05. May 2023

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in May 2023

Saturday 6th May Not-tank trek and brek Coronation ride

…and no ride presumably due to other distractions, though very wet conditions.

Saturday 13th May 08.00am ride

PT, RT, MA and AM on road

AM wanted to have a brek at the airport. MA was on a time limit and RT was still just positive after first bout of Covid, so route over Lancing Clump with RT keeping a reasonable distance behind the two e-bikers (well ok he would have been behind anyway). The pelethree looked in at Shoreham market to say hello to the Flying Brit on his chocolate stall and then split, with PT heading to the airport over the toll bridge and the other heading to Worthing along the seafront, parting company at the Canadian memorial. MA back to Angmering and RT back to Findon via Mill Lane and Church Hill, very slowly. PT and AM return via seafront and the valley.

20 miles and 1,158 ft

Saturday 20th May 08.00am ride

TK, RK, PT, MA, JR, RT and AM on road

Ride to Arundel meeting AM at the Moat House.

Up to Muntham and over to the SDW at High Barn. Then off the SDW to pass the tank location with RT & PT seeing if the wooded section was passable again (almost) and then a really fast drop across the fields to get to the “vroom” track. Then up to the gallops and another fast drop in the very dry conditions and onto the Monarch’s Way pausing for a check on the Budd memorial. On to the Burpham road and into Arundel, where AM had secured sufficient tables for the peloton.

After the brek route back via Warningcamp to APE, continuing up the tarmac and then at the end a left along the ridge above Angmering Park Farm to the trig point. Then another fast drop and on to Leigh Farm at which a left turn and long gradual climb to the tank field and onto the SDW. Back to Muntham and down to A24 to Findon.

25 miles and 1,854ft

Friday 26th May Cider tasting with Kersley

Saturday 27th May 08.00am Trek and Brek at FGCC Danish HQ

KBS, TB, TK, PT, CB, ZA with AM walking due to op.

Post cider the temptation of Flying Dane “Str├╝delbrek” raised 7 riders from their post cider slumbers for an Amberley loop ride during which the TB memorial was created and hats doffed to recite the FGCC ode. Another magnificent brek followed but was tainted by the sad news that this would be the last brek at Tolmare with the announcement of the Flying Dane’s forthcoming permanent return to the land of the vikings, after some 27 years in the company of the FGCC.

Total 17.9 miles and 1,531 ft