2008.05 May

May 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 3 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – KB-S
RT JR ZA KB-S CB and MA rode in, watched by PT, AM and EN who had arrived by other means. Riders had climbed Muntham to the Tank, then turned south to Lee Farm and Myrtle Grove, punctures preventing a foray into Angmering Park to inspect the bluebells. Cows impeded the final arrival. A fine brek was served by chefs Rose and Siri, assisted by Dave from Oz and Kirsten, who was down to do a 20 mile walk that afternoon in preparation for walking a marathon for charity. Fine and sunny.

Sat 10 7.30am Saturday ride
Originally intended to be a Henfield Brek, CB RT JR and PT climbed up and over Cissbury, pausing to mend a puncture before the Steyning Road. A passing rider joined us for the stretch to the top of Steyning Bowl, the we sped down the concrete road but, impeded by traffic coming up, speed records were unbroken. PTs monument was inspected and found not in need of attention, so next week’s ride can dash down the road uninterrupted. JR picked up a puncture on the descent into Steyning. Due to delay, the ride was shortened and brek taken at Truffles in Steyning, after which we climbed Mouse Lane, skirted south of Wiston and then climbed Chanctonbury to the west of Llama Lane. Pts now flat tyre was reinflated, in the hope of reaching the |Square, but it was not to be. After a couple of involuntary rests, the tube was replaced and PT, RT and CB reached the Square, but JR suffered again on the descent. 12 miles coverd in 4 hours! Sunny and warm, and even the track to the east side of Cissbury was dry.

Sat 24 7.30am Saturday ride
RT FL MA PT planned a ride to Henfield, but time constraints turned it into a ride to Shoreham. After a spate of punctures between Cissbury and the Steyning Road, we climbed Lancing clump and dropped down by the College to the wooden bridge, which was closed (for repair?). Skirting the airport, we passed under the railway and over Norfolk Bridge into Shoreham, where FL had to return. The three remaining brekked at Truffles, then rode over the footbridge to Shoreham Beach and back to MA’s along the beach for a restyorative cuppa. RT and PT then returned to Findon via Teville gate and Offington. Gright sunshine and an easterly breeze helping us along the beach. 17.5 miles

Sat 31 7.30am Saturday ride
RT KB-S and MA climbed Chanctonbury from the A24 and continued to Langmead, south to Lychpole Farm then up the south side of Cissbury, where MA peeled off south for home. RT and KB-S followed track and after a period of positional uncertainty reached Findon.

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