2015.10 October

FGCC rides in October 2015

Saturday 3rd October – Ride to Mayfield
In a later email, ZA commented “I had very much been looking forward to the ride, made even more enjoyable this year by the hilarious FGCC formation riding around the streets of some anonymous estate between Crawley & East Grinstead; a considerable amount of b******s talked in Bluebells Café (East Grinstead); a fantastic ride along the Forest Way and then through the meandering lanes of East Sussex: a warm welcome and showers available at Topley Towers – with more hilarity in the lift attempting to work out on which floor TT’s was! Sumptuous fayre, good company and much reminiscing about the distant origins of the FGCC (I’m not sure we ever managed to agree on the definitive start date of ‘The Club’) Lovely pudding wine, followed by Madeira (m’ dear)…”
Total 28 miles (32 inc from Findon).

Saturday 10th October – 08.00am ride
The Flying Dane having decided that an FGCC ride should take priority over a Shoreham farmers market attendance, we knew we were in for a request for maximum climbs and minimum tarmac, so we started up the A24 and then the long climb up to Chanctonbury. A short wait early in the climb for RT to catch up yielded some mention about pensioners, with the response that RT was simply taking it easy these days! Continued along the SDW and then left towards BNC and down the jumps route. Needless to say that the FD decided to follow the jumps, whilst the other two took the more sensible path. The biggest challenge was at the end of the jumps with the inevitable result:

The suicide jump
The suicide jump
The inevitable result
The inevitable result

We continued on down the track where the FD suffered a real crash (but not memorial-worthy) in a green chalk gully, and on to Mouse Lane and into Steyning. Round via the church, Roman Road, Bramber roundabout and on to the Downslink. Right on to the SDW joining masses of walkers on an event from Devil’s Dyke to St Barnabas, raising funds for that great organisation, but setting the challenge of trying to climb the hills at a slightly faster pace than the walkers! Langmead and then up to Chanctonbury for a descent to the A24 to give the FD the quickest route home to assist his brownie-pointometer. However, during the fast descent RT suffered a blasteet on the flatter section at the lower levee, requiring the usual “blasteet” shout in order to catch the FD. It became clear that RK was also in difficulties as he had not appeared, leading to concerns that he had made another attempt at a memorial, so KBS had to climb back up almost to the top to check thnat RK was ok, but it was only another “blasteet” so the FD descended again and returned home while the other two fixed their steeds and returned to Findon for a brek at Julia’s, the first for many weeks.
Total 16 miles.

Saturday 17th October 08.00am ride.
JR squeezing in a ride in his busy holiday schedule a shortish ride was called for so 4 peaks selected, starting with Cissbury (CP), with the intention of taking a break in Findon.
At the top of the climb from the A24 to the High Barn, a call was made to see if a walk down to Julia’s might assist Mr Kersley’s post-operation recovery. A short while later we received confirmation that the necessary pass had been obtained but he would be slightly delayed, so the route was revised to delay our arrival in Findon accordingly.
Instead of going down Church Hill we continued to High Salvington, down Mill Lane, double back towards the gallops, across the valley and up Lime Tree avenue for a quick inspection of the Kamikaze memorial. All fine there, though a small touch up would not go amiss the next time TA is with us. Up to the top of the hill, left to Cissbury and round and down to the village at the appointed time.
Total 13 miles?

Saturday 24th October 08.00 am ride.

Saturday 31st October trek ‘n break to Rustington