2008.03 March

March 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 1 7.30am Trek’n’ bacons – CB
RT FL JR and PT joined CB for a ride up to Cissbury in search of the site of Mark’s Kamikaze fall in December 1994 up to Cissbury via Nepcote, then take the vehicle track up to the ring. Phone call to EN elicits no reply. Cross the ring and descend toward the A27, turning right to emerge in the Valley above the Library. Cross A24 and into the Gallops, climbing the zigzag path to Salvington, then heading north to pass the bench at the top of Cote Street. Continue north to descend Church Hill, roadworks having made the upper end of the track more interesting. PT walks the last bit, having picked up a puncture at the Black Horse. FL has to return chez lui due to shortage of browniepoints, but ZA, AM and MA join for brek chez CB, stylish Jo having prepared excellent bacons. Sunny and dry, but strong wind from west. 6.6 miles

Sat 8 7.30am Trek ‘n Henfield
CB, JR, RT, MA and PT assembled at 07:30, and departed as soon as MA’s puncture had been mended. Up Stable Lane, through No Man’s Land after a hasty decision by PT (blame him), and down the concrete road to inspect the memorial in Steyning Bowl. No mailtenance necessary, so push on to reach Henfield at 08:50! Brek without extra tea and toast, as RT short of time. Explore the footpaths in Henfield for a bit, then set off back down the downslink. PT suffers punctures at southe end of Link, so RT pushes on while others assist to get PT going again, and mend a passing Lady’s bike. Climb back up Steyning Bostal, then SDW from Langmead to Last Post. Wind against the descent, so had to pedal down from Last Post. Rain started as we neared Chanctonbury, and wind from SW. 22 miles.

Sat 22 7.30am Saturday ride
KB-S, RT, Philip, MA and PT set off to climb Cissbury to the trig point via the vehicle track to the north and east of the ring, then descend to the spot appointed as the Kamikaze memorial, site of MA’s epic fall in 1993. RT duly marked the spot with a work of questionable artistic merit, and Mark re-enacted the event with equally questionable artistic merit

MA memorial

MA re-enactment of fall

and the peleton repaired to the Lingalonga for a celebratory brek. Thus refreshed, we climbed the zigzag path to the top of Salvington, and took the single track north from the car park to arrive at the top of Church Hill, with only one puncture to PT. KB-S departed for Tolmare, and the remaining riders descended the resurfaced track to Roger’s Farm, then back to the Square. Only 7.4 miles, but unseasonably cold for an Easter Saturday. Snow fell and lay in HH later.

Sat 29 7.30am Saturday ride
MA CB and FL go to the tank and back

Sun 30
PT and JR take train to Rowland’s Castle to recce the Monarchs way ride – lunch at Arundel and back to Angmering stn. 34 miles

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