2011.12 December

Saturday 03 December 07.30am Ride

A much shorter ride today: MA, FL and JR assembled on time but JR had discovered that an extremely slow puncture (found inflated when checked mid-week, Blast It!), had matured in his garage to necessitate repair and subsequent abuse of the 10 Minute Rule! A patient Peleton eventually set out for Steyning via Stable Lane, then north to get close to Chanctonbury (via Last Post Lane) and to the Langmead Memorial via SDW. Next the descent on the concrete road, past the PTX2 memorial and Annington Road into Steyning.

Brek at Truffles where JR departed the Peleton to collect his car from Steyning and drive home with bike on the back-rack. FL and MA departed to Findon but the author remains blissfully ignorant as to their route and any adventures had en-route!

Saturday 10th December 7.30am ride
ZA & RT only today.
Short ride today – route up to Cissbury car park and straight over towards the Steyning road, and up to Langmead, back to Chanctonbury, down to A24, round past Windlesham, collarbone alley and back to Findon.
Total 9.5 miles

Saturday 17th December 7.30am Averys’ brunch ride
AM CB NW FL JR MA PT RT and ZA Made up a fine peleton.
Up stable lane to Chanctonbury Ring,
then and round the west side of Chanctonbury to emerge at the bottom of Llama lane, and head north to the road at Wiston. Follow the road into steyning for a bacon sarnie then take the Downslink south, over the wooden bridge and skirt round the Airport to the beach, and along the coast to No 10.

Saturday 24th December 7.30am Christmas Eve ride
CB, JR, KB-S and PT climbed Stable Lane to the SDW, admiring the sunrise as racehorses passed us on the gallops.
The peleton then struck north towards Bloody Norse corner through an avenue of newly erected fences. Entering the woods, KBS remembered a route down through the trees, and the peleton slid, walked and rode down the slope to emerge on Mouse lane for the run in to Steyning.
After a fine brek at Truffles, in the company of well-dressed members of the breakfast club, we headed south. We found a couple of roadie bikers were walking into Steyning with a broken chain and no tools, so assistance was offered and in 5 minutes we had them on their way again. Joining the Downslink for a short stretch, the route took us to Botolphs and a climb up behind the Church to pass north of Lancing and finally climb back over Cissbury to Findon.
13.1 miles and 1601 feet climbed, according to satmap.