2017-12 December

FGCC rides in December 2017

Saturday 2nd December 08.00am ride.
A Shoreham ride selected, but via the Lion trail. Cissbury over to SDW and down Lion trail (losing PT for a short while due to him missing a turn). Down to Mouse Lane and into Steyning. Round to Bramber castle via the Church and Roman Road and onto the Downslink. Breakfast at Truffles in Shoreham at the end of which PT entered into a debate about the loyalty voucher – only one per bill, when there were 4 of us who could have paid separately. Over the footbridge and along the sea front to Worthing, stopping to observe the first of the wind turbines out at see turning. North via Grand Avenue, West Worthing and the Gallops as usual, also stopping to observe the newly opened exercise machines on the green, and back to Findon.
Total 23.2 miles 1,117 ft climber (S).

Saturday 9th December 08.00am ride
JR commented:
“Saturday morning a.m. saw myself and Mr. Paul Topley (T.M FGCC) embark upon at attempt at the four peaks. This had to be abandoned at the junction with the bridleway to Buddington Bottom due to the fact that we were both @&*$£!^ cold. A return via BB and the A24 saw us back at Julia’s. The day was somewhat rescued by the appearance at Brek of Mr. Tim Kersley (FGCC).

5.4 miles (I think). Elevation TBA by the TM.”

PT added:
“I am indebted to Mr Roche for his wonderfully modest account of our even more modest ride on Saturday morning. What my learned friend fails to point out in his account of our foray is that he undertook the entire journey sportingly clad in short trousers. This gave me the unequalled opportunity to count the goose pimples on his legs from a distance of about 5 yards, as I followed him up the track from Cissbury to Chanctonbury.

Perhaps also in order to save Mr Kersley’s blushes, the account glosses over the appearance of Mrs Kersley at Julia’s, enthusiastically carrying out her duty as “whipper-in” and leaving Mr Kersley in no doubt as to the family’s keenness to see him return to their bosom. No doubt emergency Temkek training will be available from our resident expert in order to avoid a recurrence of this type of incident.

Unfortunately, the firm’s Christmas bash on Friday will preclude my appearance on Saturday morning, particularly if the libatory opportunities of the occasion are enjoyed to the full. I have already warned the station masters at strategic points on the network to have the usual facilities available.”
And ZA added further:
“Being summoned to a family gathering at The Fox, Patching left insufficient time in which to join this illustrious Peloton, 9/xii.

However, by way of an unofficial alternative, I made my way up to St John the Divine, Patching (to inspect the apparatus for floodlighting that venerable building over the festive season) and thence up into Angmering Park Woods. I was able to navigate my way through because, a) I didn’t have Kim to keep me company ☹ and b) the ground was hardened by the heavy frost.

Returned via via Dappers Lane, Angmering. No means to accurately record distance, though reckoned to be 10—12 mls; breakfast taken at home – necessarily modest, prior to a substantial steak and kidney pudding at lunchtime.

Hope to be able to join an official ride soon”

Saturday 16th December 08.00am ride
Another very cold Saturday morning. Amberley loop ride selected and heading into the northerly wind those of us who did not have the assistance of a little electromotive force concluded that it was hard going due to muscles seizing up in the cold. No incidents apart from a bit of slipping and sliding on the ice.
Total 16 miles 1,600 ft climbed (S).

Saturday 23rd December 08.00am ride

Saturday 30th December 08.00am ride.
PT commented:

“Yesterday saw RT, RK, PT and ZA execute an unusual three peaks anticlockwise – the ride started off up through Muntham farm as a ride to Arundel, then when we reached the barn on the SDW, the ride was revised to an Amberley loop, and finally shortened to a 3 peaks due to PT not yet having fully recovered the ability to breathe following a bout of “man ‘flu” lingering from Christmas.

Still, we covered 9.3 miles and climbed 920 feet.
However, the ride did include the ascent of the North face.