2013.08 Aug

Saturday 3rd August 08.00am ride
In preparation for the Kirsten challenge, this morning’s ride was to be a training ride for TK.
Route was up to Cissbury, round the east side down past the MA Kamikaze memorial and to the Linga Longa for a brek and then return back to Findon.
5 miles?

Saturday 10th August 08.00am ride
All having time a brek at Arundel was agreed. Route via the tank for an inspection and discussion on PT’s recent tank driving. Down through the field with a leg lashing by the ready-to-harvest corn and to Zach’s gate. ZA will be pleased to learn that the gate has been replaced and fence repaired thus avoiding any future confusion. Through the gallops to brek at the usual location.
Return route via Highdown, with RT parting company for a duty in Worthing, and PT/JR deciding to investigate the tea shop at Clapham before return to Findon – not sure if this happened.

Saturday 17th August 08.00am ride
Reverse 4 peaks. Church Hill, Sullington Hill, A24, Chanctonbury, Langmead, Lychpole Farm, back along the east side of Lychpole Hill, up the goat’s trail on the east side of Cissbury, to the trig point and down to the south and round west side of Cissbury and back down to Findon, stopping to observe to traveller invasion and desecration of Nepcote Green.
Self-congratulations all round for having completed all hills without stopping.
Total around 15 miles?

Saturday 24th August 08.00am ride – the Kirsten challenge?      No challenger turned up !

One of my many talents seem to be to choose a Saturday morning where no one else from the entire FGCC will turn up for a ride. This happened today (again). Not even Mr Kersley (the champion, challenger, looser) showed up. However, he had good reasons to stay home.
After an impatiently wait for five minutes, I decided to shoot off on my own as I realized the remaining members must still be in their pyjamas!  I headed towards Cissbury, passing a very clean Nepcote Green after Fridays Big Clear Up after the uninvited Travellers and then decided to take the first bridle way to the left as my plan was to get to the top of Chanctonbury. To make my ride slightly longer, I took the first track on the right, leading to the memorial. My idea was to take the bridleway along the wood and at the Memorial return by the track.
However, while riding on the rooted bridle way I couldn’t resist to turn left at the – you know – exciting single track. An phew… a bit of building has gone on here.
A bit of speed needed to get from the block to the
left and land on the block to the right (no, I didn’t try)



Further down it got worse. A huge jump down a very steep hill had the sign “Fast Eddys drop”.  I suddenly felt very relieved that my name wasn’t Eddy


Fast Eddys Drop
The drop is much deeper than you can see on this
dark photo



At Mouse Lane I turned left and rode along the road passing under “the Bridge”

The bridge was still standing despite Mr Roche attempt previously to bring it down.


Thereafter an uneventful climb up Lama Lane. On my way to the top I could hear the rain increase in intensity and drop size so much as when I emerged out in the open  I got completely soaked within minutes. My plan of Chanctonbury was dropped and instead I headed home via Cissbury car park and Findon.

Saturday 31st August 08.00am ride.
A brek at Steyning. Cissbury, over to SDW, and then down towards Wiston, with JR surprisingly wanting to try the downhill track with lots of bumps and turns and jumps! Needless to say we lasted only about two yards before returning to the main track. Brek at Truffles alongside the regular saturday breakfast club there and a return back up Mouse Lane past Wiston and round the North side of Chanctonbury to join the path down to Washington. Across the A24 and the usual route through Windlesham and return home without incident.
Total distance 15miles?

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