07. July 2023

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in July 2023.

Saturday 1st July 08.00am ride

JR, TK, RK, TB, MA and RT with ZA part

Arundel brek going via the Crem, SDW to Kithurst and Burpham, with ZA peeling off at Kithurst. Return via APE, Dover Lane, Angmering, Highdown and usual route to Findon Gallops, with MA peeling off at Angmering and TB at the gallops. Mote House staff asking about whereabouts of AM.

24.9 miles and 1,654 ft

Meanwhile a short trip out on Bromptons for Team Mechanic and daughter in  Canada. 4 miles and 400ft.


Saturday 8th July 08.00am ride

JR, RT with MA part time and AM, ZA on road

Arundel brek sought again due to wind direction and forecasted rain for the return.

Off-roaders set off up through the field and over to the SDW stopping for a while just after the gun club gate to assist an e-biker with a blasteet. Attempts to sort out the problem with Stans’s gunk failed as after several attempts it transpired that the tube had a fixed valve – does help if you put on glasses so you can see properly. The victim was not looking forward to trying to get the tyre off, but an FGCC lesson by deputy TM MA and RT demonstrated to the gentleman how to easily remove it. Victim’s t-shirt read “never underestimate and old man” but it was just as well that we hadn’t overestimated his capabilities as yet another FGCC rescue mission eased what was a major challenge for him.

The peloton continued up to Chantry Post and then via Leigh Farm and the gallops to Arundel, with MA heading home at Warningcamp.

Another magnificent brek at the Moathouse cafe meeting AM & ZA there.

As we emerged from the cafe the rain started, but JR had no rain covering. Back to Warningcamp and into APE where the rather damp JR elected to head home via Michelgrove along the Monarch’s Way as it would be the fastest route. RT headed home via Dover Lane, Angmering, Highdown, Mill Lane, Honeysuckle lane and a slippery Church Hill enduring several heavy showers but drying off towards the end of the ride.

Total for RT 24.8 miles and 1,764 ft.

Total for JR to be calculated

Roadies went to Arundel via different routes but returned together.

ZA via A24, A283 to Storrington, over to Amberley and Whiteways and then down into Arundel. AM via the valley and A27 but more detail needed along with the return to Findon.

Saturday 15th July 08.00am ride

ZA, TB, JR and AM with 3 melded rides.

ZA ride:

” TB, JR & I took a ‘JR Route’ which took in St Mary’s, Goring where they left me intent on breakfasting at Ferring Country Centre: I returned via Mulberry & Limbrick Lanes, Durrington Lane/Hill, High Salvington etc (on my road bike). Perhaps JR will supply you with details of both outbound and (their) return route – the former passing by the end of Melrose Close by way of tribute to Ewart”

AM ride:

“I went out to meet JR and TB at the Bluebird in Ferring via Asda. After a splendid repast I returned to Findon via Rustington and A259 back to Durrington and back up the valley clocking up a jolly useful 24 miles which tipped me over the hundred for the week. Windy but no rain. Good to be out.”

JR adds:

To augment Zach’s excellent summary of Saturday’s events: Our route out enabled TB and I to accompany the CCTV to St. Mary’s Church in Goring via A24, Durrington cemetry, Half Moon Lane, the splendid hamlet of Selden, Stone Lane, Ringmer Road, Melrose Avenue (with reverential salute as we passed Melrose Close), Durrington Bridge, Clive Avenue, Goring Road and St. Mary’s. Then Ilex Way (admiring all local architecture), Sea Lane, Ferring, and The Bluebird, Ferring. Return was via Ferring railway crossing, the splendid hamlet of Hangleton (West Sussex), Highdown and north to A27, then the Mother-in-law of Holt Lane, High Salvington and A24. “.


Saturday 22nd July 08.00am ride

Forewarned as we were by various harbingers of non-attendance received during the week, hopes were not high for a massed peleton even in spite of an opportunity to welcome a new Gentleman to the fold.
In the event, a peleton of two (a peletonette?) assembled at OPG, with PT and RK eager to do the necessary to any passing fatted calf on the appearance of Mr M Bourner.  Fatted calves of all type were mercifully spared as, with the official clock at 08:12 RK was sadly still stuck with the sole company of PT. (It subsequently transpired that Mr Bourner had suffered a mechanical failure which prevented his attandance).
Neither of us having ridden much in the last few weeks, an easy route over to Coombs and Shoreham was agreed.
By way of continued experiment, a brek at Truffles was mooted and agreed on.  While the repast was adequate, your correspondent remains in favour, when in Shoreham, of brekking chez Teddy or at the airport.
On the return leg, to gain respite from the headwind along the beach, we turned inland at the old Half Brick, passed over East Worthing station and joined the A27 east of the Broadwater roundabout.  As it was early, we eschewed the valley cycleway for an ascent of the golf club.
Despite the absence of CCTV, no rain fell on the peletonette from the overcast skies.
A grand, if gentle-ish morning.
Total 19.4 miles and 1,097ft

Saturday 29th July 08.00am ride

ZA, PT, MA , KBS, TK, RT and newcomer Matthew Boulder.

Firstly the assembled company of the FGCC welcomed Matthew to the ride to see if he liked what we do.

Due to the weather and to give an opportunity for a quick return to the village a circular (“4 peaks”) ride chosen. On waiting for Team Chaplain to issue the “right then” command he admitted that he had just realised that he had odd shoes on.

Ride started up Nepcote Lane to enable our CCTV to sort out his shoes, then up to Cissbury and over to Chanctonbury. Onward to Washington car park over the top via the dew pond and magnificent view.

Then south parallel to the A24 along the new permissive track to the Wilton winery, after which over the bridge and up a tricky steep path round a field – a merciless choice by TK for our newcomer who hadn’t been on any serious rides for 12 years.

Then onwards south to Tolmere by which time the Flying Dane had followed from in front again and was nowhere to be found. PT descended to the village via Long Furlong to see if KBS could be found there whilst the rest of the peloton went to the garden centre via church hill, to find the FD there and then  to discover that the cafe was closed.

Another debacle as we headed back into the village to meet PT on the way and go to Dee Dee’s if any room there, but losing PT as he had taken a different route.

A great brek at Dee Dee’s with MB stating his wish to join future rides in spite of such a demanding start.


ZA arriving at a ride with odd shoes.

MB endurance

TK brutal ride choice for a starter.

FD returning to his roots.