2015.05 May

Saturday 2nd May 08.00am ride.
A four (full) Peaks ride seemed fitting for the ride following the Peak District ride.
Cissbury car park, up round the east side of Cissbury, down the goat trail and south to the farm, at which we double back along the track to Langmead memorial. To Chanctonbury, down to the A24 and up to the High barn. Then past Puckamuck and to the top of Church Hill and a breakfast at Tiffany’s as JR prefers to call it.
Total 16 miles

Saturday 9th May 08.00am ride
Short ride called for due to time constraints on MA due to need for car mirror replacement – an astonishing £250 for just the glass mirror! Also a last chance to cycle through bluebell filled woods so Church Hill and Clapham woods first. Dry conditions meant a reasonable ride up Church hill. Along the ridge towards Clapham Woods and straight down to the A27. Along the A27 and up Cote Street with the traditional stop at the seat at the top and another opportunity to put the world to rights. Down towards Salvington, down Mill Lane and double back along the valley, right and down to Lime Tree Avenue and up to inspect the Kamikaze memorial. A little bit of maintenance required, then up to the top and left to Cissbury, round the west side and along the goat trail, over to the top of Stable Lane and a grind down the first section of Stable lane into a very strong wind and down to the village for another brek at Julia’s.
Total 10 miles.

Saturday 16th May 08.00am ride.
In a further bid for the bling award TK and RK set themselves a tougher than usual challenge. Details to be advised, but I think the route was over to Amberley, up Bury Hill and across the road, left down a bridle path to connect with the Monarch’s Way up to Whiteways. Down to Arundel for a breakfast and return to Findon through Angmering Park, Patching, Clapham Woods and down Church Hill where TK made an attempt at earning himself a memorial by taking a green chalk tumble.

Saturday 23rd May 08.00 am ride.
Shoreham ride selected. Up Stable Lane, over towards Bloody Norse Corner, but left down through the woods alongside the jumps and to Water Lane. Through Steyning, church road Kings Barn Lane and Roman road to join the Downslink. Brek at Truffles, I spite of the previous warning to stay away, then over the bridge and return along the sea front, west Worthing, Salvington and the gallops.

Saturday 30th May 08.00am ride.
Saturday May 30th

PT, ZA, RK, TK and JR assembled at the appointed hour, and a visit to Henfield was agreed on. JR suggested a circuitous route north, and return by the Downslink, and the assembled collection of gullible innocents fell for it. So off up stable lane to Chanctonbury for a hurlte down Llama lane and straight over the A283 to Wiston. The peleton then struck east on Spithandle lane, and after a mile or two left the road to enter Spithandle Copse. Emerging at Moor’s Head on to Peppers lane, we headed east to Ashurst and joined the B2135 at The Old Mill. Feeling adventurous, we struck east on a path just north of the Old Mill, intending to cross the Adur by the footbridge near Eatons Farm. Such was the lamentable state of the footbrige, it had been fenced off to prevent use. Inspection by Mr Kersley, and his considered opinion on the structural integrity (i.e lack thereof) of the bridge, led us to detour south along the riverbank in search of alternative crossing opportunities. These were provided by Bineham bridge, but by then such was the domestic pressure building up in Mr Kersley that, satisfied with the ability of Bineham bridge to accommodate our transfluvial ambitions, he departed south for home.
The reduced peleton crossed and continued through new inn farm to cross the Downslink as it enters Henfield. A fine brek was enjoyed at Truffles, with much stamping of ZA’s loyalty card. Discusion somehow included the beneficial effects of dirt in building up immunity to infection, which turned out to be prescient.
The returl leg was down the Dowsnslink, uneventful until JR disappeared off the back of the peleton with a blasteet. Roy retraced the route and discovered John in the throes of repair. Continuing, we climbed up to the SDW though the pig farm/concentration camp, and all was going well until just short of chanctonbury Roy made a spectacular attempt to oust Tom Daley as Britain’s top diver. Suddenly Roy was lying in a muddy puddle, having arranged for his bike to be standing on its saddle in another. When the laughter subsided, half-baked attempts at first aid were admininstered, mainly to remove quantites of mud from various wounds on the Kruger limbs. After a period of recovery, stoutness of heart was regained, and steeds remounted for the last post bit. Wind direction, however prevented last-posting.

An exciting 25.5 miles, climbing 1837 feet