2015.03 March

FGCC rides and events in March 2015

Saturday 7th March 08.00am ride
Surprise participation by the Flying Dane due to Lewes farmers market restricting numbers of stalls.
Clear skies promised a fine spring ride. Route up Cissbury over to Coombe Farm and down to Lancing College entrance at which point ZA and KBS returned to Findon via Lancing hill, but only after a good long session of the group talking utter b*ll*cks as is the norm.
RK and RT continued to Shoreham for a brek at Truffles and plenty of banter and abuse from one member of staff (well ok the abuse might have been in both directions) finishing with a comment about “walk out of the door”, RT reply “there’s a song with a title like that” to which the answer was “you’re not welcome anymore… Oops couldn’t help saying that”. Making ourselves known as ever!
Return via coast route, West Worthing and Findon Gallops.
22 miles.

Saturday 14th March 08.00am ride
MA airing his new steed with its rising saddle!
Amberley loop followed by a brek at Julia’s. 18 miles

Friday 20th/Saturday 21st March NW Passage & Downslink ride.
JR(PM),ZA,KBS,MT – NW passage. PT,TK,RK,MA,RT both directions.
Departure from world HQ (aka 6 Tudor Close) at 12.00 as planned – oh well 12.30 really.
First stop Pulborough Brooks RSPB cafe. KBS rear brake binding problem fixed by TM – some suggestion that it was sabotaged by TK to slow him down. After lunch along the 283, then up Broomershill Hill Lane and straight across the A29, up Black Gate Lane, left into Toat Lane where the FD suffered the surprise of being overtaken by two ladies on their bikes

Overtaking the Flying Dane!
Overtaking the Flying Dane!

Then off road route to the Arun for a sermon on the bridge by JR on the subject of the North West passage followed by a special reading by TV organised by the PM:-
JR and the North West passage sermon on the bridge JR and the North West passage sermon on the bridge[/caption

Not sure of the route but next stop by the Wey & Arun canal for JR to show TK the viaduct and an opportunity for a team photo.


Weather perfect for a glorious ride along the canal side towpath


to the Loxwood Arms for a traditional pint. Shortly after the first pints were served ZA commented that he could see through the window that a dog was making its way into the pub. Seconds later a young lady entered, prompting the comment from PT “that’s a bit harsh isn’t it?”. Later, the availability of a second pint hung in the balance when the barmaid overheard part of a tale being related by TV along the lines of “women can’t load dishwashers” to which her response was “I take it you won’t be staying for a second pint”, but the situation was rescued by JR launching into his usual barmaid charm offensive and second pints were had all round.
On to Cranleigh, where in spite of approaching darkness JR. insisted on the traditional chip shop stop.
Refuelled and on to the Downslink to Shalford in the dark with some struggling but finally arriving at Mrs Deeks around 7.30pm. ZA and KBS parted company and returned home by car.
Dinner in a new location, the Queen Victoria pub for an excellent dinner with one more faux pas, this time by JR – something about something in woodpiles not far away from the Gambian chef, even if the comment was in no way connected.
The next morning RT and PT in The Parrott Inn having experienced a less than satisfactory breakfast (bowl of cereal and two slices of toast – “wow”) and the group set off from Mrs Deekes at around 10.00am.

Blasteet for PT immediately after leaving Mrs Deekes, then down the track, hoping for a tea at Cranleigh Leisure centre, but for the third year in a row not possible. However, an excellent tea stop found in Rudgwick The Milk Churn where all had delicious Sussex Charmer locally produced cheese on toast. Onwards for lunch at the Orchards and a slow crawl to Steyning and up the Bostal to return to Findon.
Total distance 75 miles.

Saturday 28th March 08.00am ride
Arundel selected for the ride with the intention of getting back by 12.00. Foggy and damp with visibility poor. Route there via Burpham and back via Monarch’s Way and across the field to the tank.
Total 22 miles.

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