01.2022 January

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in January 2022.

Saturday 1st January 08.00am ride

AM, TK, ZA, MA, RT & PT2

A short ride with brek requested by TK due to the effects of NYE celebrations as well as the boggy conditions so a mostly tarmac route was chosen – Rogers Farm, Gallops, down and west to Ilex Way and thence to Sea Lane cafe for a magnificent brek. The arrival of the brek itself brought a huge grin to PT2’s face. It has been a long time since he was able to enjoy a Saturday ride and brek with the FGCC and the pleasure of the experience was clear (naturally).

Plenty of VT to start the year off, including the suggestion that FGCC off-spring should time the births of their respective off-spring to take account of events on the FGCC calendar and even better during a specific two week period during the year.

Return ride via Grand Avenue, Mill Lane and the Gallops.

Total only 14.8 miles and 492ft for the main peloton

…and 19.9miles and 850ft for MA.

Saturday 8th January 08.00am post APM ride

PT, AM, RK, CB, KBS, TK & RT with ZA going on-road bike.

In spite of cold breezy and wet conditions TK was present having been cajoled into attendance the night before against his better judgement. With heavier rain forecasted mid-morning and soggy ground conditions everywhere a two and a half peaks ride was opted for with brek at the garden centre.

Up Stable Lane and over to Chanctonbury, down to Washington car park on somewhat treacherous track, round the back of Windlesham school, up to Collarbone Alley and then down Church Hill to Findon Garden Centre.

Findon Garden centre deserve an award for accommodating such wet and muddy riders so positively.

Total only 9.4 miles and 1,020ft but felt like double that in the conditions.



Saturday 15th January 08.00am ride

PT, TK, KBS, CB, JR, RK, RT with ZA on roadbike

Henfield selected at the destination and route suggested by JR & RT was up to the SDW and Chanctonbury, and towards Washington Car Park then into the woods round to Chanctonbury Ring road.  Some debate as to which way to descend from Chanctonbury and went via the dew pond gate and over the top to the quarry, much against JR’s initial wishes but which he later acknowledged as better than straight down a slippery SDW.

In the woods the opportunity was taken to establish the first e-memorial following PT’s spectacular crash late last year. RT having completed the memorial PT was eventually persuaded to descend for a man of destiny style photo, the descent proving almost as treacherous as the crash itself:


The customary ode to the fallen was recited before we set off again.

Down a freezing Chanctonbury Ring road, on to Spithandle Lane and straight across the Horsham Road to follow a bridleway across the river Adur and through to Henfield. At the end of this track a “barkle” took place as CB & JR took a different route but RT went back to search for them thinking that JR probably had a blasteet.

Arrived at the Old Post Office cafe to find ZA tucking into a fine brek. Staggered brek for the peloton due to it being busy.

Return route initially along the same route but then peeling off south along the river  adder shortly after having crossed it. A bit boggy but better than expected following the river round to join the Downslink. Down the Downslink and via Maudlin lane to the concrete road, Langmead, SDW and Stable Lane back to the village.

Total 25.2 miles and 1,879ft climbed


ZA taking to road bike again commenting that the soggy conditions are not conducive to off-road cycling whilst all suspect that he was suffering the effects of having borrowed PT’s e-bike for 3 weeks.

Saturday 22nd January 08.00am ride post Not-gala-night

Surprisingly a sizeable peleton assembled at Pond Green. PT, CB, RT, AM, ZA, RK with TK being physically present only due to his having provided accommodation for RK.

Discussion as to whether the Flying Brit had managed to get to his flight to Viking land, doubts having been raised the evening before due to a combination of his alcoholic intake, his short night’s sleep in prospect and the taking of a train from Horsham when a drive to Gatwick.

Ride to Arundel proposed going via the Tank site, with TK and ZA planning to turn back at this point.

All 7 riders passed the tank and got to the top of Wepham Down, where TK and ZA turned for home via Gallops Farm.  Their route was probably:

The remaining pelefive pressed on to Arundel, pausing only to mend a Mead blasteet at the bottom of Wepham down, and various times to remove caked mud, for a brek at the Moat House.  Tea for 4 was ordered, and quizzical looks exchanged when one pot of tea was delivered with the comment “should be enough for 4, there are 6 tea bags in it”.
The peletfive overcame this difficulty by asking for six additional jugs of water and progressively diluting the pot until a drink approximating tea was achieved.  The pelefive then proceeded to Angmering, where AM struck out for home – his proposed route was:
is unclear whether it was followed exactly. Total 19.8 miles and 1,483ft
Now down to four, the stalwarts headed over highdown and back up the gallops.  PT reached the gate and held it for RK and RT to pass through, then a band of about 25 walkers followed them as PT waited for CB.  The last walker informed PT that CB had gone down the road, so PT followed the walkers (at walking pace, naturally) until they turned left and PT rejoined RK and RT at the back of Rogers Farm.  We encountered CB on the road just before Church hill, and all repaired to Nepcroft for bikewash and tea (the FGCC equivalent of “Netflix and chill”?). Total 22.4 miles and 1,421 ft.

TAMITS: KBS being driven to Horsham by his “dear wife” to take the 6.55 train to Gatwick, having had a considerable intake of Bangla and Monkey Shoulder.

TK for turning up for a miserably wet ride against all his better instincts especially after having consumed large quantities of Bangla the previous evening twice in the same month.

Saturday 29th January 08.00am ride


A pleasure to welcome Ben Mead to a ride this morning, though this meant that Andy couldn’t blame “one of the kids” for anything that he might have mislaid.

Amberley loop via vineyards chosen as the Meads were under a time limit. Brek at the Findon Garden Centre. No “barkles” to report.

Total 18 miles and 1,599 ft.