2012.09 September

Saturday 1st September – 7.30 am ride
Route to Shoreham for a Truffles brek via Lancing Clump and then return along the sea front to Findon.
RT had to return home only just prior to the Clump as he had to return home for the departure of the Hillman Minx.
Total distance for PT/MA?

Saturday 8th September.
Solo ride for MA – details to be advised.

Saturday 15th September
An Orchards ride, and PT’s last ride from HH?
ZA, MA and RT set off from Findon via Cissbury over to the SDW and down the Bostal to join the Downslink, meeting PT on the first bridge on the Downslink.

PT, MA,ZA, RT on the bridge at the start of the Downslink

Excellent brek at the Orchards as usual and return along the Downslink, with PT parting company at Partridge Green. MA carried on to Shoreham and along sea front to home, whilst ZA/RT took the SDW route past Belsen for Bacons and Cissbury. No dramas, though RT discovered he had a “blasteet” the next morning.
Total 30 miles for RT/ZA and approx 40 miles for both MA & PT.

Friday/Saturday 21st/22nd September – 19th ride to Reg.
After a cup (eventually for some from mobile-glued JR) of (guess what) Malaysian Tea we wet off at around 1.30pm to Collarbone Alley for the annual maintenance of the JR memorial.

To be completed

RT had a blasteet at the top of Littleton Down, only to experience another on the other side of the gate. Annual maintenance of the Budd memorial after which JR discovered that his coat had fallen off and rode back a couple of miles to retrieve it.

Moonlight Cottage in the middle of re-furbishment of the kitchen so we were served in the main house across the road.

Return journey was the southerly route, PT and GD returning home in the LSV.

Saturday 27th September.
Ride to Arundel via Burpham. Both RT & CB deciding they couldn’t be bothered with a “last post” to Burpham and wanted to speed, but both suffered blasteets.
Brek at Arundel, then return via Highdown, where CB peeled off to collect Jo. Return via the Findon valley gallops, and then tea at Nepcroft to assist JR in matters of TEMKEK.
Total distance?

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