Monarch’s Way Ride – Sunday

All gathered at Old Pond Green at 12.00 to load up and head off to the start point at Wincanton. There was a bit of a debacle when we realised that there were not enough spaces for the passengers which led to a re-arrangement of bikes with 6 bikes on Mark’s car and 2 in George’s.


We finally set off at around 1.15pm waved off by spouses and had an uneventful journey to Wincanton with the exception of the bike-carrying car overshooting the destination.

Paul had earlier set off from Horsham to collect the now-released Mr Budd arriving early afternoon, and set off for a short ride to research possible breakfast (bacons) locations.

The evening was spent in the Nog Inn (two tables) with much merriment possibly fuelled by Otter bitter. So nice to be in a pub in great company.

Final debacle of the day was when PT lost his phone walked back to the pub and finally discovered that CB had picked it up even though he had been sitting at a different table.


Dud where’s my phone – CB somehow taking PT’s phone.