JR/TK headed to no mans land , PT/ RC/MA made way along SDW towards Findon , reuniting with KBS who had bolted from TK /JR this allowing a new 4-2 formation

All made way to Findon via Stable lane to reunite at Julia’s where we were joined by ZA for breakfast

Not surprisingly we all covered separate distances which over breakfast the averages seemed to be 11 miles and 900ft climbing
RK Strava stats 11 miles 1,386 ft (Strava).

Findon to Steyning via jumps and concrete road

Saturday 28th April 08.00am ride
A surprise but welcome re-appearance of El-Sid after many months absence.
Ride to Arundel with return via APE to see bluebells in spite of the probability of boggy conditions.
Muntham, High Barn, SDW to Rackham Hill and fast descent towards Burpham. A stop to view an almost invisible Arundel castle through the grey mist led to discussion on the high cost of entry there, questioning whether the occupants were in need of more cash and on to relating a tale about one neighbour some years ago who expressed a wish to purchase Lady Lavinia’s unwanted knickers from a charity shop, at which point SR knowledgeably advised that charity shops could sell second hand bras but not knickers. Unsurprisingly this resulted in questions about his pastimes and a rendition of “Arnold Lane” from RT. New boy SR has still much to learn about not getting himself into corners with innocent comments.
A fine brek at Arundel was enhanced by the opportunity to advise a couple of dutchmen who had arrived that morning wanting to know where to go mountain biking, hire bikes and find somewhere to stay with the intention of returning to Holland on the Monday – youth of today! This was an opportunity to introduce them to the benefits of a paper OS map as well as the FGCC website.
Return via Angmering Park estate with a quick detour through a bluebell carpeted section (the TK trail) with a moment of reflection and FGCC salute to the groom at the Topley wedding with best wishes to him and his bride for the future:

Ride continued to the end of the road track with a left turn along the ridge and down to Lee Farm, with the climb to Chantry Lane car park and return home via Muntham, though TK & RK accompanied SR to the top of church hill before descending to Findon with SR returning home to Salvington.
A good long ride which managed to reduce SR’s battery level to around 35%. He announced that it would probably be a few months before he will be back again, but not because of the need to recharge the batteries but the distraction of canal barging (sorry narrow boating).
Total 23.7miles and 1,934 ft climbed.
TAMITS – SR and “Arnold Lane” moment.

Findon to Arundel ride with return via Angmering Park Estate and Lee Farm