2015.01 January

FGCC rides/events in January 2015

Saturday 3rd January 08.00am ride.
Prior communications from JR changed the start time to 09.00am following his party the night before and his mission to finish the polypin of Dark Star.
JR, ZA, RT, PT(Philip).
Up Cissbury in pouring rain and over to the top of Llama lane through a very wet muddy lane, on to Langmead and down the concrete road for a brief check on the PT2 memorial. Bramber, Roman road and on to the Downslink, with the rain stopping for the rest of the ride to Henfield.
A not so early earlybird breakfast at Truffles and JR set off for Balcombe whilst the remaining trio returned via the Bostal, with RT’s new steed enabling him to cycle all the way up.
Total 24 miles?

Saturday 10th January 08.00am ride.
JR appeared in his dressing gown in not so good a state due to his 11 pints and 3.00 am finish to make his apologies.
Shoreham loop ride selected, but as we ascended Cissbury it became clear that the very strong wind would make the return along the coastal path extremely demanding and it was decided to do a 4 peaks instead.
Unsurprisingly the wind at Chanctonbury was also exceptionally strong forcing us to walk at some stages. Drop to the A24 very slow for fear of being blown off or slipping on the greasy chalk during the descent. Very slow climb up towayrds the high barn as we were now cycling into the wind which was quite exhausting.
At the top gate we took a sharp left across the field to cut off the corner and to have some shelter from the wind. The TK suffered a blasteet and a tube change proved quite challenging due to the wind blowing items away during the repair. A struggle in the wind to reassemble the tyre, but after all that it turned out that TK’s spare was already holed, and a spare tube had to be borrowed – almost impossible to fix a blasteet in at wind.
Decided to finish the ride and not do Church Hill. A mere 10 miles, but with the wind it felt more like 30, necessitating a brek at Julia’s joined by John, this time fully dressed.

Saturday 17th 08.00am ride.
TK impressed all with a last minute arrival having only covered the torso with cycling gear just 3 minutes before, though with insufficient time to put his shoes on properly. RK on the other hand looked barely alive as he was recovering from his recent bout of the lurgi.
JR wanted to be back by 10.30, but KBS wanted to go “woosh!” Down the North slope near Bloody Norse Corner. RT insisted that if we went down there we must visit the Flying Dane memorial as it had not been maintained for many years.
True to form the FD went zooming up the Stable Lane following from in front in true continental style. To top of Llama lane and then along the SDW, turning left halfway to Langmead to take the root route towards BNC, at which point we bid farewell to JR. Then a left turn down the hill towards Steyning but doubling back around the horseshoe path round the valley and subsequently down into Steyning.
Debate on the route. KBS wanted to return via Lancing Clump. Rest thought coastal route would be better for RK in his state. RT suggested we went along the Downslink, but KBS tried to go along the road to Coombe Farm – obviously not enough Tarmac?
Onto the Downslink, inspecting the new route under the A283, and down to Shoreham, with RT putting forward the theory that KBS wanted to do Lancing Clump to maximise his height climbed as he only has a few FGCC rides in January. Another debate on route and we went across the old toll bridge and started round the airport, heading into a strong wind, but a halt called in RK’s interests as it was now thought that Lancing Clump would after all be the better option. At the entrance to the college RT suffered a blasteet and change of tube took place just as it started to rain.
Half way up it transpired that KBS was experiencing his usual first ride of the year problem of suddenly running out of steam, with even the sick man overtaking him. Over the Steyning road and it started to puur with icy rain as we got to Cissbury,with the exhausted Dane having to walk the final section up to Cissbury car park, and down to Nepcote, at which a soaked RT parted company, with RK also departing for Findon Valley, but TK and KBS going on to Julia’s to join JR. for a brek.
Total 22 miles

Saturday 24th January 08.00am ride.
This being his only ride possibly for the year CB’s wish of a brek at Arundel was agreed. Naturally the Flying Dane wanted to go via Amberley and along the river, but in view of recent weather this was declined by others and the tank and Gallops route selected instead.
The way up to the tank was already demonstrating that the going would be heavy, but going across the field after the tank the mud was incredibly sticky clogging up the wheels.

Glue-like mud slows down the Flying Dane
Glue-like mud slows down the Flying Dane

The gallops were almost as difficult due to the soggy state of the ground. A stop at the Budd memorial for mintenance since CB was with us, but all in good order. Doffed hats, FGCC salute and the ode.
On to Arundel for the brek, hearing about Mr Budd’s forthcoming venture crossing the Pacific. Discussion on the ride return route and the FD naturally wanted to go through the swamp of Angmering Park estate, but due to time pressure on TK return route via Burpham chosen. Even that turned out to be hard going and we arrived back after 1.00pm as a result.
Total 22 miles

Saturday 31st January 08.00 am ride.
JR proposed a ride to Henfield – third attempt for RK to see it. ZA running late so we agreed. That the peleton would go via Cissbury and over to the SDW so that ZA could catch up with us going via Stable Lane. Again the FD wanted to go down through the woods so JR went via Langmead and the Bostal forking left at the sharp bend to meet the others at the bottom. Meanwhile the three went down through the woods with the FD pretending to do the jumps.
Onward through Steyning and to Truffles at Henfield to find that Team Vicar had arrived before us. Breakfast and then a chance to inspect ZA’s new Cube full suspension steed. Back along the Downslink, and ZA let RT try out the Cube, only for it to acquire its first blasteet.
Round Steyning and back onto the Downslink and its new section, joining the SDW and back to Langmead, top of Llama lane and an attempt by some for a last post back to Findon.
Total 25 miles.