2015.06 June

Summary of FGCC rides in June 2015

Saturday 6th June 08.00am ride.
JR Suggested a circuit to inspect the sites of the two recent incidents and erect memorials, but others wanted a longer ride so ride to Arundel agreed but with no brek there.
Route to the tank, then down across the field and up to the gallops. In the valley after that we turned left off the Monarchs way and up a steep hill to eventually get to the road to the Angmering Park estate. Through the woods and then following the Monarch’s Way past the local Danish embassy and to the top of Church Hill. Half way down we stopped so that TK could present his case for a memorial, the re-enactment being recorded for future reference.
Brek at Julia’s and a discussion on the criteria for approval of a memorial, comparing all memorials to date. There might have been some influence from JR to diminish TK’s efforts to justify a memorial! A summary of the proposed criteria was later presented in a spreadsheet for conclusion at an EPM yet to be called.
Total distance 20 miles?

Friday 12th/Saturday 13th June New Forest/IOW ride

Zach's Pillow at the top of the Freshwater Bay golf club
Zach’s Pillow at the top of the Freshwater Bay golf club

Saturday 20th June 08.00am ride
TK arrived sporting new SPD’s and shoes to which RT responded with ” oh good! I have my camera with me”
Route to Arundel via Amberley mount and alongside the river with warnings to TK to take care with his SPD’s and not fall in the river. However he elected instead to do a forward tumble over the handlebars into a bed of nettles. RK quick to help him up in spite of requests by RT to wait for the photo shot to be taken first. Medical assistance given by MA with some spray from his first aid kit to relieve the extensive stings.
Discussion at brek in Arundel as to whether this was another attempt at a medal.
Return via??? Cannot remember .

Saturday 27th June 08.00am ride
Arundel brek selected.Route up to the tank down through the field and along the gallops, at the end of which both PT and ZA suffered falls due to getting caught in ruts, PT’s resulting in a bad sprain. Very slow brek with cramped tables when the multitude of “reserved” tables remained unoccupied, leading to question as to where else to brek in Arundel. Southerly route back via Highdown and Findon Gallops, with CB and RT helping to put PT’s bike into his car, and RT’s attempts to see if he could help PT’s damaged shoulder made him almost leap into orbit.
comment from PT next day:
“A fine day for a ride to Arundel in a peloton graced by a sun-bronzed Mr Budd after his South Seas adventure. Many thanks to Chris, Roy, Zach and Richard for helping me (or to be specific, my bike) over stiles and into the car after my little lie down on the way there.  The criteria for a memorial were clearly in satisfied, with the absence of fractures, spilt blood and witnesses!
Shoulder easier today, and should recover in a few days.
Another great day out”
Total 22 miles (?)