2012.08 August

Saturday 4th August – 7.30am ride
Expats day – PT and MA met in the Square at 07:30 and, in the absence of indigenous Gentlemen, set off up Stable Lane to take in Bloody Norse Corner to inspect RT’s memorial. Some remedial work will be needed, if the memorial is to be brought up to the standard of the newly flattenned, widened and generally tarted-up track leading up to it from the woods.

Carefully descending to Steyning, with MA sliding about on a smoothish front tyre, a restrained brek was taken at Truffles (their resident breakfasting gents were in ample evidence). A severe blasteet was repaired prior to a trip down the Downslink and over the wooden bridge to the beach via the airport, against the wind. Along the beach to No 10 for a refreshing cuppa, and then PT took the road to Findon.

19.5 miles each, as MA had already done the bit up to Findon.

Saturday 11th August – 7.30am ride

Saturday 18th August – 7.30am ride
RT and PT only – and a reprise of the circuit taking in Cissbury car park, north towards Chanctonbury and then right on the SDW to skirt through the woods to Bloody Norse Corner. RT disappeared behind a tree to touch up his memorial. . .
Down to Steyning, admiring the view
then an early bird brek at Truffles. Down to the beach via the downslink, where we passed two well-panniered Dutch lady cyclists, and over the wooden bridge to the airport, then along the prom (it’s always into the wind) and up Heene Road to Offington, Mill Lane and the Gallops.
23 gloriously sunny miles.

Saturday 25th August – 7.30am ride
MA & PT.
RT arrived to find MA just completing the repair of a blasteet that had resulted from changing his tyres from the super slip style one of a previous ride.
A wet morning in prospect and a need to complete by around 10.30 so the Amberley loop was selected as the route. By the time we had reached the SDW the rain was descending in torrents and shoes were full of water in spite of overboots and “waterproof” socks, the wind adding to the fun- we kept reminding ourselves that we were having fun!
The wisdom of descending Amberley Mount was debated but we decided to continue, with Mark experiencing a little lie down courtesy of the green chalk just before Amberley Mount. Miraculously a tyre lever that had gone missing at Pond Green car park appeared at the scene of the crash.
Rain cleared and we had more or less dried out by the time we got back to GD’s office, where MA’s back brake was causing problems – siezing. Temporary fix enabled a slow return via the cemetery.
Total 16.3 miles

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