2017-01 January

These are the rides of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club in January 2017

Saturday 7th January 08.00am ride.
A great turn-out following the EPM/curry night the evening before, with RK, JR, CB, KBS, MA (+KA) and RT present. Apologies for absence received from TK apparently due to some dodgy whiskey consumed by himself and Messrs Mead and Crawford the previous evening.
A “gentle” route with “only one hill and the rest almost flat” proposed by the FD as Mr Avery had hardly been out on a bike for several months. Decided not to start with Church Hill due to muddy conditions, instead going up to Muntham and along Collarbone Alley to join the Monarch’s Way in a westerly direction. According to the FD the section in the dip by Tolmere was now “almost like tarmac” as the farmer had flattened it. In the event the cloying mud stuck so heavily to the wheels of our steeds that the only option was to push the bikes all the way to the top (even the FD had to give in and walk). Route then right to take the long track through fields up to the SDW. However, in setting off from a gate in his usual style of trying to apply maximum power the FD suffered a rear mech failure yet again. Others had already reached the next gate and after a long wait decided to find the FD and MA in order to conduct the usual scene of taking the proverbial whilst the victim is doing his best, but discovered as we were setting off back that KA had a blasteet. By the time the blasteet was fixed KBS and MA had caught up and we set off again.
Very heavy going up to the SDW and so at Chantry Post we decided to take the drop almost to the A24, ride round past the back of Windlesham, back up the hill and along the field and past Muntham through the wooded area and down to the A24 and back to the village for a brek at Julia’s, tired and very muddy.
Total 10 miles (in 3 hours, must make this one of the slowest but hardest rides for a long time – so much for an easy route Kim!)

Saturday 14th January 08.00am ride.
Report by CB
“A group of up to 9 gentleman met at old pond green – ZA, MA, JR, RT, TK, RK, KBS, Karl and CB – although not all gentlemen were present together at the same time, seeing as full use was made of the TMR, at which point JR appeared in TC to announce that he needed some extra time to liberate his stead from its stable. A route was roughly outlined to head west taking in steyning, the downslink and lancing clump – details to be worked out en route as various parties needed to return to Findon at different times . As we waited for JR, RT, KBS and RC left to head back to Nepcroft for a spare helmet and glasses. JR joined the remaining would be cyclists and TK suggested that we make a pincer movement on Nepcroft to recover the 3 who had already left. By the time we arrived at the car park at Cissbury (1 EN later) we finally formed into a peloton. We headed North and then West finding the ground very firm with a great deal of ice and a very cold wind. On the SDW KBS insisted on heading to Bloody Norse Corner, but others continued along the SDW where we waited at Langmeads memorial for Kim. Finally the FD was seen arising over the horizon, leading to one to comment “he is risen” followed by “he is risen indeed”. RT, MA and Karl decided to head straight back to Findon from the memorial and the remainder of us took the Bostal Road down towards Steyning. Kim warned us that the road would have black ice and then hurtled down the hill at full speed. The rest of us continued down at a more controlled and gentlemanly pace. At the bottom we decided to take full advantage of the housing estate to gain access to the Downslink and we continued along this track until we reached the Shoreham foot bridge where ZA left us to return to Findon, and from here the rest of us continued to Truffles in Shoreham after borrowing Zach’s bike lock. At Truffles we parked the bikes between the benches using JR’s bike as a lid (patent pending) which we then locked to the front bike as a secure way of locking 5 bikes with one quite short lock. We took two tables (one for vegetarians and one for meat eaters) and we breakfasted well and cheaply. We returned to Findon via lancing clump. On the way back just before reaching the footbridge we happened upon a lady in distress – whose car had broken down at the roundabout. KBS barged pass her and headed onto the track, but the other gentlemen stopped and helped propel her vehicle into the nearby pub car park – with her consent and thanks. The rest of the journey was without incident and in all we completed about 18 miles.”

Saturday 21st January Trek ‘n brek to Kersley Towers.
TK, PT, JR, KBS, CB, RK, RT riding, MA and AM attending for the brek.
The morning after the APM the night before and an excellent turn-out considering. A 4 peaks ride selected so that TK could peel off after half an hour to go and cook the brek. The FD wanted to do the reverse route up Church Hill of course, but was reminded that it would not provide a suitable opportunity for TK to peel off, so we headed off up to Cissbury. A further debate at Cissbury car park as to whether we should go up to the top of Cissbury, but we proceeded towards Chanctonbury and what with all the debates and delays, TL (with sous-chef JR) peeled off round the back of Findon Park house, whilst the rest continued up to Chanctonbury. At this point PR decided to cut short his ride, having not ridden since November, and the others set off over the top via the dew pond to witness a glorious view of the weald in the misty sunshine. Rejoined the SDW and up to the high barn, at which point we decided that we should have sufficient time to get to the tank and back to Kersley Towers by the appointed time. Photo shoot at the tank to update the website, and RT advised that the hawthorn bushes have advance approximately 15 feet in 10 years leading to comments to the effect that Mr Derrick must have let the golf lead him to neglect his duties.

FGCC tank 2017
FGCC tank 2017
Tank 2015
Tank 2005

Needless to say but that the FD wanted to head off into Angmering Park estate in the belief that there was still enough time, when there wasn’t, but accepted a compromise of going via Lee Farm, but still requiring a ride along the APE tarmac in order to get back just in time.
Total 14 miles.

Saturday 28th January 08.00am ride
PT summary “Twas the four peasks, but starting with Church Hill. Mark A and I turned south at the A24 to return via Windlesham and the second half of the lane to Muntham. Kim, Roy and Chris did all 4, and met us at OPG for a brek at Julias”
Details no doubt recorded on the sat map.