2020-01 January

FGCC rides in January 2020.

Saturday 4th January 08.00am ride.

A reasonably large peloton for a Saturday morning ride – New Year’s resolutions to the fore?

ZA, KBS, PT, JR, TK, Jake (JB), RT.

Usual deliberations as to the route and as Jake Bezalel was introduced to those present (see previous Saturday’s encounter) and to inspect his ultra-clean bike. However this was not the e-bike seen the previous week but a non-electric Scott, clearly having observed the solely pedal powered peloton last week – keeping up with FGCC standards on his first ride!

RT wanted to get back to the village so that brother Philip could join the brek so route to the tank and back via Lee Farm and Chantry post selected. Ground conditions greatly improved in comparison to a couple of weeks ago when RT and MA battled their way through the mud to the Avery bash. However the last section of the route down to the tank off the SDW proved more like crashing through the jungle as a result of tree falls with the recent weather. Time to reminisce at the tank location and then back through the bushes and the long straight down to Lee Farm, up to Chantry Post and back to Findon with the peloton splitting at Puckamuk corner either going straight down to the A24 or returning to Findon via Church Hill.

Total 11 miles and 933 ft (Strava).

TAMIT: Jake for demonstrating conformity to FGCC standards immediately upon his first ride?

A later communication from Mr Roche adds the following footnote to the ride report

BTW, if it’s not too late to add important information to last week’s blog: I think the ‘icing on the cake’ for the ride was at Dee-Dees afterwards where a perfect demonstration of expeditious time management and TEMKEK was shown by Mr. Tim Kersley, FGCC:
After the ride and whilst we awaited the advent of food for brek, Mr Kersley managed to find the time to:
1. Go home.
2. Wash his bike (no surprise there)
3. Mend a puncture.
4. Stow the bike (no doubt in the new shed).
5. Go indoors.
6. Have a shower.
7. Have a domestic with one of the staff at Kersley Towers – no doubt giving corrective briefings and uttering such expressions as: “where you’re going wrong is”.
7. Return to Dee Dees.
All before brek manifested itself before the rest of us. Now that’s what I call a class act!
Am representing you all in Monmouth today with little else to do (can’t you tell?)!
To which Mr Kersley added:

For the purposes on an accurate record ( and thereby maintaining standards) I should add that the following should be added to the list

6a. consume a perfectly prepared scrambled egg on toast. ( prepared by the junior chef at kersley towers)

TAMIT: TK for TEMKEK and expeditious time management of FGCC time


Saturday 11th January 08.00am ride

A record turnout for a post-APM ride?
A reverse Shoreham loop ride selected as being one for which the majority of the track should be ok and with the wind behind for the coastal section.  Rogers Farm, the Gallops, Salvington and then the main road down to W Worthing crossing. Straight on down to the sea front in time to get through before the Worthing fun run started. However, by the time we got to the Lancing section the run there had started, necessitating weaving through the crowd. Round to Shoreham airport for an excellent brek at Truffles – eggs benedict or eggs royale for most – but with the peloton splitting and ZA and TK heading straight home. After the brek a cycle round the airport and a squidgy ride up to Lancing clump at which point some were grateful for JR experiencing a blasteet and being able to rest. Onwards and across the Steyning road and to Cissbury car park where PT suffered a blasteet and at which point we were met by Mrs T & Mrs B dog walking. Back to Findon.
Total 17.4 miles and 797 ft climbed (Strava)
TK adds – “On today’s ride I have to report an improvement in standards from our ‘faffmeister’ …
on heading from shoreham airport home we climbed the mud lined trail from lancing college to lancing clump and ontowards the bostal road , where just as predicted by the TV we encountered and excess of ‘blastite’ material from the hedge trimming of late 2019. The TV immediately suffered a front puncture .. but in marked contrast to previous experience … immediately hopped off his bike , removed the tyre from his bike , had the tyre off ( before my gloves were off) and proceeded to complete a prompt puncture repair, repacking of equipment and  replacement of tyre and wheel , reinflation of tyre ( before I could get my gloves back on) .. I didn’t record the time but guess this was no more than 8 minutes
The TV is in this context ‘virtually Faff free’ ..TAMIT

Saturday 18th January 08.00am ride


A cold and frosty start with icy patches on the road making a pleasant change from all the rain. 2.5 peaks route selected initially as JB needed to get back relatively early.

Cissbury car park and over towards SDW and Chanctonbury stopping for a photo at the top of Llama lane, then up to Chanctonbury. Quick drop down to Washington on the SDW and then across the A24. PT elected to stick to the original route with an agreed re-grouping point and the remaining peloton headed up to High Barn and towards Muntham meeting PT on the way. Time being on our side we completed the 4 peaks via a slippery and challenging Church hill to head for a brek at Dee Dee’s.


The peloton at the top of Llama lane

Total: 11 miles 1,500 ft JB’s app

10.6 miles 1,066 ft (Strava)

10.6 miles 1,099 ft (Plotaroute)

Four peaks ride








Saturday 25th January 08.00am ride


A Henfield visit selected with a visit to Truffles for brek. Just as we were setting off JR started to suggest an alternative brek location. However, CB was on a bit of a time limit and shot up Stable Lane, but with RT having to slowing the peloton because of his chain locking due to rusting up from the previous ride. To  SDW and down the Bostal into Steyning, King’s Barn Lane and onto the Downslink to Henfield.

At Truffles PT decided to take charge of brek ordering getting hold of one of the waitresses notepads and pencil and sashaying in to be our “waitress” of the moment. All went well and just as he was checking the order someone spotted a special offer leading to many changes and the tearing up of the original list and PT declaring that maybe waitressing wasn’t as much fun as he thought. Brek was fine and plenty.

Return journey via Downslink and concrete road at top of which CB had to speed off ahead to meet his deadline, allowing the peloton to stop for a breather. SDW and Stable lane back to Findon.

Henfield ride

Total: Satmap says 21.1 miles and 1,899 feet climbed

Strava 22.33 miles (from Nepcroft) & Height climbed 1,639ft

JB app 34.4km (21.5 miles) and 812m (2,664 ft) ???

TAMIT: PT the Not-waitress award for getting confused by changes in brek orders to take advantage of special offers.