2009.10 October

Sat 3 October 2009 7.30am Saturday ride
The Fall ride.
Following an EPM the previous evening (where a 2010 ride to France seemed the favourite option of the assembled Gentlemen), RT PT KBS GD and DS set off to Nepcote Green, then across to Stable Lane and up to Chanctonbury to descend the Lion Trail to Steyning (the last stretch felling DS, PT and KBS), where KB-S detached himself for a speedy return to Tolmare and the Mother-in-law. The lower part of the Lion trail proved that PT can’t jump. The remaining riders then climbed the Steyning road to reach Langmead, dropped into No Man’s Land, (when DS dropped to the ground waiting for others) and headed south down the valley bottom. A right turn brought us to Cissbury car park (DS having got rutted again), where PT headed for Nepcroft to retrieve LSV2 while the remaining three traversed to the west of Cissbury ring.

All reconvened at the Lingalonga, DS sporting bloody knees from the unscheduled stop. After a fine brek, PT drove on to Worthing, and the others returned to Findon. 11.2 miles, but 2000 feet climbed.

Sat 10th October Sat 7.30am ride. Trek & Bacons
It was decided that we should go for an old favourite, Cote Street, that has not been travelled by the group for many months. Up church hill and into Clapham woods via the usual Le Bas route, stopping to fix a GD puncture, and then to inspect the FL memorial. Those that arrived in Clapham Church car park first were startled by what appeared to be a massive boulder crashing out of the undergrowth from the path that they had just ridden, but this turned out to be FL rolling out of the bushes having caught his handlebars on a branch. Straight across Clapham village south up through the woods towards the A27, where FL was nearly left hanging by his backpack from a low branch. Through the woods alongside the A27 where KBS in a moment of weakness decided not to jump a series of mud ramps.
Onto the A27 and up Cote Street, at the top of which we were able to experience the pleasure of sitting at the bench there without KBS pressing on and missing it – reason being that he had bumped into a danish pastry of his liking. Finally extracting him we continued across Long Furlong and down through the cemetary, where KBS continued the morning of continental acrobatics by swinging from a cross bar that was conveniently set across the path.
Back to Findon and to the Budd’s where we were treated to a welcome brek of the usual high standard – particularly the bacons of course.
PT record states:
FL GD PT RT CB and KBS convened in an overcast drizzle, and resolved to climb Church Hill and enter Clapham Woods. KBS soon found a branch from the main track that took us, after a pause to fix a puncture and discuss hazelnuts, to Francis’ memorial (which was inspected and found to be in good order, the “Ode to the Fallen” being recited). A spectacularly gymnastic exit from the wood by FL into the Clapham Church car park caused no lasting damage, but highlighted the lack of intrinsic cushioning on the Leroux knees. Heading south from Clapham, we turned east about 100 yards short of the A27, and came upon a BMX circuit constructed in the woods at TQ10075 05783. Out of the woods on to the A27 to pass the turn for Holt Farm, and continue to Cote street for the climb back up the Downs. Arriving at the top of Church hill, we opted to cross Long Furlong and take the track down through King’s Wood past the crematorium, where KBS executed a short parallel bars routine on a gate he had neglected to observe. The peleton finally followed the A24 back to descend School Hill to Pomegranate Cottage. A splendid brek with local sausages and bacons was laid on by Jo, and photos of the Italian retreat were much admired. 8.5 miles only, 1445 feet climbed, but the rain held off.

Sat 17th October Sat 7.30am ride.
Route decided as via Buddington Bottom to Chanctonbury, but a muddled start resulted in CB & RT going via the tarmac route, whilst the rest of the group went via the Oval and a path up to the top of Stable lane and the concrete road towards Buddington bottom. Short delay to fix MA’s front mech and the climb to the top of Llama Lane. To Chanctonbury and then a diversion across a field to drop down and join the SDW close to the gas works. Across the A24 and round the back of Windlesham to the top of the hill above Muntham, after which CB & PT descended through the cemetary whilst the others headed off to the Linga Longa. KBS parted company to return home, but then realised that he would be on his own and raced to catch up the group.
Another excellent brek at the Roche ancestral home. PT did 7.5 miles, climbed 1000 feet on a crisp bright morning with a wind from the west.

Sat 24 October 2009 7.30am Saturday ride

ZA writes “I got to Findon too late (08.15) to join up with the main peleton but went for a ride nonetheless – Church Hill, Sullington Hill, Chanctonbury, Cissbury Car Park (3 peaks?) 11.5 miles. Thick mist, visibility less than 50 metres in places.”.

Sat 31 October 2009 7.30am Turvey Trek ‘n lunch – PT

PT met CB ZA GD and JR at Truffles for a bacon sandwich, then the peleton proceeded to HH via a southerly route passing through Burgess Hill. Jo, Margaret DS and Johnny and Isabel joined us for Lunch

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