2016-05 May

FGCC rides in May 2016.

Saturday 7th May 08.00am ride.
With the prospect of a sunny morning a ride through Angmering Park, whilst the bluebells were still just in flower, was agreed.
Up to MUntham, High Barn and the SDW to Kithurst and Rackham Hill forking left towards Burpham. Sharp left along the FD “vrrooooom” bridle path which has now been turned into a motorway by tractors and south to Wepham Down and the Gallops. At the end climbed to the westerly entrance to Wepham Woods. Followed the FD path to enjoy the most of the bluebells, enjoying the glorious atmosphere enhanced by the warm sunny skies and the light through the newly clad trees. Then back up to rejoin the main east-west bridle path through Angmering and the usual route to Lee Farm to rejoin the Monarch’s Way back to Findon and a brek at Julia’s.
Total 15 miles.

Bluebells in Wepham Woods
Bluebells in Wepham Woods

Saturday 14th May 08.00am ride
What a difference a week makes. Although sunny it was so much colder due to the northerly wind. A ride to the east proposed. Up and past Cissbury, Canada Bottom and over the Steyning Road to the north of Steep Down where we met a young lady runner, who thereafter kept catching up with us due to natural stops to “smell the roses”. Straight on in an easterly direction and down to Coombe Farm. Then north along the road towards Botolphs and onto the Downslink. A classic FGCC moment at the Shoreham footbridge, where RK headed off left towards Truffles, TK went straight on and MA & RT went right to go over the footbridge. Re-gathered at the air crash memorial and to reflect for a moment, then to deliberate the next move. TK’s instinct prevailed and we went to Truffles for a brek after the usual welcome (!) by one of the young ladies there. After a good b******s talking session, particularly trashing the supposed competencies of the majority of CEO’s and other corporation board executives, maybe with one particular rail corporation in mind, we returned to Findon via the sea front, west Worthing and the gallops. Finished off with an inspection of the new shed at Nepcroft.
Total 20 miles.

Saturday 21st May 08.00am ride.

A report by TK as follows:
“A peleton of two gathered today for a 5 peaks and no troughs ride

Until 4 pm today I couldn’t have confirmed my riding colleague as he was ‘officially’ banned from riding the lightweight Scott bike owned by his better half and therefore couldn’t possibly have joined me.. However he has since gained retrospective approval…to the ride

We started and progressed up church hill, to Tolmare , up past gun club to the barn , turning right on SDW to descend to Washington car park where we climbed up to Chanctonbury. Refusing the shorter route to Cissbury we made our way to Langmead monument before the long descent Lynchpole farm and Beggars Bush, turning right to follow the track to the base of the goat trail .. Climbing slowly all the way to the peak of Cissbury along the goat trail which we circumnavigated before reaching Cissbury car park and progressing to Findon . We skipped the breakfast trough in favour of a swift return to our duties…

A brisk ride at full Danish pace …”
Total distance 15 miles?