03.2022 March

FGCC rides in March 2022.

Saturday 5th March – the not-Monarch’s Way ride


A circular route proposed with the intention of getting back to Findon Garden Centre by around 10.45. JR wanted to show his latest car acquisition which turned out to be one with no front tyre dumped in front of his house – what is the world coming to when petty criminals don’t know of the presence of World HQ in Tudor Close!

Muntham, Chantry Post, Lee Farm and the trig point and then along the very slippery ridge above Angmering Farm to the Monarch’s Way. Then west towards Dover Lane. At the Dover Lane cottages TK pointed out that RT’s front wheel appeared to be suffering from a blasteet. A quick change of the inner tube and whilst RT was packing things away ZA offered to pump up the tyre with RT’s pump. Accepting this kind offer RT commented that perhaps this was his opportunity to get his own back by repeating the incident on a Go West ride when RT pumped up ZA’s tyre and then completely deflated it by removing the valve when removing the pump. So ZA pumped up RT’s tyre asking if an acceptable pressure had been achieved and, upon approval, removed the pump and, much to the entertainment of all, also removed the valve completely deflating the tyre. After rolling around with laughter for several minutes ZA accused RT of setting him up, so RT tried to reflate the tyre a bit and exactly the same happened with RT.

Onward down Dover Lane, along the A27 to and through Angmering and up to Highdown dodging walkers and runners. At the top TK announced that any attempt to pedal did not result in any drive, his freewheel device having decided to cease functioning. After much banging and thumping of the wheel to see if it would re-engage talk of use of an e-bike tow-rope commenced and MA produced what looked like a length of washing line. MA insisted that the rope had a breaking strength of 1 tonne which should be enough to tow TK and steed.

TK did a “last post” descent of the hill in an easterly direction and at the bottom the lash-up took place with MA demonstrating his nautical knot skills.

The rescue service then set off at speed past a certain supermarket

with the rest of the peloton struggling to keep pace. To the surprise of all MA headed up to Mill Lane and then along the grass section of the gallops down Post Hill, A24 and to Findon Garden Centre, whilst the rest of the peloton continued on to Rogers Farm then to the garden centre arriving after the time taken to load MA’s now battery-drained bike into PT’s car.

Just in time for a brek there, apparently not pleasing the chef with such a large order when they were about to stop serving breaks, but plenty of material for VT and laughter at the brek

Total 18.7 miles and 1,323ft climbed (MA 25.6 miles & 1,961ft)

TAMITS: ZA deflating RT’s tyre

MA/TK e-bike rescue service.

Saturday 12th March Trek & Brek to Meads

AM ZA TK JR MA with PT brek only as arm not quite yet healed.

AM on road bike for a coast ride. TK on the faithful Cannondale – the “Parish bike” – whilst his steed was being repaired. Aiming to be at Mead Mansion by 10.15 a relatively short circular route for the peloton was finally agreed. Down to West Worthing and Grand Avenue, along the sea front to Windsor Rd and then up to Lyons Farm. Short section of the A27 east and up and over to Lytchpole Farm, Langmead, SDW and round the back of Findon Park House to the A24 and Mead Mansion.

There followed yet another splendid brek and plenty of VT at the Meads.

17.5miles & 1,114ft for the main peloton.

29.3 miles and 2,424ft for MA

AM took a road route somewhere – details awaited.

Fri 18th/Sat 19th March Downslink ride

AM TK JR RK KBS ZA & RT gathered at Pond Green for a prompt 09.00am start, but a combination of faffing and VT managed to delay the start well beyond the 10 minute rule. We got as far as the Village Shop so that AM could acquire his paper and TK various victuals. Rumour has it that Moses Mead adopted his tarmac style to somehow cruise in front of TK in the shop queue to emerge well before him having entered well after TK.

A blasteet for RK just above Muntham was quickly repaired and the peloton continued on to the SDW and up to Rackham Mount

followed by a slippery descent down the steep hill

and then on the road to Rackham. Continued north to cross Greatham Lane and into the woods and up to the RSPB for a mid-morning break. A little “barkle” over the order for bacon baps vs sausage baps took place and baps and hot drinks were enjoyed outside in glorious sunshine with great views over the brooks.

At this stage KBS & RT parted company from the main peloton to return to Findon via Amberley and Amberley mount via a sharp little tarmac climb and the vineyards.

KBS/RT. 20.4 miles and 1,870ft

The main peloton continued north across Stane Street at Tote to meet PT & JR at Wisborough Green.


JR reports as follows:

In the background, JR left WHQ at 07.15, drove to Horsham to collect PT + EMF bike. A traffic-jam free drive to Godalming meant arrival at 8.30 and after re-assembly of all bikes a departure at 08.45.
Our route took us:
1. By tarmac via the back streets of Godalming, to Hambledon and via a very muddy bridleway to Dunsfold for morning coffee and cheese scones. A ride via Sidney Wood and Ifold brought us to Wisborough Green where we rendezvoused for lunch.
2.  Our ride back to Godalming was the inverse of the above route but taking in more tarmac so as to avoid the muddy bits (no wonder KBS left the peloton so early on). Apart from a blasteet on my front wheel attended to by the TM at a pub stop in Dunsfold all went well. The only near breakdown was Mr. A Mead whose low-fuel warning light came on at Hambledon. Luckily JR had about his person a spare and substantial cheese scone saved from the morning coffee stop and this was quickly shoved into the empty Mead to ensure a refurbished Andy was able to more than keep up with the happy throng.
On arrival in the Godalming area an interesting bit of map reading by the team cartographer resulted in a 20 minute circuit around the suburbs including a park with cricket net practice and a pleasant wooded view only to end up where the peloton had started. The evidence as gathered by Mr Avery’s tracking app is shown below:
Needless to say but that this greatly entertained Mr Kersley following his never-to-be forgotten lead of the peloton round Lewes on a Go-West ride several years ago.
A report of overnight feasting and ale consumption followed.

34.5 miles & 2,239ft.

The ride back to Findon was:
3. Via the banks of the River Wey to Shalford, then the Downslink to the Rudgwick cheese place where the peloton split as follows:
4. JR to ride back to Godaming was the reverse of 3. above.
5. PT and ZA rode the Downlink to Christs Hospital.
6. They then rode to Horsham and drove in an LSV to Findon.
7. The remainder of the peloton rode as 5. above and from there I am grateful to Mr. Tim Kersley FGCC for his account of the homeward ride:
” I confirm that having left Paul and Zach north west of Christ’s Hospital , Andy , Mark , Roy and  I made our way along downlink to the centre of Southwater , where we headed south on back roads towards Shipley, passing the Countryman pub and continuing south on backroads to Ashington , then along the A24 pavement to Washington , through subway and old road to the A24 crossing of the SDW , whereupon Mark went via Windlesham and Andy Roy and I braved the A24 back to Findon ( for approx 2.30)”.
What a splendid outing. JR.
TK later advised that there was another incident on the Downslink return ride just north of Cranleigh where a tree had fallen across the track making for a narrow passage. Mr Mead ploughed through but discovered that the tree was less forgiving than expected and caught him on his helmet lifting him off the bike. Fortunately he decided to fall across the path rather than down the adjacent bank. A bloody Mead (his physical state and not a shout from a passing motorist) was presented to all but no sufficient injury other than pride and not likely to qualify for a memorial.

34.8 miles and 1,293 ft

TAMITS: PT leading the trusting peloton round in circles

AM challenging a tree.


Saturday 26th March 08.00am ride

ZA, PT, RT with AM, JR on road.

A long debate at the start of the ride as to where to go for a split peloton of road and off-road resulted in a decision to head for Littlehampton Marina Yacht club for a brek and a delay of 10 minutes past the 10 minute rule.

Off-road peloton headed up Church Hill and along the ridge into Clapham Woods and down the Holt Farm track. Along the A27 all the way to Poling, through the village and onto the LA road to the Morrisons roundabout. Led by Team Chaplain we were guided through a scenic part of Littlehampton of seemingly poor back-street housing and the industrial estate neatly dominated by a gas container finally ending up at the footbridge across the Arun and into the yacht club.

A splendid brek was taken and then JR/Am arrived having stopped for a coffee thinking that they were way ahead – not sure what route they took.

Return route along the sea front and onto the A259 past Asda with the peloton splitting again as before and the off-roaders heading up Highdown and then down past Tesco and via the Gallops back to Findon. The two roaders carried on along the A259 and then up Titnore lane, past Tesco and via Findon Valley home.

Total 23.6 miles and 1,022ft.