2020-11 November

FGCC solo or paired rides in lock-down November.

Saturday 7th November 08.00am ride

AM reports:


Up to Cissbury car park. Across to the Southdowns Way
 Southdowns way to Botolphs, Downs Link to
Shoreham. Bacon bap and Cappucino at Toast next to the legendary Teddy’s. Onward to Shoreham Fort and the turn. Seafront to Ferring, Up Sea Lane and back along Ilex way to Goring, over the bridge at Durrington up to the 259, up Stone Lane and to the valley Findon paper shop and home. Cateye says
29.1 miles. Beautiful day and a variety of vistas from the downs to the sea.

JR reports:

How could any mere mortal even contemplate trying to augment the fine reference text from Andy as shown above; however I feel moved to describe my own experiences on this most restrictive of days:
I awake to realise that (by the butcher’s clock) I was late on parade at the square. I also found that I was a man under authority and my services were required to exercise mere canine creatures!
Previous national legislation had been augmented by input from my local legislator banning me from most activities that didn’t involve me in work for the common good plus the occasional drawing of breath. However by mid-afternoon a gap in the defences was noticed and an opportunity to slip one’s collar was seized upon.
At this point it occurred to the hero of our story that (as below) perfection could not be improved upon. As such an expedition was envisaged that copied the fine route previously carved out by the author and one, Mr. T Kersley FGCC (c/o Kersley Towers, England), AKA the Autumn colours ride, (at this point add in a copy and paste action from the blog of two weeks previous).
However, after reaching the Sompting Road the desire for artistic re-interpretation took over and yours truly dived west on to the South Downs Way but still achieved Steyning in the same way as did the original pioneers of this fine route. The desire for re-design again took over once the westward trek from Llama lane had been completed. This involved a return to World HQ via Chanctonbury Ring. An attempt at the ‘Last Post’ was thwarted by darkness, two pedestrians  and the desertion of courage.
A mere 20 miles with no idea about elevation.
RT reports for ZA & himself:
Hovering around Pond Green in case any other gentleman might appear for a cover-compliant ride with one other, and with none appearing, RT set off on an Amberley loop ride to enjoy the views there in fine weather. Route start was via School Hill and across the field to Collarbone Alley, at which point a cry from the gate above the crematorium signalled the presence of none other than our Team Chaplain who was coincidentally set on the same route – I suspect that a bit of faffing may well have resulted in his passing Pond Green just after the 08.10 time and just after I had left. At the top of Kithurst Hill ZA experienced a blasteet and fair to say but that his extensive experience of blasteets lately resulted in a reasonably speedy repair.
The route took us via the vineyards to enjoy the glorious sight of the hidden valley with mist in its depths:
An otherwise uneventful ride in pleasant company on a fine day
Total 17.2 miles and 1,448 ft according to Strava

Saturday 14th November 08.00am ride

AM reports:

Down to Rogers farm, across the gallops and down Mill lane. Across the A27 and down to Stone Lane. Along A259 to the Yeoman’s R/about.Down Limbrick Lane past number 69
(our first house in Worthing.) and under the railway line. Down to the Mulberry and along Ilex Way to Sea Lane Ferring. Down to the seafront along to Shoreham fort, pausing for coffee and ciabatta at Splash Point. Back to the new footbridge and over to Shoreham High St. Along the Downslink to the wooden bridge,
and up to the A27. Along to the Lancing R/about left into the wind, right along Crabtree leading eventually to Sompting and the Lyons farm lights.Along A27 on the cycle path to Offington R/about up the valley and home.
Cateye tells me 26.19 miles. Avoided the rain and the southerly wind was not much of a problem. See you all sometime soon. Plotaroute 25 miles & 656ft climbed

RT & TK; JR & KBS; ZA (on road bike with hybrid tyres) – riding in pairs and a solo on a last colours ride

ZA reports:

Two pelotons of 2 + a Pelotone made their way to Worthing Seafront – ZA on road bike via Offington Lane, Rectory Road and Grand Avenue; RT, KB-S & TK, JR via F.V. Gallops (Ashacre Lane?).

Extensive engineering works at W Worthing Level Crossing meant that the road was closed, so use was made of the subway linking platforms at W Worthing Station. The efficiency/productivity of rail engineers, directly employed by Network Rail as well as those employed by contractors working for NR, was the subject of a brief but nonetheless erudite and informative lecture by Mr Tim Kersley, ‘Our Man in Milton Keynes’ at a location on the Seafront that seemed to lend itself to that purpose (small partially enclosed area adjacent to Canadian Memorial).

Assisted by westerly wind, and before the crowds assembling to hear Tim speak got so large as to make social distancing impossible, 2 + 2 +1 -> Shoreham where we partook of refreshment procured (takeaway) from La Patisserie, in East Street. Thence Western Rd, Hebe Rd, Swiss Gardens, Connaught Ave to Downslink; N to Bramber r’abt, Castle Lane, Roman Rd, Kings Lane, Cripps Lane, Vicarage Lane, Church St, High St, Horsham Rd, across A283 towards Ashurst.

2 + 2 turned L onto a Bridleway (which I believe eventually brought them out onto Spithandle Lane) whilst I continued towards A’hurst before turning left in Spithandle Lane. 2 + 2 crossed A283 at Buncton Crossroads up lane past c/park for Chanctonbury shortly after which they turned R, heading W around base of Chanctonbury, joining SDW to cross A24 and returning via Windlesham (I obtained this info from JR who I saw walking with Lyn + their dogs this a.m.)

From Buncton Crossroads, I had taken A283, turning left into Washington thence up to A24 and thence back to Findon

JR adds:

Perfect descriptions of perfect rides. Representing the off-road contingent of the southern wing I would like to add text about the additional enjoyment experienced – not withstanding the presence of the Club Chaplain and Official historian during the tarmac and Downslink phases – as described below:
1. After the earlier sermon, the way that this same younger member later ceded to seniority to seek avuncular advice from a more mature member of his peloton about the origins and complexities of the Mason-Dixon line and the influence that our club-figure-head monarch, Charles II had on its inception. Myself having not a clue the club historian was again sought to make a ruling! An interesting lecture ensued about the need for any monarch (fleeing from an enemy), to dress down and generally behave in a less dignified and slovenly way in order to not attract attention. Personally I have never had trouble in doing the first bit but tend to attract rather than repel attention, especially after the pubs shut!.
2. The almost gasping-for-breath level of appreciation shown by the flying Brit once we had reached the off-road bridleway en-route to Spithandle Lane, we having thus far only ridden on hard surfaces.
3. The marvelous colours experienced through the woods at Wiston.
Let this ride be known as the last chance colours ride as leaves will surely have fallen by next week.
Total ZA 26.1 miles and 1,004ft climbed .
ZA’s route

Total JR, KBS & RT, TK – 27.9 miles & 1,362 ft climbed

2 + 2 route

Saturday 21st November 08.00am ride

Individual or paired rides.

AM reports:

Late on parade this morning. Had a bit of trouble getting a pedal off to replace with a much wider one. Gallops, down to Goring by a fairly roundabout route. Ilex Way to Ferring. Then into uncharted territory trying to find a way to get to EP off road. Through Ferring Country Centre or whatever it’s called and aling a very muddy bridle path which led nowhere. Forced onto a footpath across a field to the railway line. Crossed the line and across another field back to the A259 at the EP roundabout. Along to Clymping via cycle path.

Down to the beach looking for a way back to Littlehampton. Footpath only. Back to the A259 back to Clymping School. Followed byway sign which just took me back to the Clymping beach carpark and no bridlepaths.
Lots of footpaths crowded with dog walkers. Back to Clymping school over to West Beach via the road, Cafe closed so back to Worthing via Seafronts and through a confusing web of back streets back to Findon Valley and home.
Cateye says 38.1 miles. A great ride with an interesting mix of road, track, cycle path and plenty of mud. (Interestingly Plotaroute says only 25 miles and 656ft – presumably AM route faffing being the difference)
CB comments:

I’ll be riding this morning to go to the next village and I’ll make a bit of a loop while out.  The lockdown rules here mean that I haven’t left our village boundary for a week now but this morning I have a valid excuse to visit the next village as there is nowhere here that I can get a spark plug for the chainsaw!

I’ll submit my mileage for the bling as I’ll be out sort of at the correct time gmt. (Plotaroute 7.74 miles and 1,188ft)

PT comments that his ride is much less remote than CB’s. (Plotaroute 15.1 miles & 781ft)
ZA, JR + TK, RT pairs on same route
JR initially proposed a very similar route to last week as he was clearly desperate to see his potential fiancee in Truffles Steyning, especially as his previous plans to see her had been foiled by our taking a break at Shoreham instead. RT keen to ride in a different direction (e.g. Arundel) but seeing JR’s stress a compromise route was agreed going over the top via Belsen for Bacons to Steyning and returning via Shoreham and the sea front – into a strong westerly wind. No incidents of much note other than RT’s rear shock decided to suddenly start spewing its oil out.

JR’s version of events:

For the record, and in case we have to testify in court or to the local constable, the riders on Saturday were:
Mr. Tim Kersley, Mr. J Roche. Mr Richard Thomas and the Rev. Z Allen.
However dear reader, don’t be lulled into thinking that a definite and planned route was immediately decided upon. A firm resolution was passed that we should head for Arundel …….. therefore, after 10 minutes or so of industrial-level faffing by all, we set off for Steyning!
Two discrete pelotons were formed which, accidentally/coincidentally, seemed to follow (eventually) approximately the same route, as accurately logged by our TM.
Natural distancing took place and the club historian and myself were able to hold important discussions about the Civil War. Because of legal statutes passed by legislators, in both Westminster and locally at World HQ and the consequential distancing limits applied by my local medical advisor – AKA the club nurse (retired) –  I am unable to report on the other FGCC peloton’s discussions, as these fine young athletes made steady progress ahead and towards Steyning.
Coincidentally, when Zach and I joined the queue for take-away brek at Truffles in Steyning who should we find there but Richard and Tim.
After a splendid take-away we then assumed that the planned ride home via Spithandle Lane would begin. …….. therefore, after 10 minutes or so of industrial-level faffing by all, we set off for Shoreham.
Our return was  via the airport and into the wind at Shoreham beach. Thence to Grand Avenue and West Worthing railway crossing. At this point a milestone event in the club’s history occurred. For the first time on a Satudya morning we enjoyed a second morning coffee stop. From there it was the work of a moment to agree the usual route home via Tarring, Mill Lane etc.
A splendid ride in good company, enhanced by the certain knowledge that around the globe other FGCC members were following our lead.

To which PT comments

John’s informative report of Saturday’s proceedings, as well as exonerating all concerned from any suspicion of violating either national or supplementary local lockdown regulations, clearly demonstrates the relationship between caffeine and faffing as being one of inverse proportion.
Perhaps there is a physiological effect, possibly a substance naturally secreted by the human body, which causes this characteristic faffing behaviour.  It should be called “Faffeine”, as it is apparently neutralised by caffeine.
(Plotaroute total 25.8 miles and 1,253 ft).

MA reports:

Gentlemen, V late reporting what was really only a token ride but every outing counts! (Plotaroute total 6.3 miles and 108ft)

Saturday 28th November 08.00am ride

AM first off the blocks for a report, again:

Cissbury car park – SDW- Bost Hill into Steyning – Downslink to Shoreham -Shoreham Fort – Seafront to Sea Lane Ferring- East along Ilex  way to Goring- Up to The gallops through
Goring, Durrington, High Street, paper shop and home. 29.5 miles. Beautiful day, bacon sandwich and coffee at Toast on the Coast
and a chat with a couple of ebikers in the sunshine outside the Patisserie. missed tje meeting last night. tried to get in but no luck.
Six again next Saturday. Plotaroute total 29.9 miles and 1,165ft
MA reports:
My ride this morning.

Taking full advantage of the 10minute rule, I left at quarter past and made my way to the seafront at Sea Place via The Spotted Cow and the byway down the side if Angmering bypass. Along to Climping Beach then back to Toddington, with a detour to West Beach, taking the footpath through the old nurseries ( v muddy!) to the track to Poling. Along the footpath behind the church, and across the fields back to Angmering. Plotaroute total 18.7 miles and 423 ft.

PT’s ride:

I offer my own effort of today to add to the reports already in, which was a road jaunt up to the woods at Baynards, climb over to the Downslink and follow it to Christ’s Hospital, then the road over Castle Hill into Horsham, as below: Plotaroute total 18.3 miles and 1,083ft
The Findon 2 + 2 group – RT/TK & ZA/JR:
A route west selected for a change. Up school hill and across the field to Collarbone Alley and over to Chantry Lane, passing Mrs Allen just above Muntham. Down to Lee Farm and the Gallops to the Burpham road and into Arundel for take-away baguettes and tea/coffees by the riverside, where we were treated to a sermon on bridges and the Dutch dominance of  coastal dredging by the bridge consultant TK. Route back via Burpham and SDW but just at the top of Muntham our team chaplain suffered a deflated rear. Whilst he was demonstrating his much speedier tyre repairs who should screech to a halt by us but Team Chaplain’s number one son, a second meeting of an Allen leading to the suggestion that that section of track be renamed “Allen Alley”. Back to Findon via the crematorium. Plotaroute total 21.2 miles and 1,686ft.