10. October 2023

FGCC rides in October 2023.

Saturday 7th October 08.00am ride

KBS, ZA, RK, RT and newcomer Colin

Flying visit by the Flying DanBrit desperately wanting to do the Lion trail but compromising on a drop down Llama lane and a route to his favourite sourdough cafe in Henfield going via Dial Post. Great brek accompanied by plenty of VT as usual including a rant by the FD about the price of a (half) tomato with his brek and a discussion about cats – one benefit of Brexit is that KBS has avoided having to take the cat back to his new home.

Return via Spithandle lane, through the woods below Chanctonbury to Washington car park, permissive path alongside A24 and on to end up past Gallops Farm and Stable Lane.

Total 25.6 miles and 1,826 ft.

Saturday 14th October 08.00am ride

PT, TK, TB, MA, RT & ZA part.

4 e-bikes and 2 analogue starting a ride to Arundel. Through the crem and along to Chantry Post at which point ZA parted company to return to Findon via Lee Farm, leaving 4 e-bikes and 1 analogue in the peloton (how times are changing).

Onwards along the SDW and then down the track to Burpham with PT doing a last post to Pepperings Farm, and thence to Arundel for a brek at the Moat House.

Return via Warningcamp, Dover Lane, Hammerpot and Angering where MA left the peloton for home. Then Highdown and via Tesco, where Tommy stopped to purchase goods as instructed via several messages during the ride. Remaining peloton continued via Mill Lane and the Gallops, though RT turned back at the A27 to collect items from in Worthing.

Total 26.7 miles and 1,688 ft.

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October Not Go West ride

Day 1.

The peleton assembled at OPG was: CB, MA, RT, TK, PT, ZA and JT (his second FGCC outing).

Most were clad in preparation for the much forecasted heavy rain, even though the weather at this moment was good.

RT surprised most of the peloton by arriving on a new bike and was for once not at the back riding up to Cissbury car park. We continued straight on to the Steyning Road and then up to the concrete road. Down to Maudlin Lane and then Annington road and onto the Downlink to cross the river. Up Truleigh hill and to refreshments at the Youth Club there. We continued to Devils Dyke stopping for a bit of memorial maintenance at the Nick Way memorial and recitation of the FGCC Ode to the Fallen.



then on to the Devil’s Dyke pub for a light lunch.

After lunch CB departed to return home as he was not staying overnight and didn’t fancy the idea of getting on a train with him covered in mud, even though the weather conditions were still good. Others in the peloton at this point removed some of their waterproofing.

Onwards on the SDW down to Saddlescombe and the horrible climb through the woods at the top of which time was taken to establish a memorial to Mr Roche, who fell at this point on the Go West ride the previous year, again followed by the Ode.


Onwards along the SDW to Pyecombe and up through the golf course and over to Ditching Beacon without incident. Onwards along the top with dry weather and beautiful views over the Weald, starting the long descent into Lewes. At one point RT suffered a slow little lie down courtesy of a green chalk gulley but otherwise an incident free arrival in Lewes even though the analogue riders had been promised no more hills and the route proved otherwise.

The ride was unexpectedly rain-free with periods of sunshine no doubt aided by the presence of Team Chaplain.

An excellent evening in the Rights of Man pub and all retired to crash to sleep in the hotel, exception being RT who ended up trying to sleep in the foyer having been attacked by bed bugs, leaving him thankful for having an e-bike for the return ride.

Total 24.7 miles and 2,817 ft climbed – congratulations to the analogue riders on showing up the e-bikers.

Day 2.

A wet dreary morning welcomed riders the next morning but spirits were brightened by having an excellent brek at Bill’s.

Our Team Cartographer had found a route North out of Lewes that is largely off-road and therefore soggy and which ran parallel to the Ouse up to Offham. A short section of relatively major road before turning off onto Ditching Road, then a track going east to Novington Lane. On to East Chiltington and to Streat all mostly along tracks. Continuing west also on farm tracks until we got to the Lewes Road, which we followed to Ditching recreation ground.

Then we turned south along another track to Undersell Lane which we followed until the Brighton road and crossed to get to New Way Lane.  Onwards towards the A23 with a bit of a debacle involving a horrible section of the A23 with plenty of spray from cars, and then through Newtimber and onto Saddlescombe  Lane and then Poynings, stopping for lunch at the Royal Oak pub. ZA decided that he wanted to continue and, although we observed heavy rain he had a dry ride home in spite of downpours on all sides. Then there were 5.

Fully refreshed we continued along the Poynings Road to the Henfield Rd and onto a track round the north side of the hill into Bramber, with TK parting to go home in Steyning and to organise bag collection.

Final leg of the ride up the concrete road, a final trial for the remaining analogue rider, JT. Up to the Langmead memorial along the SDW to the left turn towards Findon. On this section PT experienced a “blasteet” going through a deep puddle. Inspection of the damage concluded that the only solution would be a new tyre meaning that PT had to walk the remainder of the ride.

Total 29.6 miles and 2,332 feet climbed


Saturday 28th October 08.00am ride

PT, CB, JR, TK, MA, RT and ZA on road bike.

A remarkable turnout considering the challenging conditions with driving rain and strong gusts. Route to Teddies and Shoreham selected as potentially being the least sodden. ZA on road bike went via A24 North, A264 to Steyning and Botolphs Road.

Up the A24 to North Farm and then up the track to Chanctonbury and onto the SDW. Over to Langmead, down the concrete road, into Maudlin Lane and onto the Downslink to Shoreham.

MA headed off to home in Angering, and ZA on his road bike made a timely arrival to join the peloton for the brek.

Return home to Findon along the seafront was a particular challenge for the analogues (CB and JR) riding into strong wind and rain, with a bit of slipstreaming from time to time behind ebikes.

Shorter route than usual turning up Brougham Rd to get out of the wind and at this point TK parted company to head off up the Steyning road home.

Dominion Road, side streets to Broadwater,  Offington Lane, Warren Road and up the A24.

Total 21.7 miles and 1,015 ft