2008.04 Road to Ruin

Thursday – PT collected MA and EN and then sat back while EN drove us to collect ZA and proceed to Findon. MA FL RT JR and KB-S arrived, and gear and bikes were loaded for the first leg of this great FGCC event via Newhaven. Arrriving at Newhaven, PT discovered a broken suspension link and RT JR and PT set off for Seaford bike shop, then to Focus to get a big bolt. Jury repair effected, foot and car passengers boarded, leaving RT’s car in the car park. After a meal on the ferry, the car party went direct to the digs while the bikers toured the town for a while. Hotel Gambaretta (no, it doesn’t mean Cockroach) afforded a short sleep and a generous continental brek.

Friday – All set off for a bike shop (address given by Seaford shop) but it had moved and a friendly local butcher set us on the road to Rouxmesnil, where M Herve Gourgand (17 RUE CHAMP DE COURSES
76370-ROUXMESNIL BOUTEILLES 02-32-90-01-14) hand crafted a repair of victorian ironmongery.
M Herve

Before M Herve……
Before M Herve
…and after!
After M Herve

The others left EN and PT awaiting M Herve’s ministrations, calling only to request the purchase of replacement saddle bolts for the vicar. All met again at Affronville, about 9 km out, at midday. A stop at Auffray for lunch, and on to St Pierre de Manville, arriving in two groups spaced 20 minutes apart. A fine farmhouse dinner with home-made cider, and beer and and wines obtained en route by EN.

Madame Bernard et Les Boys at St Pierre-de-Mannville
St Pierre de Manville
Saturday – West to the river, south along the bank, and over the river by ferry. North-east across the isthmus and over the river again, then north along the bank and double back south towards Jumiege. EN reports no victualling there, so party cuts northwest to Yainville and a pression or two is taken. Party decides to split into lunchers and riders, and lunchers (PT, RT, JR, EN) find “Electric Willy’s” restaurant in Gauville, en route to the hotel at Caudebec-en-Caux. Riders take a sarnie in Jumieges, then cross the river to head north through forest to bridge at Caudebec. Excellent dinner ensures Mr La Bas (KB-S) will never be forgotten. M le Bas admirer
M le Bas

Sunday – After much faffing to get sarnies for lunch, set off at 11:00 up hill and into forest, then over the top by road to a long sweeping descent and pick up the off-road again. Technically challenging track, but we stray too far west and return to Allouville by road, then turn north to meet EN and AM for lunch opposite the prison at Hericourt-en-Caux. By road north up the D53 to Neville then east to sumptuous gite at Manneville-es-Plain. Excellent dinner and wines at the Auberge L’Etang

Monday – Coastal path, passing remaining bits of the Atlantic Wall, with repeated climbs and descents through woods and between barbed wire fences 1m apart, and then by road to Quiberville for splendid lunch at seafront Restaurant with EN and MA. Road, coastal path and finally road descent to Dieppe for Ferry

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