09.2022 September

FGCC rides in September 2022

Saturday 3rd September 08.00am ride

A further report from PT:
Five Gentlemen were out representing the FGCC in divers locations.
Preparations for the Sheep Fair on 10 September disrupted the availability of many Gentlemen, as did geographical considerations.  A pelethree of AM, RT and PT gathered at OPG and undertook a pilgrimage to climb over Lancing clump and visit the Shrine of the Bear in Shoreham:
Some 18 miles and 885 feet climbed.
Meanwhile, Mr Budd’s new bike seems to have become addictive, as he completed a long (18 miles) and vertically accomplished (2879 feet) circuit of several Italian mountains:
ZA was away in the Cotswolds, and alleges he rode on Saturday.

PT further reported as follows:

Such is the determination of absentee Gentlemen not to fall behind in the Bulldog Bling stakes, further reports have flooded in of the endeavours of Gentlemen who were outwith our fair county on Saturday last.
Mr Roche patrolled the Anglo/Welsh border with a route from Chepstow Castle, along the old railway line to Monmouth which runs parallel to but at a slight elevation from the River Wye. It takes in a railway tunnel of ~1m which is only open in the late Summer months – it being at other times a breeding ground for bats – and in order to preserve the habitat in Summer only tiny fairy lights illuminate the sides of the (tarmac) track to try to  prevent collision. No other lights (on bikes) are allowed making this bendy tunnel an incredible riding experience.
Return route was on the west (Welsh) banks of the Wye (making this a multi-country riding jaunt). 27 miles with some gentle hills.  From this detailed account, I have reconstructed his route thus:
and hope it reflects his efforts.
Under the supervision of his personal trainer, our CCTV made a circuit to the north and west of Cirencester, basing his navigation on a map freshly revised to include Offa’s Dyke.  One can only imagine the endless surprises that moving through the countryside will have afforded, since many of the features encountered on the ride are yet to appear on the map.  Reconstructing the ride with the aid of modern cartography gives:
Thus the total riders out last week is six, and the bling table is updated to reflect this.

Saturday 10th September 08.00am ride but Sheep Fair day.

No rides from the village due to the Sheep Fair either involving gentlemen in other duties or limiting parking for those abroad. Hence only one UK ride by Mr Topley and one ride abroad by Mr Budd recorded:

PT: Solo ride on e-bike in the Horsham area with leccy switched off – think of riding a 25kg bike, though maybe all those years back our bikes were almost as heavy. No

Total 19.6 miles and 842 ft.

CB Lunch ride:

Continuing the tradition of  “mad dogs and Englishmen…” Mr Budd ventured from home and across the valley to head NNE to end in one of his favourite off-road areas the Abbadia de Fiastre. Noted that he stopped there presumably taking on the Continental theme of “too much tarmac” as presented by the return route home.

Total 16.3miles and 1,682ft.

Saturday 17th September 08.00am ride


Debut ride for RT’s new steed but a shortish ride due to time constraints.

Up Cissbury and straight on to Coombe Farm. St Botolphs and the Downslink for a coffee and cake at the Shoreham footbridge. Return via Lancing Clump with no incidents to report.

Total 14.5 miles and 1,314 ft.

Saturday 24th September 08.00am ride

TB & RT.

Brek at Teddies south as we had not been there for some time. Route up Stable Lane and to SDW and Langmead memorial, noting that there is a new plaque to another Langmead. A first time drop down the concrete road for TB to the Downslink to Shoreham and Teddies. Return via the seafront to Grand Avenue and the usual route via W Worthing and the Gallops.

Total 22.4 miles and 924ft