2013.12 December

Sat 7th December 08.00am ride
This morning we were honoured by the presence of ZA’s No1 son, who had only just returned from his travels round Indonesia.
We had been instructed by the PM for the FGCC Christmas Tree festival entry to arrive at the church to turn on the lights, so route selected was a four peaks and to see how the time went.
Direction selected was Cissbury, Chanctonbury, A24, Cross Dyke to the high barn, back past Puckamuck and along Collarbone Alley, then fork right after the cemetery to Findon roundabout and along the A24 to the church drive way.
Upon arrival the first greeting from the ladies on the door was “you’ve run out of batteries”. Fortunately they were only referring to JR’s torch on the tree – John’s cycle lights not working?

Christmas tree festival in St John the Baptist church Findon
Christmas tree festival in St John the Baptist church Findon
FGCC entry to the Christmas tree festival
FGCC entry to the Christmas tree festival

By the time we had inspected all the entries and par taken of tea and cakes, it was clear that the FGCC entry was a favourite, judging by the number of voting stars being given. It transpired that we did not win it – JR has a theory about that.
An excellent brek at Julia’s finished off a most agreeable morning’s ride.

Sat 14th December 08.00am ride
Solo ride for RT so a short one – Cissbury, Chanctonbury down to North Farm, back towards Goring mansion, down towards A24, back towards the Pets House, right through the Farm and the concrete dip onto And down Stable Lane.
Total 8 miles.

Sat 28th December 08.00am ride.
MA having not ridden with us for many months due to house move and associated duties, it was an opportune time to inspect the Kamikaze memorial, perhaps taking in a brek at the ancestral home.
However, although the temptation was to go straight there, it was agreed that some attempt should be made to burn off some of the Christmas calories, before adding to them.
Route up Stable Lane, left at the top to the top of Llama Lane and then along the SDW to the Langmead Memorial. Down the track towards Lytchpole Farm and then right to Cissbury car park. We then followed round the west side of Cissbury and along the ridge of Mount Carvey, before turning right to go down the glacial path to the Kamikaze memorial – just getting there almost being a kamikaze act in itself.
Little maintenance needed to the memorial, and then helmets doffed and the ode to the fallen recited.
Change of plan to having a brek at Julia’s Kitchen, it being preferable to riding up the valley on a full stomach, and of course a nicer brek. However, we arrived to find it closed, so instead bought sausages from the village butchers and had sausage sandwiches at Nepcroft.
Total 8 miles?