2017-08 August

FGCC rides in August 2017

Saturday 5th August 08.00am ride
Amberley loop, welcoming Mr Budd back from Italy. We needed to get back in time for PT to get back to Horsham by around mid-day. Usual route Muntham, High Barn, Amberley Mount, North Stoke and return via collarbone alley with no incidents until towards the end when PT’s rear experienced some deflation. Tyre pumped up to see if it could last back to the village, but as a result of the severe bumps across the field there was a dramatic release of the inner tube and no option but to effect a repair alongside Long Furlong.

PT inner tube released whilst riding

Repair having been undertaken and the wheel re-installed and pumped up it immediately deflated and dismantling it revealed the repair patch almost falling off as if there had been no adhesive. Considering his time limit PT decided that it would be better to install his new spare inner tube, ply to discover that the spare tube box was empty, so a further attempt at a repair commenced. RT & CB headed off to Julia’s to place orders for breakfast whilst the repair was taking place. However it transpired that the next attempt failed also so PT walked the bike home.

Total 16 miles. Height climbed 1,730 ft (Satmap), 1,360 ft (Strava)

Saturday 12th August 08.00am ride – The split ride./strong>
A fine turnout for a fine morning. Decided on a brek at Shoreham Airport with route via the concrete road.
A classic start to the ride with some heading up Nepcote Lane and some up Stable Lane. After some deliberation all continued up Stable Lane, towards Chanctonbury then across to the SDW and on to Langmead. Down the concrete road (Sopers Lane) during which PT recorded 48mph on his steed in spite of the reminder of potential consequences in the form of the memorial at the bottom.
After regrouping at the junction of Sopers Lane and Maudlin Lane the peloton split with some continuing via Maudlin Lane to Bramber and the Downslink and others on Annington Road to the Downslink further down. As usual a problem arose in that we lost our Team Vicar for a while, but it turned out that he had taken a slightly different route from others on the Bramber contingent.
On to Shoreham Airport where the majority opted for the excellent eggs Benedict.
Return via Lancing clump.
Total 17.5 miles 1,259 ft climbed (Strava)

Saturday 19th August 08.00am ride
Dane with us so we headed for his favourite ride round APE. Church Hill, Clapham, Patching and up to Monarch’s way. North to get to his “vroom” route to take us to the west end of Angmering Park Estate. After which we continued his circumnavigation of the estate, with MA, who had not been out for a ride for many weeks and was not unnaturally struggling, frequently muttering “where the ***** is he taking us now?”. Route took us back up to join Monarch’s way via Tolmere, where all opted to make the final climb via the Dane’s driveway. Brek at Julia’s for all except the FD.

Total 15 miles, 1400ft (strava) And apparently only 686 calories burned!!!

Saturday 26th August 08.00am ride
RK, PT, SR, ZA (part time)
Present on Saturday were Zach Sid Roy and PT. The route was 3peaks and a bridge
The principal TAMIT was our esteemed team Chaplain, who arrived at about 07:50 by car from Rustington, intending to collect his bike from the house. After a brief conversation in which we touched on the trials of two-centre living, ZA departed again bound for Rustington to collect the key for the housel. After the ten-minute rule had expired, PT, RK and E-Sid headed for Cissbury and Chanctonbury. From Chanctonbury car park we headed north along the footpath until it emerged on to the Wahington road, then turned left by the church to cross the A24 by bridge.
ZA arrived back in Findon and retrieved his bike, and telephonic contact was established to arrange an RV at the gate by the silver barn, the main peleton having ascended Sullington hill and sojourned at an attractive granite bench dedicated to the something-or-other of Dovedale (possibly a forbear of the gourmet chef Bruce).

Well met at the gate, the complete peleton repaired to Julias for a restorative brek

Total 10.5 miles 1389 feet climbed according to Satmap.
Total 10.7 miles 1091 feet Strava
TAMITS – Team Vicar and his forgetfulness, just when he thought that he had handed over the unicycle award to our Team Aromatherapist.