FGCC Rides 2007


January 2007

Sat 6 January 2007 7.30am Saturday ride Brek at Steyning

RT JR PT KB-S – grey and rainy, up to Cissbury car park, up towards Chanctonbury, east toward Langmead then north into the woods to descend into Steyning via Mouse lane.  Brek at Truffles, then past Bunces and up Steyning road to Langmead, SDW to Chanctonbury and back via Cissbury.  11.7 miles.


Sat 13 January 2007   7.30am Saturday ride The Amberley Loop

RT PT MA ZA – overcast and with the wind blowing from the south, the peleton rode up through Muntham to the SDW, past Chantry car park to find a sheltered spot to replace PT’s front inner tube, after a struggle to remove the tyre.  ZA returns to Findon along SDW from there, needing to be in Eastbourne by lunch.  RT PT and MA continue down Amberley mount on the SDW, to find the Riverside tea rooms closed.  Turning south, we regain the SDW via South Stoke, being helped up the hill by the wind at the last climb.  MA battles bravely with knee pain.  17.5 miles


Sat 20 January 2007 7.30am Saturday ride Burpham

KB-S, RT and PT set off in strong wind and rain to climb to the SDW via Muntham, and from there to the top of Chantry Hill.  Turning south, the descent was into the wind, and pedalling had to continue.  Reaching the road at Burpham, we mended RT’s puncture and continued to Warninglid, whereupon the sunshine broke through.  We returned via the Angmering Park estate, Patching and Clapham.  From Clapham church we took to the woods to reach the top of Church hill and down to Long Furlong at Tolmare, where KB-s broke for home.  PT and RT continue to Nepcroft for illicit bike hosing and bacon sarnies.  18.5 miles


Sat 27 January 2007               7.30am Trek’n’Henfield

KB-S, MA, JR, ZA, RT and PT met in sunshine to leave at 7:55ish.  Up and over Cissbury to the Steyning Road, along towards Langmead and down the Bowl by the concrete road, with a stop for RT to repaint the memorial, and a recitation of the Memoriam Post Disequilibrium.  PT got lost at the Bramber Castle roundabout, and went through the town and over the Adur.  After regrouping at the playing field, we climbed over Golding Hill to the road and continued to Henfield on the tarmac.  A fine brek at Truffles, then down to the Downslink and back to Steyning.  Climbed over the downs by ascending Steyning Bostal to Langmead, then SDW to Cissbury and south to enter Findon via Stable Lane.  KB-S sets off for Tolmare, JR to Tudor close, and the rest to Nepcroft for bike hosing down, and brake pad lessons for ZA.  22 miles in all, mostly after brek!



February 2007

Sat 3 February 2007   7.30am Saturday ride

The Amberley Loop

KB-S FL RT and PT set off in bright sunshine through the frosty morning to climb up to the SDW via Muntham, then over to Amberley to discover the tea rooms closed again.  Returning via South Stoke, we took a southerly detour to add an extra little climb, by forking right at the farm gate on the return climb.  Regaining the SDW, back to the barn and Muntham, then Collarbone Alley to leave KB-S at Tolmare, the other three returning to Findon down the Furlong.  All back to Nepcroft for tea and doughnuts.  17.6 miles, so Kim’s diversion added only 0.1 of a mile!


Sat 10 February 2007 7.30am Trek’n’brek AM

First fixed Mark’s puncture, then MA RT KB-S AM FL ZA and PT (new cleated shoes and pedals) climbed up through Muntham to the SDW, visited the tank, and retraced the route to brek at Meadie Towers, with guest waitresses Margaret and Julie.  Grey, overcast and raining.  10 miles


Sat 17 February 2007 7.30am Trek’n’Henfield

MA FL RT PT.  Fitted new saddle to MA’s machine, and set off at 07:55 up Stable lane to SDW and Langmead.  Turn left to reach road for descent into Steyning, then over bypass on bridge to Downslink.  Fix PT’s puncture at bridge just short of Henfield, then on to Truffles (arr 09:20, 11.2 miles) for their £3.50 brek, for four of which they charged £11.20.  Back down Downslink, to Bramber roundabout then south to Annington to climb up SDW back to Langmead, round Bloody Norse corner, and turn south before Chanctonbury to return down Stable Lane, arrive 12:00.  24 miles at finish, sunny and clear.


Sat 24 February 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – MA

MA AM RT JR FL PT climbed Cissbury and continued to the Steyning Road.  Carrying straight on we encountered mud, ruts and wind but eventually circled behind Lancing Clump to descend by the College.  Crossing the A27 at the lights, we skirted east of the airfield and returned along the beach to No 10, where EN joined us to partake of a bumper brek prepared by Julie and kicked off with kedgeree.  16 miles round, with PT and MA starting from No 10, the rest starting from the Square.  Overcast but not raining.


March 2007

Sat 3 March 2007 7.30am Trek’n’Henfield

PT RT JR MA set off at 07:45 up Stable lane to SDW and Langmead.  Turn left to reach road for descent into Steyning, then over bypass on bridge to Downslink.  Arrived at Truffles 09:00 for their £3.50 brek with added teapot and cafetiere.  Back down Downslink, then up concrete road to Langmead, take SDW towards Chanctonbury to return down Stable Lane.  22 miles at finish, sunny and clear.


Sat 10 March 2007 PT RT MA to France – MA buys new bike chez Didier Hermel in Audricq.  Invitation to trek’n’brek french style in forest near there on Pentecost Monday


Sat 17 March 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – RT

PT RT MA JR FL ZA – The 4 peaks.  PT and MA on new bikes, JR on PT’s (now JR’s) Rockhopper.  PT collects JR in Findon, and proceeds to No 10.  PT MA and JR ride from No 10 to the Square on road.  Ride up Church Hill, pursued by a horse, and over to JR’s memorial on Collarbone Alley for repaint job and recitation of the Requiem post Desequilibrium.  Then North to the SDW by the silver barn (cutting the corner a bit) and down East to the A24.  Cross A24 and climb up to Chanctonbury – example of TEMKEK as bloke rides by with girlfriend running along beside in case puncture needs repair.  Last post attempt against southerly wind fails, so continue to Cissbury car park and down to Nepcroft for a super brek with Carole.  PT and MA then ride back to MA’s on road.  19.5 miles



Fri 23 March 2007 Downslink ride – JR

ZA, CB, KB-S, FL, PT, MA, JR and Surrey Dave.  Depart 14:15 arr Southwater 16:20.  sign says open, girl says closed.  No tea.  Saddle up and push on to Cranleigh for chips (with Police escort) and leave Kim’s glasses in chippie.  Arrive Mrs Deeks 19.45ish.  EN and AP join at Mrs Deeks.  Excellent dinner at Seahorse despite lack of cheese & port – we were 10 of the 15 customers for the night (food orders till 9:30!).  36.5 miles


Sat 24 March 2007     Return from Downslink ride

Chinthurst hill – then to Cranleigh to retrieve KB-Ss glasses form the chip shop.  RT Meets us at Baynards, having left Findon at 08:00 – tea and buns at Southwater (baked Jacket and beanz for Adam!) – mend puncture for kiddie and PT simultaneously – PT JR and Surrey Dave leapfrog peloton at Steyning, regroup at base of Llama Lane – MA rides up.  74.5 miles total, so 38 miles today for us, 57 for RT!!


Sat 31 March 2007     7.30am Saturday ride The Amberley Loop

RT PT KBS FL – overcast and with the wind blowing from the north, the peleton rode up through Muntham to the SDW, past Chantry car park and on to Amberley mount on the SDW, descending to again find the Riverside tea rooms closed.  Turning south, we regain the SDW via South Stoke, up the hill into the wind at the last climb.  Return via Collarbone Alley to leave KBS at Tolmare and descend Long Furlong to Findon.  16.6 miles


April 2007

Sat 7 April 2007 7.30am Trek’n’Henfield

RT PT JR KBS Phillip T.  Set off at 07:45 up Stable lane to SDW and Langmead.  Admire view over mist in Weald.  Descend concrete road then to castle roundabout and up Castle Lane to Downslink.  Arrive at Truffles at 09:10 for their £3.50 brek.  Back down Downslink, to Bramber roundabout then south to Annington to climb up SDW back to Langmead, turn south before Chanctonbury to return with a last post by RT PT and KBS from the junction down Stable Lane, arrive 12:00.  23.73 miles at finish, sunny and clear.


Sat 14 April 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – CB – Cote Street

CB PT RT JR KB-S and FL climb up church hill to descend through mud-free and bluebell carpeted Clapham woods to the A27, turn left and climb back up Cote Street.  Right turn at the top of Cote street takes us to Salvington, left on to potholey road and through car park into woods.  Follow KB-S along tricky path through woods to emerge on track by Salvington mast.  Cross Long furlong at Tolmare, and take Collarbone lane to Muntham and A24 back to Findon.  EN joins for fine brek chez CB, with spreadable turkish delight from Fortnum’s.  9.3 miles.


Sat 21 April 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

FL and KB-S do Clapham Woods and Angmering Park, among the bluebells.  FL breaks rib.  Mrs Leroux expresses her view by telephone, forcefully.

PT goes for short ride though local woods, back by 07:15!


Sun 22 April 2007 London Marathon – CB


Mon 23rd – Sat 28th April 2007 C2C ride – PT


May 2007

Sat 5 May 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

MA RT FL KB-S and PT climb Church Hill and revisit Clapham Woods for RT to mark the spot where FL broke a rib.  Down to A27/A281 junction, back along A27 and up the farm rack into Clapham Woods, returning to Findon via Church Hill after leaving KB-S to return to Rose’s cooking.  Remove barbed wire from RT’s rear tyre at Roger’s Farm.  7 miles, under cloud



Fri 11 May 2007 Ride to Streat (Nick Way Ride) – PT

MA ZA RT FL KB-S PT JR EN – Depart Findon 2:15 and pull into North Acres at 5:45.  At Pyecombe, above golf course, fix puncture for bloke on charity ride – his thankyou email to the website picked up by RT in December!  ZA stays to dine then drives home, after taxi duty to get us all to the pub.  Back via traditional route, up llama lane.


Sat 12 May 2007 Return from Streat


Sat 19 May 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

KB-S, FL MA and RT trip to the tank, after MA rides up from the beach.  Following tea at Nepcroft, MA returns home via Cissbury, Lancing and Shoreham.


Sat 26 May 2007 7.30am Lingalonga

PT, RT, JR, CB and FL climb over Cissbury to the Steyning road, and proceed on to Lancing college and cross the A27 to take the old footbridge over the Adur.  Following the Downslink southwards to a dead end, after a backtrack the Adur is re-crossed via the road bridge.  South at the petrol station roundabout leads us to the beach, and w follow the coastal cycle path (allegedly opened officially today) towards Worthing.  Cutting North over Ham Bridge, we cross Broadwater green, pass the Offington Park Club and head up through the Valley to a fine brek at the Lingalonga, courtesy of Mr Roche.  FL sadly declines the brek as Mrs L wants him back early, to assist in taking the family on holiday to Rome.  After brek, all return to Findon via Cross lane.  Overcast, with rain starting just as we reach home.  16.02 miles.


June 2007

Sat 2 June 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

RT PT MA do the Amberley loop to discover that the Tea Rooms open officially at 10 am.  Back down Collarbone Alley, RT and PT returning down Long Furlong while MA climbs and descends Church Hill with a spectacular knee-opening crash and loses mobile phone to boot.  Sadly no-one was there to sympathise.  16.5 miles, 10 more for MA..


Sat 9 June 2007 Trek’n’brek Tank – JR

JR CB MA FL PT RT and EN meet in sunshine in the Square to load the LSV, RT having brought the wheelybin noisily down from Nepcroft.  EN heads off for Kithurst Hill, while the peleton climbs up through Muntham to meet ZA incoming from Kithurst.  All proceed to Kithurst, where EN meets and greets with Buck’s Fizz.  ZA walks last bit with a puncture.  Transport to Tank, where PT and MA mend MA’s snapped chain (only its first or second outing since new).  Sumptuous brek, but low salt, the repack and return to Kithurst to mend FL’s snapped chain, repack LSV and proceed to Chantry car park to mend MA’s chain again.  Return to Findon without further mishap.  10 miles.


Sat 16 June 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

Only KB-S out east up the World’s Only Downhill Single Track Photographer Hill for a better climb from No Mans Land and up to the Memorial.  From there down to Steyning to have a go at Llama Lane before returning home and had the pleasure of Church Hill (in rain and very green chalk) – PT circles Ditchling and Wivelsfield –


Sat 23 June 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – Melrose Close (for KB-S)

PT pre-positioned the van at EN’s, and rode back to Findon to meet JR, RT and FL.  All set off up Long Furlong to the top of Church Hill, and then down through Clapham Woods to the A27.  Took a track westward, parallel and south of the A27 to end up in a field, climbing a gate to reach Titnore lane, then west to the roundabout to strike south, climbing Highdown.  Took in views from the top, in sunshine.  Down into Ferring, crossing the railway at a foot crossing protected by stiles, then down beside Ferring Rife to the beach.  East along the beach, then north to the Mulberry and along the main road to turn north and re-cross the railway at the College, just missing a passing steam train.  Sumptuous brek at Ewart’s, after AM joined us having biked from Findon after alarm clock malfunction, and ZA joined after having come by train from Rustington, and seen said steam train pass.  PT drove back, ZA to Station for train to London, JR to collect his car from Rustington, and RT FL and AM ride back to Findon in the sunshine.


Sat 30 June 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

RT, KB-S, ZA and CB (and/or possibly others – please correct if you can) scaled the North Face to Chanctonbury, and crossed to Langmead.  Reports are that CB suffered simultaneous punctures, leading to suggestions that the new bike should go back to the shop as it is clearly not of merchantable quality.


July 2007

Sat 7 July 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – KB-S (for EN)

RT PT and KB-S foregathered at the Square, and struck north to inspect the building works at Cranford before climbing through Muntham to the Tank, in bright sunshine.  Heading due south from the tank, across the field which so nearly robbed FL of teeth on his early ride without suspension, the trio reached Myrtle grove and took the traditional off-road climb to Lee farm and Tolmare.  EN joined us for a delightful brek, featuring bacons and sausages by Rose and scrambled eggs by Siri.


Sat 14 July 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

PT not out


Sat 21 July 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

PT not out


Sat 28 July 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

FL’s brake and gear levers were reset, to adjust for recently-fitted bar ends.  In bright sunshine PT, RT, FL and KB-S climbed through Muntham to the SDW, and visited the Amberley Tea Rooms (which were closed), returning by the traditional route and continuing along Collarbone Alley to leave KB-S at Tolmare while the others returned down Long Furlong.  Back to Findon at 10:15.  16.6 miles again.


August 2007

Sat 4 August 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

RT FL ZA MA PT CB and Trevor – grand turnout for a splendid sunny day.  Since Trevor was on his first exposure to the intricate social structure that is the FGCC, a shorter ride was called for.  We ascended Church Hill, then took Collarbone Alley to the new barn on the SDW before heading east towards the A24.  The peleton split, with FL and RT continuing to Chanctonbury, and the rest heading south through Windlesham school to cross the field by Muntham and descend to the A24 there.  FL and RT appeared at the foot of Stable Lane as we arrived in the Square.  A good day for punctures – CB had one already on arrival for the start, one was mended on the descent of Sullington, and FL discovered one on his return to the village.  8 miles for PT, more for FL and RT


Fri/Sun 10/11/12 August 2007 New Forest Circular and IOW – RRT


PT collects MA from No 10, JR from Offington Roundabout, and ZA from McDonalds carpark at Crossbush, then proceed to Brockenhust to park in the station car park.  20 mile circular tour to Lyndhurst via tracks to east of main road, returning to Brockenhurst after picnic lunch stop via circular loop west of main road.  RT arrives with FL and CB, and all proceed to Lymington with PT towing his and JR’s luggage on trailer.  Embark on ferry, waving ZA farewell as he catches train home.  Tea, and bickies from RT, on ferry.  Proceed to High Down Hotel, now with JR towing trailer.  Arrive 7 ish with 31 miles for the day.


All set off to climb to Needles Old Battery, then up to Tennyson memorial for stop, then downhill plummet to Freshwater, where swim/tea debate is resolved in favour of tea.  Visit keys memorial, for repaint while golf progresses.  Climb up to Tennyson trail, then down to road passing three girls.  Stop at road, where RT distributes KMC to all (including said three girls), and depart to climb next hill.  One girl passes PT, having given him a five-minute start, remarking that the KMC has “kicked in” nicely.  PT goes straight on instead of turning left at top, so all follow for downhill to road, where we turn north for Carisbrooke, stopping at Eight Bells for sandwich lunch and rehydration, JR and MA skipping lunch to head off to Ryde for the ferry (made 2:15 ferry in smart time).  Remaining four take detour to Halfords to pump up CB’s front shock, then to White Mountain for brake pads for FL.  Spell on road then path north along the Medina to Cowes, to thread through crowds at Cowes week.  Coastal path round Gurnard, but path closed due to erosion and we are diverted by road to Rew Street to take footpath (with stiles, corrugations, brambles etc) towards beach at Sticeletts Farm.  After a spell along the beach we climbed up into a mobile home holiday camp, and eventually escaped by finding the concealed entrance to the coastal path through a hedge.  Over stiles, past wrecked cars, and eventually hit the road again and turn right for Porchfield.  Past a tandem parked by the road with a sign “free to a good home”, but unable to take advantage! Pass through Shalfleet and Wellow.  Refuel stop at Thorley, scones courtesy FL, then continue by road via Wilmingham to turn right on to track leading to the disused railway from Yarmouth to Freshwater.  Down railway, right at end then left at Garage to long climb up to High Down.  42 miles for the day.


MA writes “John and I set a blistering pace from the usual haunt in Carisbrooke and reached Ryde pierhead at 14:00 (Lance Armstrong eat your heart out…) and said goodbye to the island on a ferry shortly thereafter and with only one officious “jobs worth” train company employee to mar the journey, arrived back in the Worthing environs at about 16:30.”.


Uphill out of pub with FL towing his and PT’s gear on trailer, to retrace yesterday’s route to the disused rly, then retrace Friday’s route to ferry, with a cash stop in Yarmouth.  Tea on ferry, then by A337 road out of Lymington, fork right towards Boldre, continue to Sandy Down then take track north to Roydon Manor and Brockenhurst.  Only one spill, when trailer hit root and flipped over.  PT loaded up the van and went home, having done 83 miles in total, while RT CB and FL left gear in RT’s car and went for a circular tour in the forest.  Details to be sought from RT.


RT writes “For the record, if that was the intention of the question, Messrs.  Budd, Leroux and yours truly initially intended to take one of the trails leading North and slightly east out of Brockenhurst to Lyndhurst and back down to Brockenhurst for about an hours’s ride.  Unfortunately we missed the relevant path, and instead took the road past the Rhinefield Park Hotel (the one where you want to take afternoon tea) and into the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, continuing along it across the A35.  Around a mile beyond we took a left turn, with the intention of taking a right and left to catch a trail that leads down to Burley.  Took the right turn early, and realising that we had made a mistake, we had to continue because M Leroux had insisted on dashing on ahead.  Eventually got onto the right trail and rode down into Burley.  Had a pint in the usual location and then rode back to Brockenhurst along the old railway line.  the one hour excursion finally taking around two and a half hours.”.


Sat 18 August 2007 7.30am Saturday ride – Brek & Henfield

PT RT FL and JR set off up stable lane in the threatening overcast.  Pausing by the gallops to fix FL’s puncture, RT (the little tinker) waited until the tyre was reinflated to point out the split in the tyre, so we could deflate it again to fix the split.  On to Henfield via Langmead, concrete road down Steyning Bowl (39.7mph), then Castle Lane to Downslink.  Bikes into back yard at Truffles, then leisurely brek with extra tea and toast so FL could enjoy Marmalade.  Back down Downslink to SDW, then climb SDW to Steyning Road and Langmead, past trig point and down Stable Lane again.  Rain held off, and southerly wind helped final climb to Langmead.  23 miles.


Sat 25 August 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

PT not out, but does 11 mile circuit of Plumpton and Wivelsfield


September 2007

Sat 1 September 2007 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – ZA

PT MA, RT, KB-S and JR meet and climb Church Hill, pass through Clapham woods to the Francis memorial, and down to the Furlong.  Turning back toward Findon we rode 200 yards or so down the Furlong, then turned left to climb to the top of Patching, and continued west to enter Angmering park.  KB-S prefers to ride near rather than on the tracks.  Exit the park on the outskirts of Angmering, challenged by farmer, and stop for MA’s puncture.  Through Ham Manor to the A27 at Sainsbury’s, then on road to skirt north of Rustington before arriving chez ZA at about 9:30 to meet EN.  Lavish brek ensues, after Kim’s unilaterally imposed abstinence from food is rectified.  ZA saddles up to join peleton back to Findon, while MA takes the coast route to No 10.  Steps substantially retraced to the exit from Angmering park, then past pumping station at corner of Long Furlong and to Myrtle grove and Tolmare and a farewell to KB-S.  Roll down the Furlong into Findon.  RT and JR home, PT and ZA return to Rustington by van.  1.7 miles in dry sunnyish conditions.


Sat 8 September 2007 7.30am Saturday ride


Sat 15  September 2007 7.30am Saturday ride


Fri 21 September 2007 Reg 14 – CB

MA JR RT PT CB KB-S and EN with LSV for dinner and brek.  Up Long Furlong, then right at Tolmare.  Roche memorial retouched and photographed as the peleton passed along Collarbone Alley.  Toby’s Stone restored after a decline from vandalism over recent years.  No walking up any of the hills (that’s Bury, Bignor and the climb up Littleton Down), for the first time in anyone’s recollection.  Budd memorial repainted and recorded, as new fence has been erected at the site.  Peleton arrived at Blue Bell at 6pm, and in the absence of the LSV repaired to the Greyhound (northward a mile or so) for rehydration until joined by EN.  Sue and Steve (the new folk at Moonlight Cottage, aka Reg’s) made MA RT KB-S and JR welcome, while Janet and Malcolm provided excellent hospitality to PT, CB and EN at the B&B opposite Ruth’s.  Excellent dinner at the Greyhound, with taxi return by MA to deliver drinkers to their digs (v much appreciated).


Sat 22 September 2007 Return from Reg

Return leg over to Singleton then left at East Dean to Forrestry Commission site at Droke, then stiff climb up through forest to Selhurst Park.  East along road and then take bridleway (straight on at T junction) to end up at Whiteways lodge for tea, after PT and JR have punctures on final climb.  Over the bridge at Amberley and complete the return along the Amberley loop.  Last post from above Muntham thwarted, despite dry conditions, by barbed wire at gun club gate.  Discussion of Reg 15 as a Gala occasion, at Moonlight Cottage, on 19 September 2008.  Evening meals are now available at MC, wines to be negotiated.


Sat 29 September 2007 7.30am Brek chez Francis

RT MA ZA PT KB-S and FL.  After repairing MA’s tyre (drawing pin from village notice board), the peleton set off up Stable Lane, and dropped down to climb into Gallops Farm.  Through the farm, turned right to climb up to the Cissbury-Chanctonbury track.  Cross it, and drop down the steep side into No Man’s Land, to climb up the tarmac side (past an iron cat’s eye!) to Langmead.  North to Bloody Norse corner, where memorial maintenance proceeded, and we then negotiated the rooty track through the woods to emerge in cloud and regain the SDW.  South back to Findon via the Cissbury-Chanctonbury track and Monarch’s Way to Nepcote Green and then to Nepfield close for a gallic feast of baguette, cheeses, fruit, croissants.  Damp but not raining.  Fred the dog quietly chews Kim’s camelback.


October 2007

Fri 5 October 2007 9.15pm NGN EPM

PT arrived at 21:10 and had a pint.  JR arrived at 22:10 and more pints were had.  Meting inquorate, despite apologies from KB-S.  No FGCC business was transacted.


Sat 6 October 2007 7.30 Saturday ride Lingalonga

JR PT RT MA and FL met to inspect the new van.  Approved.  Set off up Stable lane again to Gallops farm, and north to Buddington bottom.  Climbed up to Chanctonbury, and joined the SDW to Langmead.  Hurtle south down the tarmac track, and pass through Lychpole Farm to climb northward back up Cissbury to the green barn and then to the car park.  Last Post to Nepcroft, where RT and FL left the peleton.  PT MA and JR attempted a Last Post to the Lingalonga from Nepcroft, but managed only to reach May Tree Avenue, the first left turn in Findon Valley, before capitulating and pedalling towards a brek of the usual high standard at the Roche ancestral home.  PT and JR repaired to 8TC to minister to the Rockhopper, while MA headed home.  PT did 11 miles, but MA of course completed 21, having added 5 each way from No. 10.


Sat 13 October 7.30am Brek at Henfield

ZA FL JR KB-S RT and PT climbed stable lane and joined the SDW to Langmead, then down the road into Steyning and through to the Downslink.  ZA turned back before we left the town, to avoid being late on parade for a wedding.  Peleton of 5 reached Truffles, for a hearty brek, adorned with the delight of introducing FL and KB-S to Patum Peperium (the Gentleman’s Relish).  Fortified, we planned to return by climbing from Steyning to Bloody Norse Corner, but this plan was discarded in favour of a route “well known” to Kim, round the north side of Chanctonbury.  Steyning High Street was the venue for Kim’s first crash of the day, when a dozy road biker simply stood in the way.  The second and third crashes involved logs unexpectedly lying across the trail (well, the trail that Kim found, running through the woods next to the bridleway).  Eventually reaching the car park at Chanctonbury, the peleton crossed the A24 to return to Findon through Windlesham and Muntham.


Sat 20 October 7.30am Saturday ride

PT not out – in Oxford


Sat 27 October 08.00am Trek ‘n lunch – PT

MA RT KB-S and ZA Findon/Henfield/HH, PT HH/Henfield/HH. RT up early, and ZA takes train to Shoreham. A fine dry sunny morning, with full moon and balloon over Truleigh Hill, as all make rendezvous at Truffles for brek.  East to Blackstone, then Sayers Common and a roadside stop to repair rear brake on ZA’s borrowed bike.  Pass Shelley Wood, then north out of BH and east off road to Rocky Lane and north to Kevin House.  EN and JN join us, and JA arrives as lunch is served.  ZA catches train from HH back, RT cadges lift back with LSV, while MA and KB-S set off to ride back.


MA writes “Yet again, the Turvey House hospitality was the highlight of the day although the ride back was not without incident…


Despite nearly missing the route a few times, Kim and I crossed the A23 at the appropriate bridge but alas, about half a mile south of the Friday-Ad offices in Sayers Common, we stopped on the grass verge to fix a puncture in Kim’s rear (tyre that is…).  No problem there I hear you say but disaster struck in that the black plastic-sheathed nut on the end of the axle spindle came off and disappeared into the long grass, never to be found again even though we spent the best part of an hour conducting what HM’s constabulary would call a fingertip search.

Nothing for it but Kim had to start pushing his bike to Henfield (from where I hope he was eventually collected by his good lady wife).  Meanwhile I rode ahead to see if I could acquire a substitute component form a suitable retailer in said village before closing time, alas to no avail.

Phoning Kim with this news I rode home via the usual route until the Bramber castle roundabout at which point I decided to head down Maudlin lane and go through Annington, Botolphs and Coombes to Lancing College; surprisingly I had never ridden the section between the South Downs Way turning to the Adur bridge and the College before.  Thence down through Shoreham Airport and home along the seafront which was as usual, unfortunately including a fairly fierce head wind for the last four miles along the coastal path.


Altogether a marvellous day…”


November 2007

Sat 3 November 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

PT not out – RT writes:

Saturday ride attended by MA, KBS and yours truly.

A glorious morning with RT wanting to be in open countryside in the warm sunshine, but KBS yet again itching to find pathways through forests.  So we set off up Church Hill, through Clapham wood, down past the Church car park.  Along a short section of the A280 to take the steep pathway up to the car park above Patching, RT having expressed a wish to go by the road past the church instead (no joy again).  Along the down and into Angmering Park estate woods to experience again the Flying Dane’s insistence of going in amongst the trees along non-existent pathways that he insists were there last time, only to end up on the main bridleway that one has just left.  We proceeded to the other side not far from the Chestnut Tree house, looped back to the North and back to where we had entered the woods.  Out into the sunshine at last, down to the pumping station at the bottom of Long Furlong, up the driveway to Leigh Farm, but turned off to take the path to Muntham.  No incidents to report, but another most enjoyable ride.

MA writes:

A good report and accurate report from RT except that he neglected to mention the frequent “I think I know where I am, let’s just try down here” from Kim as we meandered through Angmering Park Estate.  I did at one point get the compass out…  Still as Richard said, another most enjoyable occasion and I managed the ride back to East Worthing without incident.


Sat 10 November 2007 7.30am Trek’n’brek – Team Lingalonga

RT JR PT KB-S and FL assembled at the appointed hour.  After a climb up Church hill from Roger’s Farm, the peleton headed down through Clapham Woods to meet the A27.  Leaders of the peleton wereat the lower end of Cote St when Mr Thomas’ absence was felt, and a U turn executed to find him still at the A27, struggling with an uncooperative pump. Tube mended, we returned to Cote St where both PT’s tyres deflated, the result of riding through freshly cut thorn bushes.  An audacious gallic repair technique is to excise the thorns with a household nail, while the more measured and circumspect of us favour pliers.  Further up Cote St PT’s front tube gave up the ghost and had to be replaced.  Reaching the top, FL and KB-s had had to break for home.  Mrs B-S was to ride in an all-women event (blatant sexism – should be banned) so the Flying Dane was on house duty, as was FL pending the return of Mrs L from India.  RT PT and JR continued down Bost Hill and across the Gallops to the Lingalonga for the customary brek, enhanced with black pudding, before the return up the valley.  Only 9 miles, but an awful lot of puncture repairs.


Fri 16  Not Gala Night @ Ghurka Tandoori – PT KB-S JR ZA MA FL EN RT CB


Sat 17 November 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

KB-S, FL, MA – (PT and RT indisposed)

KB-S writes: First a big thank you for another enjoyable NGN. Especially I want to thank Mark for taxiing us all home after the event.

The next day Mark, Francis and I had a refreshing ride. Mark had – as usual – ridden all the way from Worthing and could tell of a very strong wind. Hence, we first headed up past the very quiet house of Mr Thomas to check if we could trace any life (no). Instead we continued our way across the green and up the the single track (the Monarch’s Way) where the same Mr. Thomas once tried the difficult discipline of racing downhill while taking photo of the passing landscape. We rode straight on and ended soon in No Mans Land Valley where we turned right and had a long nice ride of a mile until we reached the new green gate. Here we headed left and climbed the short steep hill we all know so well.. Unfortunately, on his way up Mark suffered a painful knee that bothered him for the rest of the ride. After a short break we raced down to Lychpole Farm and returned along the big open landscape to Cissbury Ring. Despite Mark’s knee we agreed to climb our way up to Cissbury along the little single track that almost gave Adam a heart attack when he joined me and Zach on the same climb.

At the top, Mark rode back to Worthing and Francis and I crossed Cissbury Ring and came back the Car Park via the little goat track.

We ended back in Findon 9 o’clock. Great ride – you should have been there 🙂


And now I can reveal a very surprising discovery. The missing nut, Mark and I couldn’t find on our way back from Haywards Heath (and sent me on a 5 km long walk back to Henfield) has turned up !!!!

It happened when I put winter tyres on my bike. Just when I took the old tyre off, I heard a pling and the nut fell down. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I didn’t see where it came from but I think it may been trapped in the wheel in some way. What a surprise. What a surprise.


Sat 24 November 2007 7.30am Saturday ride

MA rode up from No 10 to meet PT, RT, FL and KB-S, for what was to have been a brek at Henfield.  FL and KB-S being constrained for time, we decided to traverse the Amberley loop, and those with time would brek at the Roche ancestral home.  Ice on the puddles on the SDW, and a fine view of the Amberley wild brooks in flood and frosty.  Attention to RT’s rear mech led to suggestions that a new bike was overdue.  RT and PT were much ribbed by those who had managed to rouse themselves for a ride after the NGN festivities of the previous week.  PT’s lack of exercise showed (not been on bike for two weeks, even to station).


December 2007

Sat 1 December 7.30am Brek’n’Henfield

JR, KB-S FL RT and PT set out up stable lane, and along the SDW to Langmead.  Down the concrete road into steyning (PT maxxed out at 44mph).  FL turned back as we left Steyning, due to time constraint.  Peleton then proceded out to the Downslink, reaching it in 50 minutes from Findon (including a puncture).  Sumptuous brek, with extra tea and toast, and all for £21.  Loyalty stickers all round.  Back by climbing up Steyning Bostal on the road, to Langmead.  Return leg more difficult, due to strong westerly wind which accounted for quick time on outward leg. V wet alongside Downslink, but bright and sunny.


Sat 8 December 7.30am Saturday ride

RT PT MA and FL assembled at the appointed hour, clouds threatening.  After a climb up Church hill from Roger’s Farm, the peleton headed down through Clapham Woods via Holt Lane to meet the A27.  Ascending Cote St, we turned right for Salvington, Left past the mill, and right down Mill Lane since Bost Hill was closed for repairs.  A sharp left at the bottom of Mill Lane took us through the trees to the Gallops, and then we rode down to the Lingalonga for a convivial brek, enhanced with black pudding.  We left MA to descend to Worthing, before the returning up the valleyin the drizzle.  Only 9 miles for  RT PT and FL, but 19 for MA.


Sat 15 December 7.30am Saturday ride


PT not out due to arriving home at 05:30 after work Christmas bash. KB-S,  RT and FL complete the Amberley Loop, MA riding up from Worthing and returning at the tank turn.


Sat 22 December – Avery Extravaganza


PT departs HH before dawn (07:50) to arrive without incident at Truffles by 09:00.  FL, RT, RT(jnr) and MA arrive 09:20 and brek of the usual standard ensues.  Returning to Steyning, we follow the river past the bridge (now with slope instead of steps up to it) and on down the west riverbank until joining the road just north of Lancing College.  Over the A24, through the airport, and back along the coast to No 10.  Bike hosing brought forth unnerving noises from PTs headset.  EN, JN, SN, MA(Margaret), CT(Carole), CT(Carol) and LT and ZA joined us there, as did SL (Mrs FL) and their two EL and EL.  Julie excelled herself with the nibbles, dips, kedgeree, le rosbif, ham, puds, cheese, hot punches and general abundance of fine victuals. Conviviality ensued until duties variously called at about 4.  PT logged 24 miles.


Sat 29 December

RT, PT (Philip), FL and PT climbed up through Muntham to the tank, ignoring FL’s attention-seeking nosebleed as best we could.  East from the tank to descend by the trees, then left but not right towards Myrtle grove, but east again over two dips to reach a track leading north to the SDW.  Rejoined by chantry car park and returned via collarbone alley to Long furlong, where FL descended for home while the rest went over Church Hill to Salvington and down across the Gallops (via the zigzag path) to the Lingalonga for a bumper brek. About 12 miles


Ride Stats 2007





6/01/07           X X   X X   11.7 Steyning
13/01/07               X X X X 17.5 Amberley
20/01/07             X   X X   18.5 Burpham
27/01/07           X X X X X X 22 Henfield
03/02/07         X   X   X X   17.6 Amberley
10/02/07 X       X   X X X X X 10 Tank
17/02/07         X     X X X   24 Henfield
24/02/07 X     X X X   X X X   16 Lancing
03/03/07           X   X X X   22 Henfield
10/03/07               Fr Fr Fr     PT RT MA to France to get MA’s new steed
17/03/07         X X   X X X X 19.5 4 Peaks
24/03/07   X   X X X X X X X X 74.5 Downslink
31/03/07         X   X   X X   16.6 Amberley
07/04/07           X X   X X   23.7 Henfield
14/04/07   X   X X X X   X X   9.3 Cote Street and Bacons
21/04/07         X   X           Clapham/Angmering Park
28/04/07                         C2C
05/05/07         X   X X X X   7 Clapham Woods
11/05/07       X X X X X X X X 44 Streat
19/05/07               X   X   10 Tank
26/05/07   X     X X     X X   16 Lancing, Shoreham
02/06/07               X X X   16.5 Amberley
09/06/07   X   X X X   X X X X 10 Tank brek
16/06/07             X           No-Mans Land
23/06/07                         Melrose Close
30/06/07   X       X X       X   Chanctnb’ry, Langmead
07/07/07       X     X   X X   11 Brek at Tolmare Farm
28/07/07         X   X   X X   15 Amberley Loop
04.08.07   X     X     X X X X 8 SDW barn, Windlesham
10/08/07   X     X X   X X X X 84 IOW
18/08/07         X X     X X   23 Brek at Henfield
01/09/07       X   X X X X X X 17.7 Brek at Rustington
21/09/07   X   X   X X X X X   45 Reg 14
29/09/07         X   X X X X X 9 Brek chez Francis
05/10/07         X X   X X X   11 Lingalonga Brek
12/10/07         X X X   X X X 22 Brek at Henfield
26/10/07       X     X X X X X 23 Turvey House Lunch
03/11/07             X X   X   9 Clapham Woods
10/11/07         X X X   X X   9 Cote St and Lingalonga
17/11/07         X   X X         No Man’s Land and Cissbury
24/11/07         X   X X X X   15 Amberley Loop
01/12/07         X X X   X X   22 Henfield
08/12/07         X     X X     9? Cote Street, Lingalonga
15/12/07         X   X X   X   15 Amberley loop
22/12/07       X X     X X X X   Averys’ lunch
29/12/07         X       X X   12 Tank and Lingalonga